Billy Crystal bombs/kills it

    Billy steps in comedy "minefield"

    Billy kills it with Tiffany Haddish in Alzheimer's/real life Ethiopian Jewish romcom (opened today)

    How perfect is the juxtaposition of extreme multiculturalism slamming into intolerant judgmental "woke" expectations.

    Eat yer meat: Limerick for Mr. Smith

    NFT Art crash already?

    Behold, the wrath of Mei Mei and Squirt

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    Why Hollywood Stays Woke

    I want to precede this post by saying I, unlike a lot of critics, have enjoyed "woke" films. In 2016, The Legend of Tarzan was released. Despite having a disappointing box office reception, the film accurately depicted the reality of colonial Africa at the time Edgar Rice Borroughs set his character. (With a budget of $180 million, it did $356.7 million at the box office.)

    Berkeley Telegraph: Hippie & Redneck Conversion

    All those drugs ran over whatever great ideas they had.

    And yet what's running over the ideas of the rest of America?

    It's one thing to blame lunatic fringe theory on acid and lures - another when it's just listening to talk radio.

    Where have all the flowers gone?

    "Call Me By Your Name"

    Everyone should know about this one, because it's news, it is becoming a big culture wars item, conservative Christian types (all colors) are having heart attacks (they got fooled by "Old Town Road" and the country music appreciation that he might be a friendly). Especially the scene starting around 2:00. And

    Truman's Campaign of Truth

    Beginnings of Voice of America and challenging disinfo

    (is this culture? or just old politics? certainly marked a "sea change" in radio)

    Dana Carvey does Joe Biden

    A Career in Writing

    As we all debate Substack and what not, let's look at the glamour and appeal of a career in writing (yes, a bit dated - perhaps)

    Welcome back Kotto (aka catching cabs in NY)

    Nice elegy by Dennis Hartley for Yaphet Kotto - one of those faces you knew only too well even if you didn't know his name, along with this gem on how not to catch a cab in New York, courtesy Michael Moore.

    Thanks for all the films, i feel indebted.

    Culturally Appropriated Piece Returned To A More Proper Place

    A 2,000-year-old artifact that had ended up in the home of a Manhattan antiquities dealer is now in an Italian museum.

    NEMI, Italy — If stones could speak, the mosaic unveiled recently at an archaeological museum just south of Rome would have quite the tale to tell.

    "The Culture Warped Pop for Good"

    Murder on the Hippie Highway

    The story of a mass murderer with a huge amount of magnetism and extreme ability to make things go his way - whether a Jeffrey Epstein, a Donald Trump, or a more obscure minor tyrant, it's a disturbing reminder of how easy it is for some to turn on the charm and extortion, contrary to our lawful rational universe expectations.

    Rosie Perez tale

    Somehow reflects on so many things we discuss around here, seemed worth the read.

    Amy Sherald Directs Her Breonna Taylor Painting Toward Justice

    From NYT


    Typically, Amy Sherald’s gallery would handle the sale of her artwork to a collector or an institution. But when it came to her portrait of Breonna Taylor — the 26-year-old medical worker who was shot and killed by police officers in Louisville, Ky. — Sherald herself wanted to see that particular painting all the way home.

    “I felt like it should live out in the world,” Sherald said. “I started to think about her hometown and how maybe this painting could be a Balm in Gilead for Louisville.”


    Vernon Jordan, the civil rights activist and Washington power broker whose private counsel was sought both by the powerful at the top levels of government and those in the corporate world, died on Monday at his home in Washington. He was 85.

    His death was confirmed in a statement from Vickee Jordan, his daughter.

    Mr. Jordan began his civil rights career after graduating from Howard University School of Law, and was selected to head the Urban League in 1971 while still in his 30s.

    50 shades of Covid fan fiction?

    Increased levels of lockdown resentment and paranoia could drive a whole new industry and genre.
    Maybe the Joker was right - that which does not kill us makes us stranger.


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