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    Tiger Woods shocker! I admit to affair with golf legend

    BRAZIL – In a telephone interview, I admitted to an affair with sex-addicted golf legend Tiger Woods.

    “Yes, I, William K. Wolfrum, had an affair with Tiger Woods,” I said. “The man is insatiable.”

    My admission brings the number of alleged affairs by Tiger Woods to roughly 400,000 by conservative estimates. Still, I felt Woods and I had a connection.

    “When he would send me text messages asking me to be his whore, I would be all a tingle,” said this blogger, who had a long and fruitful career in the porn industry using the name Bruce Pornstache.

    While I would not give the dates of the affair, when I asked myself why I had come out with my allegations now, I gave a refreshingly candid response.

    “While there currently is no proof that I’m doing this for the money, between you and me, I’m doing it for the money,” I said in that way I have. "But those rumors of me and Jesse James are just false."


    Tiger Woods could not be reached for comment.


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