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    Now that Biden has defeated Trump, it's time to pretend none of this ever happened

    Joe Biden is the President-Elect and I'm feeling pretty good myself, as the saying goes. Biden's epic victory puts America back in steady hands. It means we can be proud of being Americans again. And it means we can start pretending that none of it ever really happened.

    Yes, my friends, now is the time to forget the past four or even five years. Because nothing good will come of it. It was four years of embarrassment and humiliation. It is time to look forward and not backward. Unless someone you loved died of COVID-19. So, that would be 250,000 people, plus their families. You do the math. You guys don't have to forget it all happened.

    And the kids separated from their parents at the border? Oh, yeah, they'll never forget, that's for sure. The past four years will surely be memorable to them their entire lives. And maybe journalists will never forget about Khashoggi being murdered or how they were attacked daily. And maybe women may have a hard time forgetting about Trump's past misogyny and sexual assaults and Kavanaugh and his blatant anger toward women. And Hispanics will struggle to forget how they've been demonized and Black people may have a long memory about Trump's Nazi-esque rallies and overall disrespect toward all non-whites.

    But for the rest of us, let's just pretend this never happened and move on. We went right from Obama to Biden without missing a beat and now we're rolling and the past four years are just a system error. We're America, we're better than that. And what good will ever come from remembering?





    Trumpism really did happen tho, because of racism within the GOP base, a tone deaf power hungry Dem candidate in 2016, the rise of cancel culture, and the unforeseen impact of globalization. It will happen again if those things aren't addressed.

    As you note, Trump harmed many people. As part of the healing process, we have ask why so many of our fellow citizens remained silent. Other than Romney, how many Republican legislators have congratulated Biden?


    William did you notice he's really loathe to let you forget him?

    Yeah, what if he refuses to leave?

    Broke election Mountain

    What does that mean?

    Bad puns must never be explained

    Why did Frank Castle tell bad puns? Because he is the Punisher.

    Why were there so many Punic Wars? Cuz they were too puny.

    (did they really speak Punish? Wikipedia doesn't say.)

    (Note that Carthaginians were oroginally called "Punicus" in Latin, as they were Phoenicians. Later they were called "Bitch")

    Mar-a-Lago we'll miss you.

    Snacking on a patio near water is not the industry practice of competent intelligence professionals.

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    Ha, I'm leaving this here - zombie awakes, bring out your dead!

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