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Wuhan & the Rand Paul Fauci Quarrel

Rand Paul and Fauci had a big quarrel today in the Senate, accusing, blaming, without talking, calm testimony and inquiry, about the heart of the topic, virus research, like that at Wuhan and elsewhere. Some funded by the NIH.

They did not talk about what kinds of restrictions on virus research should exist or be tightened.

Viruses were being created for infectious disease research in Wuhan.

Is Our Proud Boys Learning?

That Trump is a coward. Trump is a liar, who told you nothing but lies. Trump is a user who used you. Trump doesn't give a damn about you, when he tells you "he loves you", that too is a lie. He has no respect for you, nor any concern for your fate.

In his mind you failed, you are losers, he has no pity or remorse about what he told you or conned you into doing. When you "remember that day", remember that.

Trump Using Language of the 3rd Reich

LTI - Lingua Tertii Imnperii, Victor Klemperer, was a Professor of Literature at the Dresden University of Technology who lived in Dresden throughout WW2.  He wrote "The Language of the Third R

Congress Cannot Stop Trump Closing the Government

According to the US Constitution rules on "pocket vetoes" and also the Constitution on when a new Congress convenes, Trump may, on his own, close the government until Jan 16th and there is nothing Congress can do about it until then. Unless they give in to his demands on the military budget details, including  base renames, various other parts of the overall federal budget, levels and nation's getting foreign aid, the 'section 230' on internet liability and whatever else he manages to demand.

Reason One:

GOP Campaign 2024 Begins 'Biden an Illegitimate Failure'

Before most of the apparatchiks and toadies of Trump's Party even admit Trump lost the election, the Party that has lost the national popular vote in every election since 1988 except for one, is now in campaign mode for 2024, with a lies, obstruction and a scorched earth strategy that is already well in motion.

Church of Covidians Opens Bars, Restaurants

The Supreme Court decision recognizing the exemption of religious organizations from attendance limits has led to a filing today for tax exemption under IRS Code 501 (c) for the Holy Church of Branch Covidians.

Woodward's Interviews with Jared Kushner

Kushner's two interviews with Woodward, April 18 and May 8, discussed in Woodward's book Rage, and on the CNN page at this link, which page also has audio from the interviews, which were recorded by Woodward:

Jared Kushner bragged in April that Trump was taking the country 'back from the doctors'

Trump had given Woodward the go ahead to interview Kushner in a recorded interview on Feb. 19:

Whites Woke to Gaming Ballot Boxes Since 1865

Ballot box gaming is as old as the Civil War era, 14/15 Amendment, right to vote for all citizens, including freed slaves.

McConnell: Trump a Dead Man Walking

Josh Marshall agrees with the perverse, Party over nation "scorched earth" GOP plan (behind paywall, Of Self-Sucker Punches and Bust Outs) - I have mentioned numerous times. McConnell sees Trump losing, the GOP losing the Senate. It will be back to obstructing Biden and the Democrats, crying "deficits" for a comeback in 2022.

What he doesn't mention is how this will play out to return Republicans to the White House in 2024.



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