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    Wolfrum's Morning: Newtered

    If Neuticals changes the name to Newticals, Gingrich may have a new career. Cause politics just ain't working out.


    Brazil's Dangerous Activism: It's becoming more and more dangerous to an activist in Brazil.

    Gingrich Cruising: Newt Gingrich's staff walks out on him, which will be great news for John McCain somehow.

    Pics Shmics: New Yorkers want to keep their Weiner.

    Heat Beat: I truly enjoy watching him play, but it just can't be disputed - Lebron James is not giving the Heat what they need in the 4th quarters as Dallas takes 3-2 lead.


    "Breaking: Fred Thompson praises Newt Gingrich for running such a vigorous campaign."


    Hinterland Gazette: Black Home Ownership an impossible dream under Obama?

    Pam's House Blend: Looking back on Loving vs. Virginia.

    Unicorn Booty: Tracy Morgan takes his homophobia to a frightening new level.

    Think Progress: Paul Ryan starting to think defaulting would be just fine.

    Dave Weigel: Gingrich's former staff decides to blame his wife on the way out.

    Politics USA: Fox News takes the fight to Wisconsin Democrats as only they can.

    Mother Jones: GOP star says Founding Fathers disagreed with Darwin. Maybe he means Darwin's Grandma.


    Beagles used for research get their first taste of freedom.




    Wolfrum. You trying to kill me with this shit? Fucking "Beagle Rescue," on its own, is enough for a person to take in for a WEEK.


    And then, Tracy Morgan going off.

    And that piece of shit Ryan, who should be fed to lab beagles.

    Then more ball-less dogs. 

    What the frack do you want a person to say to this stuff? Don't tell me you start your day this way. It's soul-crushing.

    The only thing here that made me happy (and no, I didn't watch or read them all - I'm not insane) was LeBron choking on LeBone.

    Go Dirk.

    Ya missed one. On your Hinterlandgazette page, there was a blurb saying that Ron Paul thinks he's well-equipped. You should believe him, or he might tweet you.

    I think found Timmy Johnson. 

    He was being interviewed about Obama over at HuffPo when I ran into him.

    Seems he's going by his middle name, "Elliott," now.

    I mean, how many "Johnson's can there be out there?"

    Gotta be him.


    Jim Kuhnhenn, Associated Press

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — If President Barack Obama wants North Carolina in his win column again next year, he might have to count on Elliott Johnson's quiet, even grudging, acceptance rather than the riotous enthusiasm that propelled him to the White House in 2008.

    Johnson, a 23-year-old college graduate with a new accounting degree in hand, is an intern at a commercial real estate firm. He would like something more permanent. But many of his college friends aren't finding work, either, and he's counting on a breakthrough in the economy.

    "We have to do something different," he said, pausing at a downtown street corner on a sweltering afternoon.

    Johnson supported libertarian-leaning Republican Ron Paul, a Texas congressman, for president in 2008, but he's now open to giving Obama a try.

    "I feel like there's better out there, but, honestly, I'm not seeing the better right now," he said. "So he may be the best we have."

    For the president, struggling against 9.1 percent unemployment and a sluggish economic recovery, that might be as good as it gets these days.

    Nationally, his approval ratings hover around or just below 50 percent. But public opinion surveys find that a large majority disapproves of his handling of the economy and even more believe the economy is in a rut. That means the economy will be a dominant factor in determining how many people vote for president next year.

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