[Flyover country erupts] watching the next revolution

    This started as a thread about a 9-yr-old having to slaughter her goat at a fair, but now it's about how red districts will actively pack & overturn local gov. Insurrectionist times.


    I found the link in this reply to be very helpful

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    They are so extreme that the local Bethel Church (notorious center of US "Dominionist" movement) don't like them.

    as it doesn't have the panicked liberal slant

    As Partisan Hostility Grows, Signs of Frustration With the Two-Party System

    Nearly half of younger adults say they ‘wish there were more parties to choose from’

    I guess Southern NYC hospitality not what she's used to.

    Goes without saying: this is as purposely divisive as she is. And I dare say it makes those in NYC prone to MAGA thinking just dig in their heels. I think 'giving as good as you get' is a recipe for failure in politics; you have to offer an ALTERNATIVE. That's a main reason I always disliked 'get a backbone" talk and similar. Smart politics is not checkers, it is more like chess.

    p.s. she is a troll in the true original internet sense of the word, better at it than Trump himself. The internet answer also applies: Don't feed the troll. (Plus doing so is insulting to the intelligence of those who have discipline not to feed.)

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