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    Wolfrum's Morning: Midwest Madness

    They just keep coming.


    Tornadoes: A reported 13 tornadoes bombard the Midwest. Find out how you can help here.

    Edwards to be Indicted: Department of Justice is ready to pursue charges against John Edwards for campaign finance violations. He deserves whatever comes to him.

    NY-26: Democrat Kathy Hochul takes the seat given up by Craigslist boy-toy Christopher Lee. Is this a Scott Brown moment for Republicans, or a real sign that their agenda is turning voters off?


    Crooks & Liars: I've been assembling Mike's Blog Round-Up at Crooks & Liars this week. Here are today's links.

    Glenn Greenwald: The Patriots in the U.S. Congress simply prefer Israel to the United States.

    Left Foot Forward: Privatizing the debt in the UK.

    Truthout: Of course the rich love high unemployment.


    Miami Makes It Three: The Miami Heat turned away the Chicago Bulls to take a 3-1 lead in the Eastern Conference Finals. And Lebron James is flat-out shutting people up.

    TNT T'N'A: What does the boys' club at TNT do when they are at commercial? Check out the girls,obviously.

    Keep it classy, guys.


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