[Trump/Jan6/GOP/SC kray-kray] Circle of Corrupt Lawyers


    This in the Proud Boys sedition trial; incidentally, he notes the judge is a Trump appointee

    Kavanaugh back in the barrel, even as ppl wondering why the leak investigation didnt talk to the 9 justices & their spouses. (Of course they'd never go political...)

    Anyway, Brett:

    But Joe's documents!

    Wow, just wow

    Ginni Thomas’ testimony before the Jan. 6 Committee kind of got buried in the avalanche of material the committee released before the end of the last Congress. But it deserves a closer look and Frank Wilkinson takes that deep dive right here. Fascinating stuff. Check it out.

    As Pompeo pimps a book, says horrid unconstitutional stuff on TV, and floats a Prez run, here's his role in bonecutting a journalist.

    lol at this pic:

    BTW, icymi, it's referring to this

    WI2020 audio shows GOP fraud

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