Protesters causing it. TOTALLY COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. The system as built and which people currently have to use to survive: roads for vehicular traffic. The only people who have a positive reaction to your protests: the lucky who don't have to get anywhere.

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    Start of thread on needs & solutions for world logistics, layout, infrastructure, et al.


    Independent Senators? Part II

    (Part I is here.)

    CIA veteran Evan McMullin has launched a U.S. Senate campaign in Utah — as an independent — to oust Republican Mike Lee.

    — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) October 5, 2021

    more after the jump

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    Less Lethal Guns and Adopting A Progressive Lifestyle

    There was an article on a Las Vegas news site about how Las Vegas police were training to use "less lethal" devices during confrontations:

    LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — A company known for its firearm technology took the time to teach our local law enforcement about less-lethal weapons Saturday.

    Bryna Technologies' held training in Boulder City this morning.

    The U.N. goes KPop (not a parody) during the General Assembly

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    There Is Likely No Withdrawal From Afghanistan

    The Gulf War occurred after then Iraqi president Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. George H.W. Bush took Kuwait back from a dictator who had only a few years before been a tool of the West in a proxy war against Iran. Bush famously uttered “this aggression will not stand” and made a show of refraining from invading Iraq wholesale.


    Parallax View - Afghan Wigs, Western Vals

    Observing our Petri dish would be better if we didn't keep sticking our thumbs in it to draw conclusions. Some more primitive societies might just indeed be more comfortable being primitive societies, even if there's some Brownian Motion or other movement of progressive thought within the culture.

    [POLICING ISSUES] Starting with the NYTimes on "Gang Takedowns"

    [Previous thread here: Policing Problems Redux, May 23 thru Aug 27]

    Gang takedowns are good. Shooters are arrested. Shooters are people who shoot people. Gang takedowns are "disputed" by like a dozen people. And the New York Times found them all!

    "As Shootings Increased, N.Y.C Returned to Disputed Tactic: Gang Takedowns"

    The Christ with a thousand faces

    [Trump Scandals & Russian Interference] party like it's 2016


    IVANKA Trump’s Deposition under SWORN TESTIMONY
    Q:”Who is Allen Weisselberg?A:”I don’t know what his exact title is.” CORRECT ANSWER: Allen Weisselberg has been the Trump Organizations CFO and the Trump Family’s BOOKKEEPER since the 1970s. @MichaelCohen212

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    The Last Country To Leave Stuff Behind In Afghanistan Dissolved

    Mikhail Gorbachev signed peace accords that led to a withdrawal of Afghanistan in 1989. The Soviet Union collapsed two years later, toward the end of 1991.

    Russia very quickly reverted to a similar system to what it once had and under Putin's leadership, it recreated many of the institutions of the Soviet Union, such as the KGB. However, it has an economy the size of Italy and its capabilities of coercing former Soviet republics are limited to what we saw with attacks on Crimea, Ukraine, or Georgia. It can't recreate the Soviet Union as a union of 15 republics.

    A Shameful Flight Last US Days in Kabul

    A frenzied U.S. flight from Kabul as chaos descends.   link

    "A frenzied evacuation of U.S. diplomats and civilians kicked into high gear, while Afghans made a mad dash to the banks, their homes and the airport. Crowds of people ran down the streets as the sound of gunfire echoed in downtown Kabul.

    Wuhan & the Rand Paul Fauci Quarrel

    Rand Paul and Fauci had a big quarrel today in the Senate, accusing, blaming, without talking, calm testimony and inquiry, about the heart of the topic, virus research, like that at Wuhan and elsewhere. Some funded by the NIH.

    They did not talk about what kinds of restrictions on virus research should exist or be tightened.

    Viruses were being created for infectious disease research in Wuhan.

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    My Thoughts About Cuba

    When the Soviet Union fell, there was adulation everywhere around the world and it was seen as a sign of "the end of history." (See book by the same title.) Everyone rejoiced except for the right wing in Russia, which recreated many of the institutions that existed during the USSR and put Vladimir Putin in charge of the task. (See the book Black Wind, White Snow.: The Rise of Russia's New Nationalism)

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    Andrew Yang has that Diamond Cutter

    I think Andrew Yang found a new calling - this is him with legendary professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page. FYI he previously interviewed Nic Nimeth AKA Dolph Ziggler of WWE.


    [World Stage] Palestinians reject vaccines

    Go figure...

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    Russian Hacks?

    A business I work for got hacked and a forwarded racist rant message "Dr. Fauci's N!66ers" went viral. Various offensive documents with absurd, Ku Klux Klan sounding language were sent out under the auspices of staff. There was later a big apology for a security breach by the owner of the company.

    [People/Obsessions] Bitcoin Addiction

    ‘I put my life savings in crypto’: how a generation of amateurs got hooked on high-risk trading 

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    Homage to Amtrak


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    More on the Complex History of Autism

    Newly revealed information speculates that autism was pioneered by Soviet psychologists who wanted to integrate gifted children who had been marginalized socially. (A bit like the movie Elling.)

    The methods of psychologists like Grunya Sukhareva and Lev Vygotsky were duplicated in parts of Europe that were inspired by the Soviet experiment, including Germany. When the Nazis took over these clinics, people like Hans Asperger steered them in to grooming centers for super-children who were either seen as gifted stewards of the Reich or sent them to be euthanized.

    [Science] speeding up computation & the future

    Not just Moore's Law - improved algorithmic approach helps make critical calculations much much faster, bringing their practical use closer. 

    [Health] Are all births traumatic?

    As usual, these are birth anecdotes, not statistics, so the percent they represent is hard to say, nor does it address things like sheer numbers, costs, etc. But still worth considering, keeping in mind AA's note about the number of medical mistakes annually (my wife's was very good, but it was overseas and we got to pick the country!). Also, read the comments.


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