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    Wolfrum's Morning: Not Just for Gays anymore

    A poor Internet connection means Wolfrum's Morning was spent doing other things than collecting links. But take it from Neil Patrick Harris at the Tonys, the theater, and this blog aren't just for Gays anymore.


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    Harris and Jackman singing, Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better, made it worth staying up a bit late. Also, Frances McDormand won, and she loves her job!

    I honestly wouldn't have thought a crowd could withstand the incredible amount of charm Jackman and Harris bring to the table. It almost makes you need to lay down.

    One of the best Tony Awards telecasts I've seen in a long time.  Should make the Oscars and Golden Globes green with envy... hahaha. Yeah, theatre!

    Harris and Jackman separately are dynamite.  Together they're...okay...the dynamic duo.  Can't get enough of either one of them.  What a gift last night, having them both there.  And yes, Frances McDormand.  She's real; she's wonderful. 

    Lots of boring songs last night.  But "It's Raining Men" near the end was worth staying up for.

    Wow.  I definitely missed the Tony's this (every) year, thank you for making sure I didn't miss out on this too.  Love NPH.  

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