The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age

    Zoom Call the Inauguration

    In view of how the Trump administration has clearly poisoned our security capabilities in ways we have yet to understand, I propose having the Inauguration happen in a bunker or an airplane far away from meat space.

    The rot goes too deep for people on the outside to fathom.


    Al Sharpton is on MSNBC noting that when he and MLK III planned a march in DC,, they had to get permission from 26;different law enforcement agencies. They also had to have an insurance policy for the march. Clearly, someone dropped the ball on thr January 6th protest. The ball was dropped at many levels.

    It is not safe for government officials to be in the same place. There may be a reason Trump is not coming.


    Good comparison.

    I was thinking also about all the functions that are supposed to happen that now cannot be accounted for at the moment. Hopefully, we are past being reassured by officials saying stuff.

    but a reminder that the rally itself was basically a law abiding announced event at a specified place at which a majority remained (just as peaceful as BLM protests this summer, as we are constantly told by many.)

    I don't know if they had a license, I imagine so because Muriel Bowser wrote this letter.

    With or without a license, the storming of the Capitol was a breakaway mob from the "protest." or rally.

    Most police know that large protests can become mobs, that is why they call out much larger forces (taking them away from regular duties, I might add), they accompany protests and do crowd control of them including some things I have often seem many on the left mightily complain about, things like kettling protesters or pushing back on a crowd with force including nightsticks and chasing after the breakaways that have challenged their authority. to control the crowds  It is to prevent mobs, they are dangerous.

    And usually police cannot control mobs once they start! Not without a lot of firepower, death and mayhem.

    Here OBVIOUSLY such control was not planned for and they did not expect the need for worrying about crowd control and mob formation, they did not even employ adequate protection from the possibility of mobs. Zero thought of crowd control, zero expectation that any would misbehave and start mob action even after incendiary rhetoric from speakers.

    A by the way related I ran across in looking that up: Bowser and police chief splaining something Aug. 31 about the reason for tough policing of big protests for which they were ridiculed and decried at the time:

    DC officials blame ‘outside agitators’ for disrupting peaceful protests,, Aug. 31

    D.C.’s police chief and mayor claimed Monday that people traveling to the District with the specific intent to disrupt peaceful protests, damage property and behave aggressively toward police were part of an “organized, funded attempt to create violence in our city.”

    “This isn’t just Washington, D.C. We’ve seen violence in other cities and to the extent that that is coordinated, us in law enforcement, we have a responsibility to find out if it is and then answer that question ‘Who?’ — and hold them accountable,” D.C. police Chief Peter Newsham said at a Monday news conference with Mayor Muriel Bowser [....]

    I read about a lot of other mayors complaining exactly about the same thing! And too many shrugged because their main concern was making the police look like monsters and in order to do so ridiculing the idea that there were anarchists roaming from city to city, protest to protest, just to agitate for some kind of more violent action. .More than a few were probably Boogaloo bois, one of whom surely shot a law enforcement agent dead in the Oakland protests, in process of being tried

    "Outside agitator" types ARE drawn to big protests (or even events like New Years Eve or a marathon, a parade or a campaign speech) by the potential to cause mob action or hysteria of another kind from a violent attack like a shooting or a bomb. It's just reality.

    Liberals and lefties don't like that that's just the way it is, that is why protests have to be rigorously policed not just licensed anymore. Because all the bad actors out there are waiting to take advantage, both extremist group members with a goal of civil discord or even revolution and./or anarchy, PLUS just plain criminal looting gangs.

    That most of a large protest, event or other kind of crowd is peaceful has nothing to do with this! It's was a ridiculous thing to say in summer against for the need for police and it was a ridiculous excuse now fo inadequate policing of a crowd which can turn dangerous any minute and is likely to have "agitators" roaming around within it.

    If you can't handle the heat of being toughly policed, then don't go to big physical protests. If you think they hurt people, see what a bomb in that wastebasket could do. Use another method of protesting instead. (and personally I find it the height of absurdity to protest the actual police working the protest before they've even taken any kind of action, if you do that with a TSA agent you know you get to kiss your trip goodbye.)

    I am not sure if this addresses the problem of how licenses apply to my requests to call the whole thing off but will say the following:

    The only people trying to make the Inauguration into something other than what it has always been are a bunch of nut jobs hell bent on turning it into their celebration. If I had confidence the present administration could assure that such a travesty could be averted, I would say go ahead. This is our nation. This is how we do things. 

    But I have lost that confidence and don't see anybody else in a position to argue for that right now.

    I say the event should be held elsewhere.

    The amateurs will be deterred by the arrests. The pros not.

    Even with a massive police/Guard presence, it's hard to stop mayhem if a group just wants to spread anarchy and keep authorities chasing lots of little incidents (as well as the risk to those most in need of protection). Other asymmetrical attack vectors could give anarchists the upper hand, especially with Trump and appointees to a large extent in control til noon Wed. I'm not in a position to guess on the security assessment from those controlling different forces outside of the Feds, but obviously Feds are the gorillas - even an uncontrolled splinter group and gaps/counterorders in the chain of authority can be huge deals.

    The January 6th event has nothing to do with BLM. There were clear social media messages that people were coming to DC to create chaos. We are told that no agency raised a red flag. It does not matter what happened with the BLM protests in DC. This was a colossal clusterfuck. 

    A Congressional investigation is needed because in DC, every law enforcement agency is going to practice CYA. Congress will need to collect communications, etc. People came in shouting about hanging Mike Pence. Congress members were put in danger. A Capitol police officer was killed. It appears that a woman was trampled to death. Another woman was shot and killed. Out of town law enforcement officers and politicians came to the clusterfuck. We don't know which law enforcement agencies are trustworthy and which are not. 

    What we do know is that it has nothing to do with BLM protests. This was a specific telegraphed event.

    Yeah but the Trump mob had ONLY ONE gallows ready.  Liberals don't like that, but there were hundreds of Congress members and fake news enemies around.  And Pence of course, perhaps top target.

    Oh so according to rmrd's expertise on policing a protesting or rallying crowd in the downtown area of a major city with historic buildings,  one protest never has anything to do with another, police shouldn't bother to compare and contrast what any other police force did in such a situation? Just go with the flow, everything is new again? Some protests are all filled with good people and the others are bad people and they should be able to tell the difference, don't bother studying the others, it's as simple as that?

    Edit to add: Should they call you next time in adequate time to tell whether they are good people or bad?

    did you ever read anything I posted about Operation Legend this year in many cities in response to violence with BLM-related protests where the FBI came in to work in concert with local police and prosecution by DOJ? It was started to address the surge in violent crime in major cities but then torqued to The FBI was very proud of it even though they had to work with Barr on it! Do you realize that social media used by leftists, radicals and left and right anarchists was the main tool of those FBI coming in to assist with protest-related violence?

    The Mayor's note to the Feds to not send in forces w/o her request was to avoid a repeat where Barr sent in unmarked Guard/other units to act as a renegade unaccountable policing force.

    That of course weighed heavily on how the Mayor might plan and respond to the obvious dangers if this gathering. I was happy when Virginia said they were sending police units through, even though federal units would be better equipped - they also might be more compromised, depending.

    Here is one example of expert rmrd ridiculing pointing out that the social media posting of the "Anarchist Meme Collective" included attacking incoming Vice President Kamala Harris.

    He was certain it was just harmless woke chatter not worth paying attention to.They wouldn't hurt a fly, no not they, surely they are just good woke people.

    Important to note: they do not like her precisely because she has experience in law enforcement and they are anarchists and do not approve of law enforcement. Got that?

    More smoke and flames...

    Whoa Nellie...

    Seems someone's asteroid-orifice is flaming hot...




    So the Woke BLM wrote a letter demanding that Biden and Harris pay attention to to police abuse.

    Is AA saying the letter was a threat?

    If there were a threat wouldn't the Secret Service be talking to Patrisse?

    ~OGD~ - I don't do tweeter... It's lazy news sourcing.

    I misunderstood you the 1st time - basically you're saying you don't do news sourcing, just lazy gifs and insults. Whatevs.

    PP... dull retort...
    You can borrow this...

    You seem to  be losing your edge as
    the sharpest knife in the Dag drawer.


    AA posted dozens of news items while you came up w this?

    Did you see the MSNBC news report video "What Happened in the Capitol Hill Riot" with graphic videos that have come out only the day after, and noting the last time an American government building was stormed by a violent mob was in Benghazi, where 4 Americans died, in this one incited by Trump, 5 died.

    I did see that and a lot of the videos coming outside of the MSM. My confidence in the present management is dropping.

    Trump's managed to beat Benghazi and 9/11 in 1 week -4000 dead 2 days.

    True that. But it is not a contest.

    We are facing something here that requires a measure of caution not easily related to other things.

    I have repeatedly noted that the entire protection staff is being changed out

    They even got George Schulz, a 100-year old former Secretary of Defense, to join in on an op-ed warning the Joint Chiefs that the military should not participate in anything proposed by Donald Trump.

    The country is in peril.

    Add to that observation the emptying of staffs who would be there to notice the results. Mobs get rid of the witnesses.

    I imagine this important new Pro Publica piece might fill out your meme a little:

    The Justice Dept. says claims on social media that one of its officials is working with Trump to pardon rioters is not true.

    by @ NYTimes/Live Updates, Jan. 9

    False claims that President Trump is working with a Justice Department official to pardon the rioters who attacked the Capitol have spread fast on social media, prompting the department to say on Saturday that the post was untrue.

    “POTUS is strongly considering PARDONING all of the patriots who #stormthecapitol,” the post said, falsely claiming to have been written by Rosalind Sargent-Burns, the Justice Department’s acting pardon attorney.

    The Justice Department said that its Office of the Pardon Attorney was not on social media and that it was “not involved in any efforts to pardon individuals or groups involved with the heinous acts that took place this week in and around the U.S. Capitol.” [....]

    I know I am getting a little like a harridan on this, but a reminder that this pipe bomber that was acting at the same time as the Trump rally and Capitol storming and clearly intended to attack both the RNC and DNC offices equally.

    He may not even care that much about Trump one way or another but could have been using the massive culture wars oriented event as a catalyst .As are anarchist anti-police Boogaloo types known to do. They have been proven to be very sympathetic to BLM protests, visiting more than a few, to the point of participating in one in Oakland and killing a federal law enforcement agent that was on duty there.

    They are known to have a lot of sympathy for destroying both major political parties.

    Also keep in mind that many Boogaloo affiliates are ex-military like several of the major Capitol stormers the (white) Steven Carrillo who killed the cop in the Oakland BLM protests which happened to be one of those protests which were MORE LIKE RIOTS than just protests. He drove there to specifically participate while learning it was going on on social media.

    Another example is the one was arrested firing on the Minneapolis police station during the original George Floyd protests.

    They appreciate that BLM has anti-government sympathies and they appreciate that Trump fans have them as well! THE MORE THE MERRIER, every one that hates the Feds and/or police is welcome. Sometimes even state authorities are not too popular with them either.

    This is a common version of the Boogaloo flag, it commemorates both famous black deaths from police and less famous white libertarian deaths by police

    Here is the Anti-Defmation League on the Boogaaloo

    Key Points

    • The boogaloo movement is an anti-government extremist movement that formed in 2019. In 2020, boogalooers increasingly engaged in real world activities as well as online activities, showing up at protests and rallies around gun rights, pandemic restrictions and police-related killings.
    • The term “boogaloo” is a slang reference to a future civil war, a concept boogalooers anticipate and even embrace.
    • The ideology of the boogaloo movement is still developing but is primarily anti-government, anti-authority and anti-police in nature.
    • Most boogalooers are not white supremacists, though one can find white supremacists within the movement.
    • The boogalooers’ anti-police beliefs prompted them to participate widely in the Black Lives Matters protests following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police in May 2020.
    • Boogalooers rely on memes and in-jokes, as well as gear and apparel, to create a sense of community and share their ideology.
    • Boogalooers have been arrested for crimes up to and including murder and terrorist plots [....]

    Here, from a Boogaloo social media political discussion in 2012 

    These are examples of Boogaloo online discussions, they are very serious about weaponizing citizens

    their type are exactly the type who would still have "friends" in the military or police forces from DC to Kenosha to Northern California to....

    Marcy prioritizes

    That was a helpful breakdown of the timing involved. The river to cross is much wider than just getting to January 20th.

    yeah ugh no doubt this is going to happen a lot right now, there is too much "militia thought" out there, too much worship of guns and "self-protection" out there. The worst part is how it spreads to the left as counterreaction when there aren't crackdowns. At the same time tough crackdowns of the "rule of law" variety are needed, we've got a huge loud contingent screaming "defund the police" instead of majority messages of "we want more policing." ESPECIALLY during a worldwide pandemic with massive unemployment and economic disruption. Conditions are ripe for devolving back to "the wild west".

    The hopeful part is that Biden's instincts on this were always real good--sticking to "they need more money and numbers, not less." even when it might have been easier to pander to loud back-down-from-policing-they're-all-thugs messages Even his statement in support of labeling such activities as terrorism is good  for messaging purposes if not always smart in nuts-and-bolts actual practice. He's willing to hire and listen to experts on the latter, so it's all good. I have no doubt he'll be tough in support of state and city governments, especially "blue" ones.

    Know your nuclear launch procedures
    (hate to get it wrong and have to start all over)

    starting to sound more and more like the post 9-11 blame game to me:

    even the NYPD is in there sayin' ..we knew all about it, we warned em...

    (even makes me wonder if reporters called John Miller)

    this is a game changer as far as which forces might be infiltrated and how:

    as I said on another thread I would be willing to bet those who are doing the actual beating are affiliated with Boogaloo somehow, and went to the rally hoping and expecting for this sort of opportunity. Is well know that with a mob, once there's actual physical attack on the supposed peacekeepers, it's like a virus with the mob and they get more violent.

    Speaking of viruses-talk about super spreader event, geez. And is not a joke, as any infection of the arrested might really screw up swift prosecution! might even screw up keeping them without bail until trial

    the beater that used a flagpole is wearing a sheriff's patch:

    lotsa localities investigating whether anyone from their forces participated!

    Police and fire departments in Virginia, Washington, Florida, and New York are investigating whether some members took part in the Capitol riot while off-duty

    — Mohamad Bazzi (@BazziNYU) January 10, 2021

    A little too late to be protective of a live inauguration but Is actually a benefit to all of us as it is an easy way  to fire and perhaps prosecute some who may hve always been suspected (or even accused) of being rogues. This way you don't have to navigate the problem of getting blue to testify against blue. If you were there and participate in any breaking of the law, you're fired.

    again, a reminder, common to find retired miliary hanging with Boogaloos

    ...robocall by an arm of the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) encourage “patriots” to participate in a march that ended in a violent attack on the U.S. Capitol...The Rule of Law Defense Fund, the 501(c)(4) arm of RAGA, helped finance and organize Wednesday’s “March to Save America” that ended in five deaths....

    Eric Schmitt denies involvement in call for Trump supporters to march on U.S. Capitol
    Missouri’s AG serves as vice chairman of group whose policy arm was behind the robocall via @MO_Independent

    — JJ MacNab (@jjmacnab) January 10, 2021

    uh oh might as well be on zoom because most of the Congress may be in quarantine:

    Police Reassess Security for Inauguration and Demonstrations After Capitol Attack

    In the wake of last week’s assault on the Capitol, Mayor Muriel E. Bowser of Washington called for officials to expedite security preparations for the inauguration

    By Alan Feuer @, Jan. 10, 2021Updated 9:36 p.m. ET

    [....] Following one of the most stunning security lapses in the city’s history, Mayor Muriel E. Bowser sent a firmly worded letter on Saturday to the Department of Homeland Security, asking officials to move up to Monday the implementation of heightened security measures that are otherwise set to begin on Jan. 19, just one day before Mr. Biden’s swearing-in.

    Ms. Bowser’s call to action, which came as law enforcement officers in several states made arrests related to the assault on the Capitol, was echoed Sunday by Senator Roy Blunt, the Missouri Republican who is charged with overseeing the planning of the inaugural celebration [....]

    ID'ing embedded inaug traitors

    Bowser adopts 50% of my proposal:

    "Our goals right now are to encourage Americans to participate virtually, and to protect the District of Columbia from a repeat of the violent insurrection experienced at the Capitol and its grounds on January 6," Bowser said.

    That's 100%, no?

    The other half is holding the ceremony in a less exposed location.

    The White House bunker? Mammoth Caves? Kodak film labs?

    How about the U.S Supreme Court Chamber?

    Big enough to allow a lot of people to attend. The Chief Justice wouldn't have to commute.

    Except MAGAhats are sure John Robert's antifa

    All the more reason to have him not administer the oath on a platform where a noose was swinging a few hours ago.

    two things inspired by your comment:  Interesting question especially because in all the videos I watched and articles I read, all the anger is focused on Congress, saw not a single grievance expressed against the Supreme Court or any court for that matter.

    Outside the door, the intruders kept coming, as if running laps, trying to open doors. The McConnell aides heard a woman praying loudly outside their door for “the evil of Congress to be brought to an end.”

    Over and over it's like this, along the lines of a reporter asks "why are you doing this?" and the answer is bascially "because they work for us and they're not doing what we want them to do".

    It's like they don't even question the appointed government, only the elected people. It's the dictator mindset writ large, they respect authority more if it's appointed, have no thoughts of challenging it?

    The other thing that really struck me is that the Capitol building is SHOCKINGLY insecure

    A seeming fortress from a distance, the Capitol contains more than 400 separate doors, entryways and ground-level windows. And police lines on all sides of the building were collapsing.

    After 9/11, why, why is there not a heavily protected perimeter around it at ALL times, with guard houses funneling entry into specific points, like at the White House or the CIA  or whatever? Sure, it's "the people's house", but that still doesn't mean you should be able to walk right up to any entrance, with breakable windows yet, without a reservation.

    Quotes from Inside the Capitol siege: How barricaded lawmakers and aides sounded urgent pleas for help as police lost control @ WaPo

    The MAGA has expressed plenty of hatred for the Judicial in various ways. Perhaps the fact they are appointed separates them from what most directly consumes them. But the myth of the deep state is invoked a lot because even when the demanded appointments are made by their reps, the damn people disappoint the mob with their decisions. I think the core problem comes from the Judicial Branch being a meritocracy. No matter how many values are shared, the need to build law and judgment upon precedent and reason is anathema to just grabbing the desired result and running away with it. Much of the discourse revolves around who is stealing what from whom. Many of the thoughts are not consecutive. There is a desire to take things and be granted the right to it afterwards. You don't get to play that game if you kill all of the judges.

    The need to protect the Capitol more adequately is not a stand alone issue in my mind. When we don't have goons sent to occupy the place by our POTUS while his handmaidens are attempting to implode the purpose of the body at the same time, perhaps it will stop being such a dangerous place to work in.

    His goal that day was to rule up the crowd about Congress. On any other day there can be a half/whole dozen targets.

    I am not sure about the degrees of freedom involved. Who is directing who?

    One should always keep in mind that the narcissistic disorder is the main thing here, perhaps the only thing. Jennifer Senior's column in the NYT reminded me. He's not a conservative, moderate or liberal, he's not even a politician, he's just a sick narcissist. He would still switch tomorrow to basically anything if it got him fan adoration.

    It is not about him. It never was. What a fine trick to make it about him.

    President Trump approves emergency declaration for Washington, DC, ahead of Joe Biden's inauguration

    The state of emergency declaration will remain in place from January 11 to 24 and gives DC supplemental federal law enforcement assistance from the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The declaration follows a request for additional funding from DC Mayor Muriel Bowser after a mob of Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol in a violent attack last week.

    Iink is to Twitter's compilation, the first news item currently at top the link has picture of the declaration:

    BREAKING: President Trump approves Washington, D.C. emergency declaration, ahead of the inauguration of Pres.-elect Biden, from Jan. 11 to Jan. 24.

    — NBC News (@NBCNews) January 12, 2021

    Not gonna Zoom it. It's going to run live from the new U.S. Capitol "Green Zone" secured by 15,0 armed National Guard:

    NEW: Pentagon to Arm National Guard Troops Deploying to Capitol for Inauguration w/⁦@helenecooper

    — Adam Goldman (@adamgoldmanNYT) January 13, 2021

    Says a reporter who was there on 1/6, and bravely informed the rest of us:

    — Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) January 13, 2021

    It would appear not.

    I left Joe 18 voicemails about this. He isn't getting back to me.

    Maybe I should try calling Jill.

    That's *Dr.* Jill to you, swee' pea.

    And Joe's busy testing out his new ride (perk of office)

    If you want to leave a video message... with circles and arrows and diagrams and a paragraph describing each...

    You can get anything u want at Joe's Restaurant

    BREAKING: Acting Attorney General Jeff Rosen takes to YouTube just as president is removed from it. In 1st on camera appearance since Capitol riot, Rosen vows 'no tolerance whatsoever' for violence and other criminality at Biden inauguration. Video;

    — Josh Gerstein (@joshgerstein) January 13, 2021

    (free at last from Trump feedback?)


    Hoping? THEY DID IT BECAUSE OF YOU. From now on you're the Mall Man, like it or not. A question if they can build a moat on the path to the Capitol in this little time, but if they do, i can only imagine what happens to your head.

    Yeah the whole thing is "The Green Zone" just like the old days in Baghdad. But still they may have also gotten your voice mails? I just heard on the local news ("News 12") that most of the ceremony will still be virtual--they were doing a segment of which NYC celebs would be the "in person" part of it. (Actually kinda following the model of this years New Year's Eve in Times Square, only with 20,000 National Guard added? They would be planning something like that anyway because of Covid?) 

    AR/VR headsets for all

    "large gang of 'Plug Uglies' from Baltimore" planning to cause a "disturbance" at an inauguration

    some very interesting equivalence here they were "Nativists" and also into maintaining a sort of tribal anarchism

    ....The violence of the Plug Uglies and other political clubs had an important impact on Baltimore. It was largely responsible for the creation of modern policing and a paid, professional fire department, as well as court and electoral reforms.These reforms, together with the election of a Reform municipal administration in October 1860 and then the Civil War, led to the breaking up of the Plug Uglies.

    like in Scorcese's "Gangs of New York"

    a Fellow at G.W. University's Program on Extremism, she spends a lot of time monitoring extremist internet rooms and tweeted this 3 hours ago:

    map of DC's Red & Green Zones:

    Ahead of the inauguration, much of D.C. closed off like never before

    — Peter Hermann (@phscoop) January 16, 2021

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