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    Daredevil To Be Rebooted On Disney Plus

    I don't know if all you guys are familiar with this show or not. It was on Netflix a couple of years ago. I have an aside about it.

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    VIDEO: Shadow 1954 Pilot

    I had no idea that such a thing as this was made until I accidentally stumbled upon it today.

    Art(ificial) Intel(ligence)

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    Once Upon A Time


    Mister Smith taught me:

    Play with your words; let them sing -

    Just don't let them go.


    So I guess I won't. 

    Even when I don't know what

    The melody is.


    But I know the song,

    Because he sang it to me

    With his deepest breath.


    Somehow, the notes meshed ...

    Friday's orchestra of one

    Heard by everything. 


    I dared sing along

    Because he invited me

    No punctuation


    When I think of him,

    I'm led to thoughts of others

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    None Shall Escape

    There's been a lot of Holocaust movies produced, but there is something uniquely different about ones produced in the immediate aftermath of the events than the like of Schindler's List or The Pianist. None Shall Escape really kept coming in to my mind while hearing news of what is occurring in Ukraine. The events sound really similar ...

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    Dan Carlin Podcast: Human Resources

    The woke crowd has argued, from its inception, that America is racist at its very core and foundation, marking the country's inception at 1619, when the first imported slave was brought to shore, instead of at 1776, the year the Declaration of Independence was written.

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    Reports from an Abusive Workplace

    Hey Daggers! I thought a bit of memoir might be a nice change of pace. Yes, I made sure to post it to the Creative Corner!

    A couple years ago, I worked at a Halloween store. It was one of those corner ones that shows up for a few months and sells a bunch of junk items that should be sold in a dollar store for upward of $40.

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    MUSIC: Oblique Occasions - Anathema

    Incredible music. The YouTube algorithm suggested this to me with me having never heard of it before. It's some of the best music I've heard in a long time. And that cover!



    Nixon on the Trail

    Memoir from Nixon aide Dwight Chapin, nice anecdotes from a different time


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    History of Inflation in US

    [nice rundown of where inflation comes from & it's place in US history - PP]


    Renegotiating Sex

    One of the more intelligent overviews of multifaceted issues around sex, including issues of obligation and the politics of desire and of course (the illusion of?) personal taste.

    London Review of Books

    Vol. 40 No. 6 · 22 March 2018

    Does anyone have the right to sex?

    Amia Srinivasan

    Culture Club - Paweł Domurat

    Quite an amazing photo tour around world culture.


    Which is harder than it might seem:

    Meat Loaf's Star Spangled Banner

    Unexpected; surprising. Slowly rising spine-tingling, like Francis Scott Key dejas vus allover again


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