The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age

    Woke and Cancel Culture Gone Wild, Chapter II

    Chapter I is here: Woke & cancel culture gone wild. It got mysteriously locked to new comments, so I am starting a second thread.


    PP - seriously, I am puzzled how that thread got to be "read only" all of a sudden! I looked everywhere on my end and don't see any switch to turn comments back on. see anything from your vantage point like a tab on edit?

    It was a "damn it's time to start a new one" dick Admin move.

    It had rolled onto a 2nd page 

    BTW, it's ok for me to identify as a woman, but not as Japanese, whatever my connection.

    (Gwen Stefani, Allure) funny world out there. Of course Buffalo Bill is one of my heroes, so i shouldn't complain...


    "If [people are] going to criticize me for being a fan of something beautiful and sharing that, then I just think that doesn't feel right," she told me. "I think it was a beautiful time of creativity… a time of the ping-pong match between Harajuku culture and American culture." She elaborated further: "[It] should be okay to be inspired by other cultures because if we're not allowed then that's dividing people, right?" 

    It’s a sentiment similar to one Stefani shared with Paper magazine in May 2021, when asked for her current perspective on her "Harajuku Girls": "If we didn't buy and sell and trade our cultures in, we wouldn't have so much beauty, you know? We learn from each other, we share from each other, we grow from each other. And all these rules are just dividing us more and more."

    Stefani told me she identifies not just with Japan’s culture, but also with the Hispanic and Latinx communities of Anaheim, California, where she grew up. "The music, the way the girls wore their makeup, the clothes they wore, that was my identity," she said. "Even though I'm an Italian American — Irish or whatever mutt that I am — that's who I became because those were my people, right?" I asked Fariha I. Khan, Ph.D., codirector of the Asian American Studies Program at the University of Pennsylvania, to help clarify the line between inspiration or appreciation and appropriation. "Simply put, cultural appropriation is the use of one group’s customs, material culture, or oral traditions by another group," she said, and raises two important factors to consider: commodification and an unequal power relationship. 


    Arizona social worker faculty leaned how to 'curate' for political effect:

    Our @ASUSocialWork faculty have curated a list of Phoenix area socially conscious restaurants and coffee shops for #SSWR2023 attendees. There's a lot going on in Phoenix near #ASU. @SSWRorg

    Please forward.

    — Liz Lightfoot (@Liz_Lightfoot) January 10, 2023

    I can only imagine the horrors that go on at that conference

    First USC, now Michigan. Same phrases, same banned words. This stuff comes from somewhere, it’s too dumb and lame for it to arise separately

    — Meme Gene (@pseudnonymus) January 10, 2023

    edit to add:


    Progressives in Congress absurd:

    Doh. It's being spun like it's controversial angry

    Really going off the deep end in the UK:

    Meanwhile, to be a cis white woman...

    Protesters marching towards the Rackham Auditorium, where Kamala Harris is set to speak this afternoon in Ann Arbor

    — Brendan Gutenschwager (@BGOnTheScene) January 12, 2023

    edit  to add:

    "@DouglasEmhoff, the husband of Vice President Kamala Harris, is set to visit Poland and Germany later this month to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day and to hold meetings aimed at combating rising antisemitism in the U.S. and around the world."

    — Florida Chris (@chrislongview) January 12, 2023


    “Kamala, Kamala, don’t you know, greenwashing has got to go!” chants from protesters ahead of VP Harris’s visit to Ann Arbor to discuss climate change today

    — Brendan Gutenschwager (@BGOnTheScene) January 12, 2023

    Well-intentioned advice for Democrats: Nip this whole “banning gas stoves” thing in the bud. Right now. 2-3 yrs ago, a few voices on the left yelled “defund the police.” And Republicans tagged the whole Democratic Party with it. Don’t let them do the same thing with gas stoves.

    — Joe Walsh (@WalshFreedom) January 11, 2023

    and he's trying

    Sadly for the discourse it seems the whole gas stoves —> asthma thing is probably overstated.

    — Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) January 12, 2023

    but it may be too late:

    he's giving up already and instead notes the irony:

    (just found out yesterday he called it on The Woke long ago early in 2019 when he was still at Vox)

    oops no he's still giving it the old college try:

    Here's a 52-tweet thread (!!!) splainin why it's a racist dog whistle for right wingers to defend using gas stoves! surprise

    Right wingers defend their “right” to use gas stoves. Here’s why that’s a racist dog whistle…


    — Grace (@graceisforyou) January 11, 2023

    I am not going to read it! Maybe it's satire? I don't really give a damn either way.

    Too much thyme on their hands

    I hear the stoves cause autism and rectal dysfunction. Or was that erectile dysfunction? Or both (gotcha coming and going. Well, not you, obviously, but guys.)

    it continues..

    What pronoun to use for "you"? You is a pronoun. Maybe du/Sie, tu/vous, sen/siz, ty/wy, ni/nimen...
    (in German Sie is both you formal and they, so already got part covered)

    I can only imagine the nightmares with French, where even like a toaster has a gender...

    You'd think nicotine kills and not the tar 

    It really is a delusional moralistic crusade like prohibition. Except nicotine has far fewer health effects than alcohol, it's more like caffeine. While a few real health nuts promote getting off of addiction to caffeine (which admittedly works for a few folks,) most of the medical profession is not on board with that like they are with nicotine. My opinion is it's illogical, irrational, and delusional, plain and simple.

    edit to add: My point is to stress that addiction to caffeine is very real, it can take days or weeks to break it. If it's addiction to ingested stimulant substances is what's bothering them, they should be equally against using it as well.

    They banned vaping here as well, oh, "the children", ignoring that the kids going back to regular cigarettes will get addicted and many will suffer health probs ND/or death 

    Nicotine addicti? Who gives a fuck unless it's as bad as gas stoves... (Fill in latest meme)

    Woke still going strong in NYC:

    A USC office removes 'field' from its curriculum, citing possible racist connotations

    — Steve Turner (@steve_turner9) January 15, 2023

    The School of Social Work at USC announced it would be banning the word 'field' because it's racist.


    Please knock off this phony, ultra PC; everything is offensive nonsense.

    — Christy Kelly (@Kelly4Arizona) January 15, 2023

    It doesn't matter what black people want! It's not for them in the first place! It's for white leftist to feel good about themselves and to prove how woke and "anti racist" they are. Don't ever forget that. Let them continue in their direction and they will eventually die out

    — Lone Star (@Lonestarsteppa6) January 15, 2023

    For some to think the word "Field" triggers Black students is ridiculous.
    As a teacher who has taught Black American History for 4 years, I'm going to let you in on a secret....

    MANY Black students don't want to keep talking about slavery. As interesting as my subject is,

    — Black. Conservative. Educator. Free Thinker (@FavoriteTeach11) January 15, 2023

    Picking cotton for 100 years is bad enough. Having to talk about it for another 165 gets painful.
    Meanwhile, this is shit (some) blacks prolly really wanna focus on:

    hahahahaha, she's great! and daddy is soooo boring! and I just LOVE the 'grownup music' thing! for chrissake,and she's 100% right, rap has been going on forever, rivaling picking cotton, how many decades now? when are young people going to come up with some actual new music, that really is the question! I hated Motown in high school because the majority white jocks liked it and wouldn't recognize rock, now I'd easily settle for something like that! rappers begone, time to go into the history books....

    At the same time, when a black guy tries to discuss difficulties in the job market in a nuanced way, *partly* he thinks because of his skin color, the comments section fills up with hostile responses.

    Yes, he got his big breakthrough through a diversity program, writing for the freaking "Office". Since he did well there, seeming to get a promotion of some sort, he thought he'd be partially recession-proof. [part of the idea of "diversity" is that some of the people given a chance will hold on & be anchors for future generations. But there's a structural issue that he points out - when funding goes away after 3 years, the studios are structured to cut positions - probably hire another free diversity person rather than start paying the last one full rate - unless truly obvious that they're now competing with the non-minority staff and deciding to cut one of them (which may cost quite a bit more, since non-diversity positions may have some severance associated with it.)
    Did he claim the reasons were black hatred? I dont see that - he seems to be pointing out some economic decisions that don't favor minority hires despite the diversity programs. Sure, there can be more as well - one would think a couple years after 2008 the industry might be talking to ex-Office writers without needing to build your own program & hiring scenario. But then structural changes can affect the industry as a whole. Which he admits - so it's not like he's bitter and complaining - he's mostly just describing his experience, lets us take the lessons as we deem fit.
    Still, it's worth listening to the guy's story simply because he's not telling some incredibly hostile black-and-white version of things. Reality is often more subtle - only the rarer ones make it to front page, but those are the ones that get attention, whereas more common softer structural issues may not gain the notice. We love us some outrage.

    And here's a takedown of much of Prince Harry's complaints -
    unsurprisingly with a guest role by Huffpost in pointing out "racism".

    (including it seems to be wrong to point out Meghan & Mum grew up in less-tony Crenshaw of South LA, even while lauding her Suits career. ANyway, the column is pretty great, including defining the deference between media & social media for those who don't know)

    I think all that's really going on with Prince Harry is that he found out he likes real life (despite being raised in a royal bubble as a character in a narrative) and that the majority of Brits still want to keep their royal family fantasy, and that Americans like and prefer and root for Harry because he prefers their real life. There's a sizable minority of Brits that desire to be Americans, including the long tradition of expat Brits in southern California (Except they try to keep their English accents because they discover many Americans can be charmed by those and they can grift on that. Then there's the early adopter of California life, Brit artist David Hockney, who is way ahead of them - having recently gotten sick and tired of the health nut culture that comes with California, he has absconded to France where he can still smoke cigarettes in public in his old age cheeky)

    Anyhow check out the reception Harry got here:

    That's basically still the former colony cheering for independence from the old ways.

    It's his tabloid appeal for sure. For a couple who say they hate them, they sure seem to be feeding the Enquirer bunch a lot instead of just getting on with living.

    this sounds just like Mao's Red Guards. East Germany under Stasi, etc.

    p.s. yup:

    That's part of the lunatic initiation-rite to any fringe or less-than-acceptable movement - how much kray-kray can you make your followers do for the price of admission?

    Authoritarians the world over are weaponising wokeness.

    by Doug Stokes who is Prof & Director of @SSI_Exeter@LegatumInst  Fellow. New book ‘Against Decolonisation: Campus Culture Wars and the Decline of the West’ Polity 2023.

    Typical woke lefty New Yorker (grrrr!) living in a fantasy narrative, where they ignore the reality (acknowleged by all political analysts) that Gov.Hochl very much risked losing to a tougher-on-crime competitor -

    they just keep slinging their delusional shit about social spending replacing policing and reduce crime, hoping that it will stick, but voters aren't buying and it's not even ever been proven to be true!

    It's their constant agitprop is the problem, it costs lives. They deserve all the ridicule in the world, wokeness in this case is extremely detrimental in so many ways!


    at least it's not Ken Burns at PBS:

    ... but they didn't want to tell that story, so they went with 1619 project instead.

    — Sock Puppets United (@ReasonedCenter) January 17, 2023


    I see Democrats on here claiming ‘Rest In Power’ is only to be used when black people die but not whites. It’s sad but it just demonstrates how childish and racist the Leftist mindset is.

    — Righteous⚡️Crusader (@Craftmastah) January 18, 2023

    White ppl get to live in power and ya’ll telling them to rest in power too?

    — gabrielle alexa noel (@gabalexa) January 18, 2023

    She is absolutely right. I full body cringe every time I see “Rest In Power” being misused for nonsense that it was never meant to be used for. Same w “Say Her/His/Their Name.” These phrases have meaning, & they’re just hijacked w/o a second thought. It’s embarrassing & shameful.

    — Diane Marie (@Dee_Camacho) January 18, 2023

    Rest in Power is for those affected by civil injustice or who died as a result of systematic oppression. Also if they fought for civil rights.

    — NotLeftBlank (@jflomario) January 18, 2023

    They're fucking dead. We say "rest in peace" because they usually look calm and unmoving, and maybe for many it's the end of a tough traumaic struggling life. But nothing says powerless like lying flat in your back w/o brain signál, breath or ability to move or speak. So it's a dumb fucking slogan devoid of any real meaning, even metaphorically, unless going up to God for believers*, but God holds all the power there and you just sit around Hoseannaing. , which who knows, may have lota of practice sessions scheduled so you don't even get any rest. Me, I'll be entertaining worms and ants going in and out (unless I'm cremated, so scattered with the wind or waves - feel the power). People be so full of themselves and their bullshit.

    *Yes if you're Haitian and believe in a Zombie Apocalypse, perhaps you'll have some scary tho arguably restless power. For non-Haitians, stop it - that's cultural appropriation.

    a win for the sensible! maybe, just maybe, it's not always systemic racism, but a meritocracy:

    told ya so starting in March 2021, and I was already way late in recognizing it

    I thought Power was Joules and kW-hrs.

    Still thinking in international units. Maybe kCal/workout for the treadmill type.

    Is Perks/purview or Privilege Profile measured in contrete objective terms?

    Candace Owens thing. Color me surprised.

    Oliver Traldi quote tweeted the following with this added comment appearing non-white gives people power and profit? interesting notion... welcome to the Intellectual Dark Web -

    Uh, it's Jessica Krug, and Gwen Stefani is 53, hardly getting "power and profit" by coming out as "feeling" Japanese in the youth-focused music market.

    And i can understand Japanese digging it anyway - they've been ignored since Deep Purple Made in Japan + "turning Japanese" (a song about masturbation) in favor of Koreans, so having a singer celebrate 4 Japanese fashion-conscious (Tokyo's fashion park) is prolly pretty cool.

    The story about Hilaria is a bit strange, but still - if we have women trapped inside men's bodies and demanding to share the ladies'loo, why can't a white woman feel she's half Hispanic, especially if she's not lying on any application, just the horrid crime of "deceiving the public" which perhaps 1/3 or more entertainers do (how's all them changed names? Kid Rock ain't from trailer, he's from pony mansionette Detroit suburb. Etc etc.)

    I'm not going to watch this, have had quite enough

    I hear Silk is looking for a new partner. Maybe if she changes to Spice this could be a winning duo.

    ha ha ha, nice little confab - I love it - a poke in the eye of elite White wokee ACAB's and their smattering of Black pals:

    Eric Adams joins other black mayors to decry 'Defund the Police,' White House handling of border

    — New York Post Metro (@nypmetro) January 22, 2023

    and judging by Twitter trending 'Eric Adams' it's got plenty of them steaming and stewing

    This is one exclusionary racial confab I fully endorse.

    Lori Lightfoot, of course, couldn't make it.cheeky

    p.s. not lost on his base that he's doing the gas stove thing, too laugh

    Good man.

    He's absolutely right.

    THIS is the Eric Adams I voted for.

    — Isaiah L. Carter (@IsaiahLCarter) January 24, 2023


    the abolish prisons crew should be made to splain it to her

    Woke 'defunder' unsuccessful NYC mayoral candidate (also socialist & endorsed by AOC) suggests giving money to Asian-American victims of mass shooting by Asian-American via organizations targeting their (non-white) "race"

    The results here should be no surprise to anyone, they certainly aren't a surprise to me

    this case is all the rage in the UK

    still raging: #JustSayMen

    Noting more anarchist influence on the left:

    Scott Baio is good person. The Left is always attacking him and his family just because he has different political views and opinions. Why are they like this?

    — Democrats are destroying America (@DontHateMe4That) January 26, 2023

    These attacks go both ways. Not just in politics, the disparaging seems to be the "social media" rage. Look at the title on your bio.

    — buddydog1 (@buddydog112) January 26, 2023

    You're comparing attacks on a man and his family to an opinion about an entire political party.

    — Democrats are destroying America (@DontHateMe4That) January 26, 2023

    Spider-Man: No Way Home's Spider-Mans recreate the pointing ...

    This! Thank you. Live your life and let him live his. Peace.

    — Scott Baio (@ScottBaio) January 19, 2023



    What is the purpose of tweets like this?

    How great is twitter that Rapey McForehead is trending? You’re next, Murderer McCrybaby.

    — (@juanblanco402) January 26, 2023

    I can just say that for me such tweets have this effect: I don't want anything to do wiith a juanblanco402 type and certainly would question supporting anythng he supports.

    How about this one? Who is that going to convince? Who is the target audience? Does he imagine a typical swing voter going: hey you know, you're right, the GOP are the real groomers, I'm gonna vote Dem next time!

    Meet Kevin R. Richmond of Idaho.He is a trump supporter who was arrested today by the Post Falls Police Department for the production of child pornography. I'm sure he's a YUGE fan of Rapey McForehead, too. They share the same values. Republicans ARE the #groomers.

    — Dycadon (@Dyann057) January 26, 2023

    Edit to add the reply from aptly named "Super Troll"

    it's: nope. sorry Michelle, not gonna go with it, wanna see if we can go any lower:

    Michelle Obama cast the presidential race as one between a positive role model for children -- in Hillary Clinton -- ...

    Jocelyn here hasn't a clue beyond what her little choir likes and thinks and she's gonna broadcast that:


    On twitter, a Sarah Lawrence nevernude comintern, people should only marry people within like 5 years of their age, but in the real world people in their 40s marry people in their 20s all the time. If the cancellation police come for "Pretty Woman," they can fuck right off

    — Ben Dreyfuss (@bendreyfuss) January 26, 2023

    It's weird that the left in the last decade has developed such an appetite for policing consensual sexual relationships between adults.

    For the first half of my life it was the conservatives who were weirdly obsessed with it.

    — Ben Dreyfuss (@bendreyfuss) January 26, 2023


    talks like a socialist, who knew?

    Still living in 1987 tho?

    oh boy

    Idunno, man - I've got a pretty happening bridge game scheduled with some attractive ladies (hi, Mom!), not sure if I can pull myself free, but y'@ll go ahead now...

    betcha this never entered Nikole's mind:

    Oh-oh, Darlene will be pissed - hillbillies are from Ozarks & maybe Appalachians. Rednecks are all around the South.
    #KnowYourNetflix. Maybe we can start American history with the first Southern migration. (I know I caught a later wave, still waiting for my reparations.)

    They deleted the original tweet and now say that "the college-educated" is a "dehumanizing" label. The ability to effortlessly produce gibberish has become a precondition of professional advancement. Which is how ambitious mediocrities have gained control.

    — Rob Henderson (@robkhenderson) January 27, 2023

    Sometimes seems if the time off has done him some good

     Lookie what those outside agitator anti-cop-land anarchists are proudly up the other day


    ^ note the stated plan: "set this civilization on fire"

    > ay all the appropriate anarchist lingo - the laudiing of hostility -  and even the proper pronoun, natch!

    I  found they had were lauding a protest in Milwaukie, Oregon, too

    Here is an explanation of why they must do what they are doing

    It's the racist hegemon,of course

    p.s. in Atlanta they are all excited by the potential of some knock-down drag-em-out street fighting with their fellow far-right outside agiitators

    Here's the governor's pre-emptive dealing with that:

    I think that's actually wise, because they want nothing more than some local police to mob troll into action so they can post more pix of *brutal police* who must be abolished

    I'm reminded of when I was doing genealogy research, looking at early-20th-century Ellis Island immigration records (to find my grandparents coming from Poland.). I did the magnifier thing wth the log books to check out all the questions they asked each immigrant. In both cases, one of the questions was "Are you an anarchist?" Because even though they were letting nearly everyone in at the time, the U.S. didn't want anarchists, that is one group they closed the doors to.

    You can identify as a tree, but not Japanese or Hispanic.

    (Not sure which arboreal grants or societies there are out there... Can you get a reforestation grant?)

    most Manhattan protests encapsulated:

    Someone up in her apartment threw organic brown eggs at the protest as it gathered outside SRG headquarters, hilariously encapsulating a mountain of privilege in throwing roughly 4 organic brown eggs, estimated cost $5,000, at a protest against police killing people.

    — Talia Jane (@taliaotg) January 28, 2023

    Bree & Jemelle strike while the iron is hot

    Abolish prisons - except for this white guy -

    Anti-woke gets hair on fire event.

    He's got it; in the end it's *the colonialism*.

    Which is why for those trying to rationalise *Woke*, everything has to be torn down and built again (see Pol Pot's year zero.) The anarchists are at least consistent, the theory does lead you to blaming western culture since the Renaissance, like the 1619 Project does.


    some great replies

    Pretty good, but i think it misses in a few places.

    Russia became "serfs overthrowing the Tsars", so earlier imperialism was wiped clean in many minds.

    I recall a thick European history book by Norman Davies, and my God, there was a Lithuanian duchy, and Vikings were going thru Novgorod on the way the Caspian Sea, and Poland was huge and influential, and basically that area east of Hungary became more than a black hole save Charge of the Light Brigade. In the West we largely didn't care what the barbarians were doing off in the east - Russians, Turks, Huns, whoever. Britain's sea route from India obviated the need to care about the Silk Road as well - fuck Marco Polo, it's the Suez Canal bitchez.

    The Left long had a soft spot for Soviets despite slaughter and neglect of 10s of millions (splitting Poland with Russia, Holodomor, brutality in Crimea, along with earlier Chechen wars...). Fellow travelers indeed, so Stalin & Mao came out "good guys" despite much larger body counts than Hitler. (To be fair, they were leading their populatios from more primitive conditions, but that's hardly comforting to millions in Gulags or starved & tortured or frozen to death. The Weavers were still singing nostalgic socialist songs after Stalin & Hitler's brutal partition of Poland. Arthur Koestler & Eric Blair couldn't dissuade, and needing Stalin as WWII partner to end the war didn't help, and the Iron Curtain large remarked our black hole anyway,, at least our line of indifference.

    Communication was always much worse (and communist control didn't help). See "Mr. Jones" for the hard job reporting the Holodomor in the 30s. So again, no news is "good news", especially when spun by the Party Congress.

    I also remember Khomeini broadcasting to Iran from Paris - messages full of hope vs the strict and unpious Shah - until the Ayatollah got to Tehran. Revolution theology for the 20th Century was always thus - full of promise, can't fail, can only be failed. The US building new capital markets didn't have the same ring as saving the poor and exploited's downtrodden souls - except 40 years of exploiting East European and Central Asian labor didn't quite save them - 1 step up from Serfdom perhaps. And for a moment, with Yeltsin taking the torch from the abruptly sidelined Gorbachev, it looked like there might be an opening. But a KGB agent soon took over and Yeltsin did too, leaving the ex-Soviet countries still under the guard of their former master. But the CIS like the Soviet Union was an "alliance if equals, of brothers". (an old Communist joke notes 2 kids playing in a sandbox. "Let's share like brothers!" one exclaims. "No! 50-50!" answers the other.

    Piercing this propagandist covering has been difficult.

    wait a sec - shouldn't he more appropriately be cooking those noodles on an electric stove, and be against using gas stoves? gees, one has to even correct their joke narratives! cheeky

    the anti-Cop-city people in Atlanta are being absurd:

    While media circulate the Atlanta Police Foundation lie that Cop City is "only 85 acres," their latest land disturbance permit to Dekalb County requests clearing trees in 171 acres of the Weelaunee Forest for phase ONE of Cop City. The APF lease totals 381 acres.

    — Defend the Atlanta Forest (@defendATLforest) January 29, 2023

    The forest is at least 3,500 acres. Here is a map (link in case it doesn't display)

    Plus it's not as if the 380 acres the city has leased - of which only 85 acres is intended for "Cop City" - is pristine untouched forest land. Wikipedia: ....The Old Atlanta Prison Farm was in the forest and a police training facility has been proposed for construction at the site......

    Do they want police to be trained or don't they? Well it seems pretty clear to me that the City wants to train police and the anarchists trying to occupy that space want police abolished rather than trained.

    this was retweeted today by

    ATL Antifascists (
    @afainatl Fuck Musk, follow us everywhere else especially Mastodon:  Linktree: Mastodon: All main posts originate on Mastodon.

    In the night from Saturday to Sunday nazis attacked part of a camp of ecological activists occupying forest not far from #Dresden. Some equipment got destroyed. Neonazis are the foot soldiers of capitalism. #Antifa

    More info -

    — Integration Nightmares (@bad_immigrant) January 30, 2023

    They salivate whenever there's a hint anywhere in the world of 'Nazi's' sniffing around the sites of anarchists shunning civilization for year zero living -. one thing they love is an actual fight with a declared enemy, then it's "bring it on"

    In other news in case you haven't kept up with the story, here's CNN's report on the 7 from the Atlanta group being charged with "domestic terrorism" among other things:

    7 charged with domestic terrorism after deadly shooting near proposed Atlanta police training facility "Activists associated with a group protesting the site said Teran [killed in incident] was a “Forest Defender,” working to fight environmental racism"

    — Raffaello Pantucci (@raffpantucci) January 30, 2023


    Philly citizens(or maybe they are 'outside agitators'?) who don't cotton to civilization:

    Sorry to have to splain this to Wokees and Kneelers, but sports fans LIKE to hear a national anthem, the more well-done the better, that's just the way it is, best to figure out another way to protest:

    Crying during the national anthem is a alpha male move

    — PFT Commenter (@PFTCommenter) January 29, 2023

    United States Navy Veteran Generald Wilson just sang the national anthem for Bengals v Chiefs kick off. Goose bumpy as always. He's a class act!
    I love this country.

    — Pinky (@happycat88888) January 29, 2023

    NO Celebrities
    NO gimmicks
    NO Build Up
    Just a Naval Veteran doing the absolute best singing of our National Anthem


    — Live Life (@RiderBabe52) January 30, 2023

    My five year old during the National Anthem: Is that the president? #AFCChampionshipGame

    — Rah! (@rashanjamal) January 29, 2023

    I'll go even further and say that after watching the World Cup you should have gotten a clue that it doesn't even matter what country/anthem it is, it's an integral part of the whole spectacle.

    To me ths photo is better than the anthem any day - guess Ithis Southern Boy's part of the "coastal elite", but i still like the statue of Liberty too. *And* Lynyrd Skynyrd - "boo, boo, boo..."

    Black city, with all the power jobs in its government filled by Blacks, decides it needs to hire more Black police officers even if they're not the best candidates available. What could go wrong?


    I didn't know this one, does make me think differently about 'Jack'


    from the UK:

    Yeah I'm getting sick of this too; hello, traditionally, a magazine or newspaper offers several points of view -


    More wondering if the term 'faggot' is making a comeback?  (Ben's profile)

    Like so much of culture of the 70s it had a mixed record. But still more pronounceable and sensicle than some LGBTQ+ mashup.

    What would Freddy think?

    And then i glide back to Burroughs, "as an old black faggot once told me, 'some people are shits, sweetheart's"

    Somehow the words didn't kill us.

    And I'm just finding out Sandra Bullock's a transvlgender.

    This guy wants to see both sides covered, dammit! surprise

    I agree, this argument is quite common from lefties:



    On AOC's performance art. I imagine those who only follow what liberal Dem political people have to say are reading that it was wonderful and passionate and perhaps yay a Dem finally got a spine, yadda yadda. Well the DKos choir might be happy but among the centrists and normie types I follow, I think it is notable

     the kind of thing I am seeing:

    every one above has lots of comments/replies on it agreeing. This one had some of the best tho, just plain and simple dislike of her shtick

    P.S. Prior to opining about AOC, I see Dr. Rose had an amusing and insightful quip about how Nathan J. Robinson gets cancelled:

    Like a stopped clock, Tracey is correct twice a day:

    Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell were also kicked off their committees because they're women of color, just like Ilhan Omar. Excellent analysis, really gets to the heart of the matter

    — Michael Tracey (@mtracey) February 3, 2023


    then there's logic pointing out The Woke Gaslighting;

    I'm no admirer of @IlhanMN & w/regard to Israel-Palestine am basically neutral, to the point often of
    'a plague on both their houses.' But it's cowardly of the her allies to say she was chucked of the committee because of race when clearly it was her pro-Palestinian positions.

    — davidrieff (@davidrieff) February 3, 2023


    It's really getting so bad that if I had a college-age kid, I would strongly encourage them to consider Florida and Texas.  When only a decade ago, I thought poorly of both state systems. Seriously! At least they'd be getting a baisc classical education there instead of paying to listen to 4 years of woke agitprop. It's really really bad, anyone with real brains in academia will admit that to you off the record.

    A shame blackface fell out of favor - i can see a real market for it about now.

    "It's hard to be what you can't see." - ding ding ding we have a winner, game is called for those with little imagination needing visually perfect feedback to move fwd.

    Like MLK's famous "I have a finely detailed visual prototype" speech that inspired billions.

    Creativity's dead.

    [may be a weird association, but i wonder what effect being raised on visually graphic porn vs fantasies of the senses has on this "have to see to believe" mindset, not that that's the only area of modern culture that this attitude impinges. I had someone tell me he didn't believe in an experimental treatment on another continent, because "if it worked i would have seen it on Facebook." ]

    ^ she retweeted this



    honey, do u hate yourself this much? stop projecting.

    — MoW (@Mormegil_AMW) February 11, 2023

    Hah, Nikole got tons of replies on that tweet and I venture 1 of 100 are in her favor. Hopefully she is on the way to cancellation with Blacks that matter, during Black History month, yet. Here's just a sampling:

    And you?

    — Eustace H. Plimsoll (@EHPlimsoll1) February 11, 2023

    Sowell has quite literally written over a dozen sophisticated, well-cited, well-researched academic texts on both of those subjects you complete clown. No wonder no one takes you seriously.

    — TacticalLawnDart (@tacticllawndart) February 11, 2023

    It’s weird for a person with a masters degree from a journalism school who wrote a book about the history of slavery to question the expertise of PhD who wrote multiple books on the topic of slavery and economic history. He’s at least as expert as she is on the subject, right?

    — Sebastian H (@Sebastian_Hols) February 11, 2023

    I could ask you the exact same thing, sister.

    — Jordan Taylor (@WayPeaceful) February 11, 2023

    The question seems to be implying that he’s not qualified because economics is his expertise, not history (at least nominally). If that’s the case, it’s logical to ask what NHJ expertise is, other than being half black.

    — Kaz Wamlo (@KWamlo) February 11, 2023

    I'd tell you, but I don't want to get blocked.

    (If it matters, I used Desmond's Race in America book in my courses.)

    — Rich Ellefritz (@RichEllefritz) February 11, 2023

    — Kyochi Myogo (@Kyochi_Myogo) February 11, 2023

    — Kyochi Myogo (@Kyochi_Myogo) February 11, 2023

    good lord she was hammering away about him not writing significantly on topic! it's like she is clueless. anyone with brains would shuddup already until they can think of a comeback that makes sense!

    "Conquests & Cultures," "Race & Culture," "The Real History of Slavery" from "Black Rednecks and White Liberals", "Americans from Africa" from "Ethnic America".

    Large chunks of these books tell the history of slavery. Over a thousand citations on the topic, easily. And you?

    — Coleman Hughes (@coldxman) February 11, 2023

    edit to add: I saw that tweet because Prof. John McWhorter retweeted it. Sorry to have to say it but "clown" really is an accurate epithat for her!

    I'm sure Evangelical immigrants from the Global South will come to acknowledge they're oppressors. Seriously, every time I think the right is exaggerating the woke/CRT issue I read documents like the @FSU ones @realchrisrufo has just tweeted & it turns out there's no exaggeration

    — davidrieff (@davidrieff) February 4, 2023

    going back through so many images and quotes I saved since 2020 and just being amazed all over again

    — Thomas Chatterton Williams (@thomaschattwill) February 3, 2023

    if anyone has anything particularly notable please send or append to this thread

    — Thomas Chatterton Williams (@thomaschattwill) February 3, 2023

    The straight-up, unvarnished desire to separate J.K. Rowling from her own intellectual property and lifelong labor, to appropriate it from her, to have that given credibility in hugely visible, paid advertising campaigns ––man, that is really something

    — Thomas Chatterton Williams (@thomaschattwill) February 3, 2023

    Any excuse to appropriate property or privilege for the benefit of the collective.

    — steveplotnicki (@steveplotnicki) February 3, 2023

    Sick and wrong.

    Let's spin it.

    Imaging the "Life of Frederick Douglass" without its creator.

    — Speech Alchemy CLICK the LINKS (@DylanRMarshall) February 4, 2023

    Target in uptown Minneapolis being looted post-George Floyd murder.

    — Daniel Strand (@DDFStrand) February 3, 2023

    this was amazing and should not be memory-holed either

    — Thomas Chatterton Williams (@thomaschattwill) February 3, 2023

    How about @nhannahjones saying it would be an “honor” to have the riots named after her work? Or, all the takes that burning down small businesses caused no real suffering as the owners had insurance.

    — James Adkins (@JamesAdkinsArt) February 3, 2023

    Nothing screams more upper middle class millenial urbanite than that headline.

    — Yiran (@kroketrendang) February 3, 2023

    My personal favorite

    — Mindy Bess (@MindyBess2) February 4, 2023

    — Monday_Lisa (@thebrightestL) February 3, 2023

    It's a mind-blowing review to do. My phone's downloaded pics right now would make one hell of a coffee table book! Though I wouldn't actually want it on my coffee table. Two really jump out at me. They each tell a story, a truly awful story.

    — Theo Jordan (@Theo_TJ_Jordan) February 3, 2023

    This is what I remember most.

    — Helot (@Helot_) February 3, 2023

    "Peaceful Protesters" couldn't catch COVID

    — Canaan Husain (@CanaanHusain) February 4, 2023

    Tapping into Project Veritas and Jack Posobiec admirers?

    Just cuz they're kneejerk "anti-woke" doesn't mean they're your friends.

    i've been a fan of Thomas Chatteron Wiliams since like 2018.

    Chose the replies to his tweet that I liked to post here. Liked the content of the replies I posted and strongly agree with them (some I didn't agree with, those I didn't post here..) Was horrified by everything to do with Geo. Floyd protests and still am (even the peaceful stuff) I think it was grand mal hysteria worldwide that will be in the history books. No apologies, none.

    Excellent @thomaschattwill on "le wokisme." I have a feeling that a lot of the critics I saw today didn't actually read his nuanced piece that connects France's understandable concerns about violent Islamic extremists with the American import of wokeness.

    — Carl (@HistoryBoomer) February 5, 2023

    I've got a new essay on the phenomenon of "wokeness" in this month's @TheAtlantic. It has been revelatory for me to see the ways U.S. culture and institutions changed after the summer of 2020, and how that transformation has reverberated internationally.

    — Thomas Chatterton Williams (@thomaschattwill) February 4, 2023

    A glimmer of hope in that if they don't get it in school anymore, maybe they get it from like pewdepie laugh


    where "1619 Project" et. al. is the shit teachers are cramming down your throat and Aristotle is the new enticing contraband?

    While it's a thing to note, getting all outraged about it would be giving them exactly what they want:

    Maybe we need a war to get serious.

    Pleased to see two serious Afro-American guys debate!

    Please tell me the black neighborhoods where understanding “Beckys” and “Karens” is the most pressing issues of the day. Is the epidemic of rude white ladies at Targets and Walmarts across the country a “pathology” that’s more important to correct?

    — Delano Squires (@DelanoSquires) February 6, 2023

    Much of our coverage from '17-'21 dealt directly with voter disenfranchisement, police violence, the economy and crime. You chose to ignore it. And you seem to care more about offending racist white women than your GOP friends who disenfranchise Black folks.

    — Terrell Jermaine Starr (@terrelljstarr) February 6, 2023

    There are hundreds of *school-aged* kids killed in our communities every year. Many of those cases could use attention so that families can get justice. But the outlets supposedly catering to black folk are focused on Amy Cooper?! Must be nice to have such frivolous concerns.

    — Delano Squires (@DelanoSquires) February 6, 2023

    "Liking" Ted Cruz all the way to the bank! (Outrage can make you money; Chris Stein would know all about that...)

    Partisan narratives!

    "The colour of the perpetrators is irrelevant".

    Except when they're white.

    Racism isn't a designer accessory for guilt-ridden liberals seeking cultural atonement. It's horrific & real. And challenging it is achieved by recognising that double standards are no standards at all.

    — Ike Ijeh (@ikeijeh) January 29, 2023

    Liberals sure do get annoyed when black people won't let them save us.

    — Ike Ijeh (@ikeijeh) January 29, 2023

    White police kill black man: Racism

    Black police kill black man: Racism

    Meghan leaves royals: Racism

    Harry leaves royals: Racism

    White Home Secretary: Racism

    Non-white Home Secretary: Racism

    Sunak loses PM race: Racism

    Sunak wins PM race: Racism

    Anyone else spot a trend?

    — Ike Ijeh (@ikeijeh) January 29, 2023

    Want people to doubt and dismiss black people's talent before we get a job?

    Vote BNP.

    Want people to doubt and dismiss black people's talent after we get a job?

    Vote Labour.

    — Ike Ijeh (@ikeijeh) February 2, 2023

    his best for last! >

    Drake owned slaves. Gandhi disliked blacks. MLK had affairs. Wilberforce opposed workers' rights. People like history are complex & are products of their age. And if we don't grow up & stop judging the past by our age, instead of learning from history we'll end up lecturing air.

    — Ike Ijeh (@ikeijeh) January 12, 2023


    Good question:

    I admit this one made me lol:

    I only saw it because Trevor here noted they were *not really* anti-mask:

    Classic bleeding heart Nicholas Kristof: Inclusive or Alienating? The Language Wars Go On

    @, Feb. 1, 2023

    Before the millions of views, the subsequent ridicule and finally the earnest apology, The Associated Press Stylebook practically oozed good intentions in its tweet last week:

    “We recommend avoiding general and often dehumanizing ‘the’ labels such as the poor, the mentally ill, the French, the disabled, the college educated.”

    “The French”?

    Zut alors! The result was a wave of mocking conjecture of how to refer sensitively to, er, people of French persuasion. The French Embassy in the United States proposed changing its name to “the Embassy of Frenchness.”

    The A.P. Stylebook deleted its tweet, citing “an inappropriate reference to French people.” But it doubled down in recommending that people avoid general terms with “the,” such as “the poor, the mentally ill, the wealthy, the disabled, the college-educated.”

    It’s not obvious to me that “the college-educated” is a label that dehumanizes people. I’m guessing George Santos wishes he were included in that category.

    The flap over the French underscores the ongoing project to revise terminology in ways that are meant to be more inclusive — but which I fear are counterproductive and end up inviting mockery and empowering the right.

    Latino to Latinx. Women to people with uterusesHomeless to houseless. L.G.B.T. to LGBTQIA2S+. Breastfeeding to chestfeeding. Asian American to A.A.P.I. Ex-felon to returning citizen. Pro-choice to pro-decision. I inhabit the world of words, and even I’m a bit dizzy.

    As for my friends who are homeless, what they yearn for isn’t to be called houseless; they want housing.

    Representative Ritchie Torres, a New York Democrat who identifies as Afro-Latino, noted that a Pew survey found that only 3 percent of Hispanics themselves use the term Latinx.

    “I have no personal objection to the term ‘Latinx’ and will use the term myself before an audience that prefers it,” Torres told me. “But it’s worth asking if the widespread use of the term ‘Latinx’ in both government and corporate America reflects the agenda-setting power of white leftists rather than the actual preferences of working-class Latinos.”

    Similarly, terms like BIPOC — for Black, Indigenous and People of Color — seem to be employed primarily by white liberals. A national poll for The Times found that white Democrats were more than twice as likely to feel “very favorable” toward the term as nonwhite people.

    A legitimate concern for transgender men who have uteruses has also led to linguistic gymnastics to avoid the word “women.” In an effort to be inclusive, the American Cancer Society recommends cancer screenings for “individuals with a cervix,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers guidance “for breastfeeding people” and Cleveland Clinic offers advice for “people who menstruate.”

    The aim is to avoid dehumanizing anyone. But some women feel dehumanized when referred to as “birthing people,” or when The Lancet had a cover about “bodies with vaginas.”

    The American Medical Association put out a 54-page guide on language as a way to address social problems — oops, it suggests instead using the “equity-focused” term “social injustice.” The A.M.A. objects to referring to “vulnerable” groups and “underrepresented minority” and instead advises alternatives such as “oppressed” and “historically minoritized.”

    Hmm. If the A.M.A. actually cared about “equity-focused” outcomes in the United States, it could simply end its opposition to single-payer health care.

    Dr. Irwin Redlener, president emeritus of the Children’s Health Fund and a lifelong champion of vulnerable children, told me that the linguistic efforts reflect “liberals going overboard to create definitions and divisions” — and he, like me, is a liberal.

    I’m all for being inclusive in our language, and I try to avoid language that is stigmatizing. But I worry that this linguistic campaign has gone too far, for three reasons.

    First, much of this effort seems to me performative rather than substantive. Instead of a spur to action, it seems a substitute for it.

    After all, it’s the blue cities on the West Coast, where those on the streets are often sensitively described as “people experiencing homelessness,” that have some of the highest rates of unsheltered homelessness. How about worrying less about jargon and more about zoning and other evidence-based policies that actually get people into housing?

    Second, problems are easier to solve when we use clear, incisive language. The A.M.A. style guide’s recommendations for discussing health are instead a wordy model of obfuscation, cant and sloppy analysis.

    Third, while this new terminology is meant to be inclusive, it bewilders and alienates millions of Americans. It creates an in-group of educated elites fluent in terms like BIPOC and A.A.P.I. and a larger out-group of baffled and offended voters, expanding the gulf between well-educated liberals and the 62 percent of Americans 25 or older who lack a bachelor’s degree — which is why Republicans like Ron DeSantis have seized upon all things woke.

    DeSantis, who boasts that he will oust the “woke mob,” strikes me as a prime beneficiary when, say, the Cleveland Clinic explains anatomy like this: “Who has a vagina? People who are assigned female at birth (AFAB) have vaginas.”

    So I fear that our linguistic contortions, however well-meant, aren’t actually addressing our country’s desperate inequities or achieving progressive dreams, but rather are creating fuel for right-wing leaders aiming to take the country in the opposite direction.

    “It actually exacerbates divisions rather than accomplishing something useful,” Redlener said, and I think he’s right.

    Sub-Saharan blacks will make up 1/3 the world's population by 2100, 82 years from now. Will that be enough safe co-identity space?

    So parents decide they want what they think will be a better life for their kids, by immigrating from Nigerian culture to Canadian culture. But some in the school system decide that's wrong and try to stop the assimilation that the parents wanted, making places where kids can still be Nigerian. In Canada.. Do I have it correct?

    My admiration for immigrants who go through the ordeal of actually becoming a citizen of their new nation continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

    Or maybe this song should be required reading...

    so inspirational! human civilization soaring to its heights!

    Yglesias to Nikole Hannah-Jones:

    ^ Why can't a Dem politician do that, what Yglesias just did? Why such tippytoes when it comes to people like her?

    strikes me as an easy way to make the fantasical creation of a Manichean U.S. of Wokees vs. Rightwing nuts go "poof"

    ^ The syndrome Yang notes in the last tweet is the reason woke lefties need to be "Sister Souljah'ed" by the Democratic party! Voters, especially the most important ones like swings, centrists and split ticketers, want an alternative party that is not extremist! No one in the center bulge asked for two parties where one is the doppelganger of the other!!!

    The media does make money from the doppelganger drama queens fighting each other, but if the leaders of one of the big parties refuses to play that game for one team, voters would know there is an alternative where extremists are not pandered to.

    The pandering to the Woke is not stopping:

    "A Black Professor Trapped in Anti-Racist Hell"

    Vincent Lloyd is no rightwinger, and for him to write this piece is really something

    — Matthew Sitman (@MatthewSitman) February 10, 2023

    A must-read

    I’ve seen friends go down this same toxic pipeline in leftist/queer activist circles and emerge as smug empty vessels who, while devoid of substance, are fully condescending and will not hesitate to sic their compatriots on any sort of perceived (overstated) “harm.”

    — austin (@AustinGaebe) February 11, 2023


    the first tweet says the account is deleted now, so use this instead:

    interesting that the Trumpster is up to his old social media tricks, bashing pop culture celebs to drum up eyeballs and controversy:

    It's actually an old demagoguery trick. And how the Murdoch empire was built, Fleet street etc.

    "Kathy the Colonizer"

    And sorry but  I am simply not going to buy this is the work of Russian trolls.It's 100% American woke.

    Learned a new word. For an old prob

    Too much shit going on, just get confused

    Polycrisis want a cracker 

    I agree with using the words "grave harm"and "hysteria" here -

    The propagation of anti police hysteria causes grave harm by causing depolicing, constricting the entry of quality candidates of all candidates, and propelling good officers off the street or out of the profession all together. And at risk communities of color are hurt most.

    — Darkblue714 (@darkblue714) February 12, 2023


    The rest of his Twitter thread posted here on the Crime News thread

    The nonprofit met with Governor DeSantis’s state officials, who asked whether the course was “trying to advance Black Panther thinking.”

    By Anemona HartocollisDana Goldstein and Stephanie Saul Feb. 13, 2023 Updated 9:10 a.m. ET

    [....] In the days since, the conflict has grown only more vitriolic. In an extraordinary back and forth last week, the state of Florida released a chronology of its communications with the College Board, seeming to take credit for alterations in the A.P. course.

    The College Board, which relies on state participation to administer its tests, has fired back, saying that changes were made after hearing from teachers about what worked, and politics had nothing to do with it.

    In a statement on Saturday, it said that the governor and the Florida Department of Education were posturing to stoke publicity: “We have made the mistake of treating FDOE with the courtesy we always accord to an education agency, but they have instead exploited this courtesy for their political agenda.”[....]

    DeSantis didn't ban African American AP courses. He stopped leftist idealogues in academia from sneaking things like "queer theory" into a course that was supposed to be about African American studies.

    The college board reworked the curriculum and the course is back.

    — Free (@KaladinFree) February 14, 2023

    ^ Btw,after reading a considerable amount on topic, put simply, that is exactly what happened. Of course, Desantis didn't defend it that way, on purpose, he plays it up as more consequentiel, as it helps him when he lets the left demagogue him as evil personified.

    That's the way he's playing virtually all the culture wars stuff. And anyone who pays attention to Florida politics is fully aware of that. That it's all huff-and-puff-blow-your-house-down stuff. He absolutely does not defend against over-reaction. That's not the game. The more hysterical the national reaction from Woke, the better, especially as normies don't like hysterics. Meanwhile, Floridians approve of the job he's doing in reality.

    "Can I touch you there?"

    The movement's getting tawdry.

    too bizarre:

    I blame Christopher Walken.

    BTW, how many ppl are representing "the Brits"? 12? Small is beautiful 

    Microsoft has 220k FTEs worldwide. But hey, I'm sure Bill gave them all the attention they deserved. (What's the "murderer" bit? Vaccines?)

    I remember reading in Readers Digest during the Cultural Revolution these stree scenes, where basically 13-year-olds had become the enforcers of the Revolution, which is a bit what Lol Pot did as well. Young fresh minds, malleable but easily directed and full of enthusiasm. Up against the wall, motherfuckers...

    Who's 'they'? Is Ebony a tool of the White supremacy? Or what? (Ask Lil Nas X, he might be able to 'splain the related 'cultural appropriation' and similar shit?)

    Criminy! I doubt making plastic people with DEI training for talk show hosts will get your ratings up!


    It's like that Dickens book, "It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times..."


    GO ZAID, GO! yes

    Is telling the first Indian woman to be elected a Governor s she’s a white supremacist a critique? It’s lazy, divisive ad hominem. When was the last time anything you did was constructive or helpful rather than incendiary?

    — Zaid Jilani (@ZaidJilani) February 21, 2023

    "like a Maoist struggle session"

    ....Bennet also said his only regret was affixing an editor’s note to the op-ed. “My regret is that editor’s note. My mistake there was trying to mollify people,” he said. “I never apologized for publishing the piece and still don’t.”....

    ^ see Yoko taught him good! (June 7, 2020)

    EXACTLY! Mho, is the way virtually all of The Woke's shit works out:

    Finland Takes Another Look at Youth Gender Medicine

    A recent interview with the country’s top gender expert shows how out of step the American medical establishment is with its European counterparts

    A shred of hope appears at the NYTimes:

    ^ (Noted that here he's hoping for a Dem political leader willing to publicly do some 'Sister Souljah' moments, like I have been)

    ^ translation = he's willing to vote for the other guy until someone does!


    p.s. this is pinned to the top of Yang's Twitter feed; it's one of my favorite tweets:

    Identity politics has infected psychiatry and psychotherapy:

    Two words that should frighten The Woke: Vivek Ramaswamy.

    Chloe still bravely trying to get The Woke to grow up:

    if this Black dude were a white woman, he'd be called a Karen and the video would be way more viral, perhaps with suggestions of her being MAGA scum feeling entitled to treat Asian immigrants badly:

    money quote from his essay

    But I’d suggest the reason this kind of stuff is so bad and so harmful is that it is actually helping the other side, not hurting it.

    "Hate the sin, not the sinner", tho some of the "both sides do it" excuse wears thin. Supporting Putin in a major war and supporting pushing your followers to attack the Capitol and overthrow the government is not the same as an argument over pronouns, and likely much of the cancel culture stuff.

    [Yes, that Dilbert guy is getting shit because he found 50% of blacks judging whites quite negatively over our skin color in a poll as disconcerting. It's not a call to lynching (yet?) but it's a weird shutdown of whites' permission to judge an arbitrary racist evaluation as racist. Still, blacks with guns are largely killing other blacks, so that racist revolution hasn't begun. Now, iilli didn't see the poll or who fólie it, so it might be bullshit.)

    The Dilbert thing is a good example of why I once said to you: why would you want a large audience, why would you invite that sort of mass harassment? He's already got a large audience from his cartoons.He could shut up and enjoy the income or he can express what he really thinks and invite mob harassment. Same with like Rowling! To cater to a large audience you either wear a muzzle and keep any strong opinions to yourself, or you can chose to really say what you feel and do the dodging slings and arrows from a mob thing for the rest of your life. That kind of 'cancel culture' is always going to exist. 

    What's related is - the argument against allowing people to post anonymously on the internet. Because most people muzzle themselves one way or another using their real identity. (edit to add: the Dilbert and the Rowling types can risk it and still eat.)

    I've always felt it important to be honest and post under my real name.
    I think my 48 followers appreciate my credentials as a 17th Century religious firebrand,
    or an iconic misspelled Greek philosopher. Would I trade it for Scott Addams' masses?
    You betcha - i'd have 'em dancing in the aisles speaking in tongues.

    From Moscow on the Hudson to Moscow in Idaho,
    that Christian activist nation coming...

    can you imagine being this obsessed to make this picture and then tweet? I can't

    (Dupe of what I just posted on PP's thread because it's such a great example. I'd be surprised to find out that video wasn't produced by White woke folks.)

    what this guy is trying to get across is true

    it's why good historians these days decry 'presentism' - presuming humans of another era thought exactly like humans do now, with all the equivalent knowledge

    a Brit normie

    new James Bond editions will have changes for 'sensitive' readers:

    "Pussy Galore" becomes "Kitty Leavemethefuckalone"

    Meet *the* Mrs. James Bond:

    Tho she was much better in the Avengers

    see whole thread:

    Holy smokes, do I agree with this guy!

    hightly related:

    He jokes BUT

    for Boomers, at least, when you have to give up the gas stove, next stop is the nursing home. I think this is a 'third rail' issue or they wouldn't be stoking it. Hochl is a fool for pushing it in NY state, she did a lot of harm to the whole Dem party brand by doing so.

    Woke-i-tude on race - he sees an 'intereresting formula' - I just see such bullshit now:

    He sees what lefty editor Jack is doing there:

    Maybe old ppl not so good at shouting, jes saying...

    More Vivek:

    I'm still amazed so many learned the lesson in grade school that "don't you ltry laving this house or I'm going to kick your ass" - yeah, that Lincoln. Who discovered a year and a half into the bloody fight that maybe he was fighting about slavery and not the right to keep northern troops in southern ports. So many have inherited a hate if the south for committing "treason", "traitors" to the Union, even though the colonies had up & left the British union just 85 years before. Of course he didn't emancipate women or give them the right to vote while drawing up 13-15 amendments. And Kentuckians got to keep slaves as did Missourians and Marylanders cuz they didn't secede. Most people don't realize the Union wasn't even using Ft Sumpter, but the other fort in Charleston wasn't as defensible, so they grabbed an abaned one that sat smack dab in the middle of the port. The same people who admire Gandhi and MLK's non-violence will cheer the killing of 300,000 Americans on each side. They'll condemn Russia denying Ukraine's freedom, agree Ukraine had a right to be free in 1990 just like the Slovaks had the right to break up Czechslovakia (Havel didn't attack) and Pakistanis & Dri Lanka/Ceylon had a right to leave free India. And your not allowed to say that the North hated the South for more than slavery - for being obstinate peckerheads, for being Scottish & Irish lowlives and drunks, for being a bunch of backwards illiterate hayseed redneck farmers. Lincoln if course was compromising with madmen on both sides, so i don't envy his choices. And had he lived, he would have presided over the raping of the West, which might have tarnished his image a bit. The sainthood of Lincoln over say FDR simply doesn't make sense. But in any case, I've yet to find anyone who really agrees that the South should've been allowed to leave peacefully if it weren't for the immoral travesty of taking dark humans with them. The EU is a great structure, because Catalonia can leave Spain yet still work within the same peacefully democratic system with open borders. Or a Britain could stupidly leave, yet that was their choice, just like Scotland can rejoin. Freedom to align how you want.

    Alright, now I'm ready to hear out Bill Maher on Lincoln. I mean, i wouldn't take down his statue - he stands for a lot of things, somewhat noble in that cracker rural Illinois kind of way.

    (cont) ok, we liked Lincoln because of the Gettysburg Address, which came a bit late and the North was lucky they stopped the South there orbit was all over. I guess a good time to free the slaves (in the secessionist states). But what else did Lincoln do besides wage that war, shoot at northerners who protested the draft, and build the Transco tinental railroad (plusy string up fewer Indians than asked in Minnesota)?  Granted the South was already seceding before he took oath.  But what is it we like so much about Lincoln aside from that 1 speech?

    Homeless in glad to get off the street - downtown LA turned into a squalid mess.


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