Bob Odenkirk *not* dead

    Catherine of Aragon, Riot Grrrl

    More badass than suspected the daughter of the Reconquista held her own against the Scots - plus 24 years with Henry the VIII made her by far the most significant of the sextet.


    Moses was considered Mississippi's MLK. He was an organizer for SNCC. He helped organize the 1964 voter registration project the Freedom Riders in 1964. In addition, he received a MacArthur genius award and founded the Algebra Project to help poor students with learning math skills.

    Moses was not as well known as John Lewis or Fannie Lou Hamer, but he was an icon in his own right. Rest in power

    Fuck art, let's smut

    Culture shootout at les grandes archives -

    or #BeBreast as the former first lady escort would say.

    When your wife say she wants a hobby...

    aka "how we survived the pandemic halfway intact"

    Yes, they have a ton of these. Visit Toyah's channel - she's a nutter.

    And thanks to YouTube and European regs i can't see "controversial" content from a 63-year-old woman without registering a credit card to "prove my age"- rave on, punkers! (2 videos in 1!)


    Orion's picture

    "One Hour of Vintage Summer Music"

    From Jake Westbrook on YouTube:

    Sopranos prequel coming!

    Phylicia Rashad Under Fire For Defending Bill Cosby

    Rashad was recently appointed the new Dean of the Boseman College of Fine Arts at Howard University. She has a distinguished acting career. She is most remembered as Clair Huxtable on the Cosby Show. When Cosby was released on a legal technically after being convicted of raping women, Rashad suggested that a great wrong had been corrected. As a result, several students and alumni want her out. The university itself denounced her defense of Cosby.

    Backlash to defense of Cosby

    Nikole Hannah-Jones Awarded Tenure at UNC

    (CNN)The board of trustees at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill voted Wednesday to grant tenure to award-winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones after facing backlash from Black students and faculty who said the board's initial failure to do so reflected a history of systemic racism at the school. 

    Time For Some Country

    I've always heard that country music is so authentic. Never really believed until now.


    Overtourism: Florence scatters the Art

    Tuscany turns into artful snipe hunt as Firenze tries to diffuse the tourist boom before it restarts

    Reflections Of A Man And His Picture

    anna missed, also known as Jack Chevalier, died a couple weeks ago. I only know his art from what I have seen at this sight and mostly from this particular blog. I think his art and the accompanying article are worth a view. 

    [Everybody else's history] Bad stuff happened, gets forgotten...

     sometimes later people called historians research it...

    Ireland's Forgotten Sons Recovered Two Centuries Later

    — J. W. (@wolfjon4) May 25, 2021

    Who's Hot - Lad Mag quandary

    Celebrating looks, appeal, controversy, race, sexism, expectations...

    Ain't that easy anymore

    Where are the trans women?

    How it started...



    How to make a country twerk song in 1 minute s/o @samsumser @iamseansmall


    Barack and Michelle Obama Are Bringing a ‘Civics Remix’ in New Kids Series for Netflix

    Per a press release sent to The RootWe the People is set to teach kids all about American civics as well as empower and “educate a new generation of young Americans about the power of the people.” Spanning across ten animated music videos, the former president and first lady also tapped a handful of creatives and musicians to help bring the sometimes tedious tidbits of U.S. civics from somber to showstopping.

    [Race History] NAMIBIAN GENOCIDE OF 1904

    It has been called the first genocide of the 20th century, the “forgotten genocide’’ and the genocide that was the precursor of the Holocaust. Tens of thousands of Africans were killed between 1904 and 1908 by German soldiers in what is now Namibia, a vast, arid country northwest of South Africa.

    Hungry Caterpillar no more

    The art of children's books is truly beguiling, hit and miss. Partly for parents, partly for the kids, but at what age even, fleeting at best. Sometimes the art of simplicity, sometimes of mystery, sometimes a story, a narrative, or just the setting, or a character to believe in. But why a caterpillar? Green fuzz, tiny, kind of gooey, persistent, ravenous til ate it all up. It's all good - lights out, go to sleep, Mr. Carle, go to sleep...

    Being Sinead /Shuhada

    A nice treatment

    Billy Crystal bombs/kills it

    Billy steps in comedy "minefield"

    Billy kills it with Tiffany Haddish in Alzheimer's/real life Ethiopian Jewish romcom (opened today)

    How perfect is the juxtaposition of extreme multiculturalism slamming into intolerant judgmental "woke" expectations.

    Eat yer meat: Limerick for Mr. Smith

    NFT Art crash already?


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