The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age

    Roanoke discovery gives clues to American mystery

    Recent archaeological finds on America's East Coast appear to have pinpointed remains of Roanoke settlers who apparently split up and secretly moved the colony to 2 new locations, thereby avoiding a Spanish fleet sent to destroy them.

    The discovery could help political scientists determine the fate of North Carolina voters and election officials after the 2020 presidential election, when apparently the whole election infrastructure grew unresponsive and simply disappeared amidst one of the most heated electoral races of modern times.

    More intriguing is the possibility that the 2 sides in the political contest may have engineered their own disappearance to avoid external threats, including the possibility of a never-ending series of recounts and a general loss of who-gives-a-shit, and perhaps may be peaceably hiding out in an undisclosed location even talking and working together.

    The Coast Guard has started a search among North Carolina's offshore islands, even though investigators believe it would be hard to hide a population much larger than Roanoke's there, and that the M.I.A. population is more likely in the mountainous region on the west side of the state, or simply vacationing somewhere in the Caribbean or South American coast until both elections and pandemic pass over, though others note the eery similarities between NC's Research Triangle and the renowned Bermuda Triangle that bewitched the Spanish some 5 centuries before.

    The FBI earlier called in what are regarded as the greatest experts on finding missing or displaced persons - professional poll-takers and online ad campaign managers, only to make the shocking discovery that the whole community seems to have deleted all cookies and disconnected landlines, making discovery "virtually implossible with the limited tools and technology we have today", as one pollster explained. "It's as if they vanished without a single trace".

    The USPS also announced they had ceased covering the territory due to "operational difficulties". But still, the search goes on, perhaps with a last-ditch attempt to send health and TV correspondents physically on location even without a viewer base or prior Nielsen rating, or at least airdrop cameras into the region to see if they respond to Zoom conference requests. As a CNN exec explained it, "we know they're within our coverage area, but without proper demographics, it's as if they don't even exist."


    There's actually some people left at the White House, they are just a small gang that can't shoot straight:

    I's like Biden said not to worry, no one will stand behind him or like Bill Press says Where is Jim Baker when we need him?


    they also look hungry, pretty much starving...

    They are 1-25 in court.

    — Marc E. Elias (@marceelias) November 17, 2020

    the conspiracy against their survival is vast...


    another colonist down, found out as a traitor!


    Yummy, who's off the island now?

    Krebs' last words!

    Chris Krebs' tweet 3 hrs. ago:

    Honored to serve. We did it right. Defend Today, Secure Tomrorow. #Protect2020

    — Chris Krebs (@C_C_Krebs) November 18, 2020

    (another white male being partiarchal! damn!)

    Jim Baker was a slimy SoB, but it was a sadder simpler time, when snake oil salesman could peddle their wares unhindered.

    Ah more info--is likely the sources for $20K a day story above comes from opposition faction to the Giuliani coup emerging from the chaos while leader in bunker tweeting. Truly a "rats still on sinking ship" situation:

    Infighting and an attempted 'coup': Trump team erupts into chaos as Giuliani takes over legal efforts

    Giuliani filed to appear in court on behalf of the campaign Tuesday.

    ByWill Steakin,Katherine Faulders, andJohn Santucci, November 17, 2020, 2:26 PM

    [....] Giuliani’s ascent has led to an explosion of infighting and disillusionment among the president’s longstanding legal team and top campaign officials, resulting in dueling factions emerging from inside the president’s dwindling campaign, multiple sources tell ABC News.

    Over the weekend, Giuliani and his own team of lawyers, which also includes Trump campaign legal adviser Jenna Ellis, attempted what was described to ABC News as an internal campaign "coup"— an attempt to wrestle power away from the current longstanding Trump campaign leadership by claiming the president had given them full control moving forward, multiple sources said.

    Giuliani’s team has taken over office space in the Trump campaign’s Arlington, Virginia, headquarters and Ellis, who White House aides have previously expressed concern about, began telling Trump campaign staffers they now report to her.

    Ellis told the remaining campaign staff that they should only follow orders from people named "Rudy or Jenna" and to ignore any other directives from campaign leadership, sources familiar with the episode said.

    The directive sparked outrage from senior campaign aides including Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien and senior adviser Jason Miller, sources said.

    The attempted power grab hit a boiling point on Saturday when Miller, who’s been the campaign's chief strategist for months, and Ellis got into what sources said was a "screaming match" in front of other staffers. They both threatened to call the president to settle who he wanted to be in charge, sources said. At one point, Miller berated Ellis and called her “crazy,” multiple sources said.

    Advisers fear that Giuliani and Ellis' heightened influence over Trump will continue to result in the president giving in to his worst impulses, sources said [....]

    Bottom of the barrel tactics, pretty horrible:

    More bottom of the garbage barrel:

    Just to be clear: this would be worse than court packing and getting rid of the legislative filibuster (and both those things would be terrible). Shame on anyone who supports these garbage ideas.

    — Jonah Goldberg (@JonahDispatch) November 18, 2020

    Giuliani is almost getting worse than Trump on the mental illness front? Almost reminds me of a Marx Bros. movie, the zany antics, scrambling around...

    Indeed, it's even more shocking when you see his unretouched photos:


    Summary of Rudy's supposed "plan" according to Robert Costa:

    Another day went by and so the dead-end Trump 2020 campaign’s legal team suffered yet another self-induced legal mishap....

    re: corpse of Roy Cohn I posted on another thread


    this somehow seems to go with that laugh

    Blaire Witch project(ion)

    Oh the humanity, it's starting to look more like the Donner family than the Roanoke colony:

    What’s happening here?

    — Reed Galen (@reedgalen) November 20, 2020


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