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    William K. Wolfrum’s Morning: My Pelosi Face

    Gaga pelosi
    Lady Gaga is more powerful than Nancy Pelosi, says Forbes.


    BP Oil Disaster: Business-hating President Barack Obama really went out of his way to shield British Petroleum.

    Forbes: Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, Beyonce Knowles and Ellen DeGeneres are all more powerful than Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Way to follow up on the Dinesh D’Souza cover story, guys.

    Afghanistan: Death.


    Big Roy: Roy Halladay throws only the second post-season no-hitter in Major League Baseball history as the Phillies beat the Reds and start the playoffs in style.

    Randy Moss: About to hook up with Brett Favre.

    Kim Kardashian: If you’re in New York and feel like hooking up with a Kardashian for whatever reason, here’s your chance.


    Hey Guys: Life’s no drag for James Franco.

    Best of Both Worlds: Hey, Liverpool fans.

    Bob Cesca: Sharron Angle is not a good person.

    Sadly, No!: Ross Can See The Future From His Front Porch

    The Hunting of the Snark: Why do journalists lie?


    The Founding Fathers wanted your house to burn down if you couldn’t pay your bills. They were visionaries.


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    White House 'misleads public' on amount of oil in Gulf.  Check.

    Taliban continues to be 'degraded' in Afghanistan; one 'related to ...'  Check.

    That's some power Gaga wields!  She really is something!   Check.    ;o)

    'Post-season no-hitter.'  Ohhhh, groooooannnn....    :o(

    I try and throw something in there for the kids ;)

    Gaga or the no-hitter for the kids?  I was groaning that it's a Crap Time to throw a no-hitter!  the Gaga photo's great!  (No Yoko, too.)

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