The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age

    Fashion icon Vivienne Westwood gone

    Lost amidst the football clips...

    (feel free to add better links)


    Funny that I had a totally different reaction from you, on Twitter I saw an enormous number of tweets and articles noting her death, it must be the algorithms of people I follow on my main account vs. what you do there? It definitely was a deluge where I had a hard time deciding what to retweet, thinking I would just be adding to the deluge.

    (Seriously, overall seeing the outpouring even added to my feelings that GenX has inherited the zeitgeist right now, and how Boomer cultural attitudes are dying away.)

    You'll probably enjoy this one that I thought about retweeting but didn't

    Here's what the NYTimes did

     should be noted it is an impressively long obit, equal to that of a world leader!

    Yeah, my feed's full of retards for sure. I think Twitter keeps recycling the same 8 as well.

    Ok, let's talk NY film... (yes, including Network)

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