The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age

    Les McCann moves on

    his song was critical for college studies... (and light &fun. Any other jazz tracks to glide along & carry you 20mins w/o forcing yourself to get all serious?)

    Shane MacGowan kicks off

    Likable possibly not. Annoying? Good evidence.

    Transformative? undoubtedly. I'd have a drink for him, but he drank up all the booze.

    Sometimes art's a real pisser

    Not sure if "taking the piss out of someone" applies, guess gets down to a piss terminology.

    Mr. T trending on Twitter (It's not over)

    Hello! Speaking truth to power: it's just frigging entertainment

    SNL on straight guys

    Teddy Roosevelt's excruciatingly bad day

    Lost his wife and mother in 1 day, makes me think of the parallels to today, wealthy but still vulnerable to the crowding conditions and pandemics that don't spare the rich. Was there a huge surge in rejection for typhoid quarantines, outbursts that personal freedom was more important, or it still wasn't that much of a concept at that time? In any case, it likely had a big impact on Teddy's later renowned efforts that made him larger than life.

    Raindrops keep falling...

    A beautiful tribute to himself - just keep trying if it's what you love...

    'F' is for Fascism

    Fashion icon Vivienne Westwood gone

    Lost amidst the football clips...

    (feel free to add better links)

    That 70s show (the other ones)

    When TV & standup & actual plays intersected...
    and occasional non-laughter intervened
    Arthur Miller? James Baldwin? Tennessee Williams?

    barefooted's picture

    Holding Hands

    Dag always seems like a place out of nowhere; a spot that has its own heartbeat, its own rhythm. There's a drummer over there, a guitar in the corner and a weird symphony that you can't shake loose once you hear it.  But it doesn't really exist.  Then again it does ... every time you look away there's a ghost swaying slowly ... making you move with the violin as the flute confuses you because it's not the jazz you expected at all.  It's Dag.

    Dag personal health PSA day

    Altai Mountain Neanderthals

    New gene tracing gives new Neanderthal snapshot

    Also Bubonic Plague survival (only 1 of 2 in Europe?) complicates current autoimmune self-policing behavior

    African development as art

    Aerial photography of a continent's development as art exhibition

    (also the idea of covering the Sahara with solar panels is intriguing)

    'The Woman King' tells the story of the Agojie

    But in real life, the fierce women warriors played a controversial role in the translatlantic slave trade.

    As the Worlds Turn

    Ok, you survived this long not knowing this, but you're gonna see it anyway.

    Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle Trash Talk Will Smith at UK Comedy Show

    Watching water boil - better

    Yes, even boiling water doesn't have to take so long.
    The actual tradeoffs are interesting (& not too technical)
    MIT engineers design surfaces that make water boil more efficiently | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Khanate history in Russian lands

    Fascinating, how liberal were the perceived tyrannical Khans?

    Also reflects the Polish-Litguanian treatment.

    Read the unroll, not the thread.


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