The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age

    Woke & cancel culture gone wild

    I got "news" for Reuters that's not really news: at an "army war college", the faculty study and teach the techniques and strategies of military leaders of the past without regard for which "side" they were on,

    Exclusive: Pennsylvania candidate Mastriano posed in Confederate uniform at Army War College

    "The faculty photo did not get the team's attention; the photo has since been removed because it does not meet AWC values," the college said


    — Phil Stewart (@phildstewart) August 26, 2022

    Some might even admire leaders they still consider an enemy, go figure! It doesn't tell you jack shit about their current ideological preferences.


    repeating an example just posted on another thread

    Oxford publishers gone wild with expectations of monetary profit from catering to divisiveness:

    They may have Brexited, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are gonna go back to being proud of the history of ye olde Empire

    Shakespeare taking a beating -

    "To not be or not to not be..."

    LIke duh - look at what happened to the Dixie Chicks for *1 single sentence* at a UK concert. Working for a boss or two who think turning Iran into a sheet of glass is hilarious. Fervent anti-communist parents who get upset for saying something anodyne like "Tito did kind of keep their country together" or damn those homosexuals for spreading their way of life... Or just for having an implied liberal bent is quite enough to stir up the family. And yes, it works the other way for those thinking they're liberal. (pro tip - maybe there are areas we're not?)
    What makes people think we were ever much more open and honest? ok, maybe colleges used to be. Sometimes.

    Dumbing down law enforcement (& reporting)
    Thank God for social workers


    The first story is on FEDERAL prisons and FEDERAL crimes. Includes a lot of what many would label "white collar crime". The evil violent ones, worst of the worst are there too, but they would be a small minority.

    Quite different from run of the mill violent criminals that currently plague law abiding urban citizens. Those are handled by state and local, well or badly as the case may be.

    (And yes, our Federal law enforcement and Federal prosecutors do get involved in the drug trade, even minor infractions, just like they once did with alcohol during prohibition. BTW our current president is kind of an old timer stick in the mud about that whole thing.)

    We were doing trans & glam & whatever came our way 50 years ago, and didn't have to post online about it or make anyone follow our rules - there *were no rules*, that was the whole fucking point. Fuck an androgynous space being with a thing about guns and strange as fuck eyes like in Man Who Fell to Earth? "You betcha", to quote a famous philosopher. Eating Raoul? Sure, humans as fast food, good way to make money as well. Zoomers don't even want drivers' licenses - we wanted to be out of the house at 13 or younger.

    The National Library of Wales is hiring a fulltime Decolonization Project Officer. Nuff said:

    did you know both Lori Lightfoot and Eric Adams were fascists?

    I think that makes them "Not Really Black" ? And Jay Z, is he one of those too or just a traitor to his race? And if he supported a high percentage taxation of wealth (instead of private choice philanthropy), would that make him more "Black" again? Is Warren Buffet like really "Black"? So many questions, where is Ibram X. Kendi when you need him?

    kinda related? NYTimes Sept. 15, 2021, "write about race and get rich"?:

    Books on Race Filled Best-Seller Lists Last Year. Publishers Took Notice.

    In recent years, a strong interest in books on race and racism has accelerated. Authors, agents and editors are anxious to see how they do.

    A few interesting tweets on the Jay Z thing trending; oh the humanity, what's a tribe to do when racism against Blacks is disappearing, Blacks and The Man become one and the same, and one can't claim victimhood anymore by virtue of color of skin?

    will be interesting to watch how this plays out for BofA:

    The land north of the Rio Grande that houses 370 million today had maybe 4-12 million in 1492 (before debilitated by colonist brought diseases).

    So a Native born near Vegas riding around the desert was part owner to all the land west of the Rockies, or ho does this ascribed ownership via thinly populated areas work?

    At least Hillary Called them adorable deplorables or something like that. Joe's crossed the Rubicon - they're fascists that drive semis, not semi-fascists. Get it straight, Joe...!

    touche -

    I love seeing Trumpists condemning the political optics of this image. Admittedly, they are terrible. But they are only bad by reference to values that should lead you to totally repudiate Trump himself. For Biden, this is a gaffe; for Trump, it would be a window into his soul.

    — Sam Harris (@SamHarrisOrg) September 2, 2022

    For me, here's the thing about Joe doing this: c'mon, that's not a gaffe, that's intentional "dark Brandon" alternative to Trump. He's old enough to meet his maker any day now and he knows it. If this was him in a earlier iteration I might judge it cynical and risking blowback as well. But at this stage there's only one reason he decided to go with it and that's because he thinks results will have a beneficial effect on this country. Otherwise, he'd stay mum. Now he may have judged wrong but I am sure his motives are 100% pure, no malarkey.


    more on that meme


    gees really makes clear how the internet enabled kooks to get their thing on; I think this type were always out there but they could never communicate and be organized before, they could never do the mob thing

    I fear I'll be called out on this and have to return to my tribal diet of haggis and heather beer

    Besides diet, you also have Trump's mother. Still, I think that is actually a most excellent tribe. Can't have everything.


    I'm moving from pronouns to antinouns. Someilone has to do it, and i feel there been given a free ride. Along with angling for a "revenge of the foodies". Whatever happens you can always discuss it over brie (or samosas if you're vegan).

    OY. No other words from me

    Heh, hagiography-cum-iconography, is it the Kim Kardashian + Evita of American politics rolled into one?

    Three weeks later I found myself sitting on the couch in her congressional office, beneath a wallful of framed photos and across from the small bed where her French bulldog, Deco, hangs out when he spends the day at work with Ocasio-Cortez. I sipped at the coffee she’d brewed for us as we began a series of wide-ranging conversations—about abortion, the upcoming midterms and 2024 presidential race, and the future:

    Journalist talking to his shrink or lapdog, we keep getting dual roles, dual imagery. Why don't men speak up? "when they say the right things it's incredibly strong..." Er, no, when they're limited to the *right* things or nothing/shaming, it's incredibly staged or stifling.

    pile on:

    A reminder of how it was in 2001 when Identity politics were set aside:

    racist bogeymen narrative ruined, have to find another one

    HOLY SMOKES! Turns out ruining a person's business by claiming they're racist can get REAL EXPENSIVE!!!

    Woulda thunkit, turns out consequences of 'free speech' can be a real bitch!

    (No doubt that's gonna be paid for with tuition increases, kids! But since mostly parents are paying at Oberlin, it prolly won't affect the flyers you hand out.)

    ^ is this the start of the end of it? are courts going to get flooded with cancel culture suits? will it become a legal speciality?

    another lawsuit against university wokedom:

    ran across this interestingly honest convo on Twitter about how "the black community" is not all it's cracked up to be by The Woke:

    The culture is fucked, community is fucked. Mfs would rather spend time tryna plot on your vs get they own. This what we do to each other.

    — (@JameelHassan_) September 13, 2022

    Black lives matter tho smh

    — Chef Sean (@Sean_NoCarter) September 13, 2022

    Mfs full of shit smh

    — (@JameelHassan_) September 13, 2022

    Seems to fit here somehow. Like: what would the DSA say? Can't do more bashing after the numbers trying to shame Jay Z and Beyonce for proudly reconfirming their capitalism? Just keep picking on Elon Musk because he's white and hope no one notices this?



    At Home With LeBron James and His Family

    The Jameses—LeBron, Savannah, Bronny, Bryce, and Zhuri—pose for a first-ever family photo extravaganza.

    SEPTEMBER 13, 2022

    some photo captions:

    ALL TOGETHER NOW LeBron James and Savannah James with their children, Bronny, Bryce, and Zhuri. “They look like the 2023 Rockefellers,” says LeBron’s mother.
    Bronny’s, Bryce’s, and LeBron’s clothing, Zhuri’s dress, and Savannah’s gown by Gucci. Zhuri’s hair clips by Super Smalls. LeBron’s bracelets and Savannah’s earrings and ring (right hand) by Van Cleef & Arpels. LeBron’s watch by Tiffany & Co. and Patek Philippe. Artwork courtesy of Kareem-Anthony Ferreira

    LeBron and Savannah with their Porsche 918 Spyder.
    LeBron’s clothing by Tom Ford; boots by Giuseppe Zanotti; bracelets by Van Cleef & Arpels; watch by Audemars Piguet. Savannah’s dress and bracelets by Chanel; sandals by Gianvito Rossi; necklace by Bulgari.

    HOT TAKE “Excuse my language, but we a dope family,” Savannah says.
    Savannah’s gown by Valentino; shoes by Valentino Garavani; earrings by Jacob & Co.; ring by Van Cleef & Arpels. Zhuri’s dress by Lola + the Boys; shoes by Nina Shoes; headband by Super Smalls.

    How does this differ from Melania & Ivanka tastes and proclivities? 

    Whether serendipity or synchronicity, I see Jilani thinking along the same lines, inspired by totally different news items:

    "my poor marketing skills = your problem" - check.

    And look at that presumptuous demanding DM - it just screams "privilege". Does she know who she's talking to?

    #2020reckoning? What 2020 reckoning?


    New unexplored categories 

    a wanton gospeller, distracting from the holy narrative with things that shouldn't even be entering one's mind, no doubt the work of the devil who doesn't want you to stay focused, eyes on the prize...

    The American Political Science Association has apparently decided that urinals are quite nasty gender signifiers:

    Since urinals reek of white male privilege, and stalls have a dehumanizing animal-like connotation plus assign a lower status to women, I've started peeing and shitting on the floor over to the far side of the sinks to show support for post-modern values. I've done away with toilet paper as well to save the rain forests, though am still looking for alternatives to water since polluted runoff affects POC and other marginalized communities, while the shortages more impact small family farms.

    The mesh see-thru bullet halter tops are pretty sexy though.

    But yes, give the midriff a kevlar wrap, to protect the unborn as well - they belong to society.

    similar complaint:

    Curious now how much of Maher i like is shaped by the quality of his writers. This segment seemed very tight.

    Having a nice neighborhood is a bad thing (called gentrification) and "segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever" is a good thing:

    I actually don't agree with this theory, it's just a good example of how many people react negatively to the woke hectoring about casting:

    My theory is we're looking at ourselves too much and micro-analyzing it all, but all self-identity politics. It's Spinal Tap cluelessness, but without the hippy worldview, just the Me Generation gone hyperthreaded. And the Facebook amplification of "opinions are like assholes" - we have to comment on everything, be an expert on everything, or at least prop up someone who is - instant microcults of opinion. I didn't hear about transparent solar panels until 7 seconds ago, but here's what I think we should do. Flareup in Chchnya this week - very important that we cut of Kadyrov and restore relations with Ossetia, which is why Bidens not to be trusted, and we should offer people energy rebates by taxing the Googles out of existence, and by the way no police. Hope i didn't miss anything, but will post new world reshaping thoughts in half an hour or so.

    JK Rowling condemns masked trans thugs for hurling smoke bombs and abuse at women in Brighton.#LetWomenSpeak #BlackPampers #WarOnWomen via @MailOnline

    — Biology Rules Ok (@OkBiology) September 18, 2022


    "Smother Them with Kindness"?

    Note all parties in the video have black skin. Just pointing out that it doesn't fit The Narrative:

    ^ think maybe kidz these days need a lesson in the definition of the word "fiction"?

    Oh that racist Trudeau:

    All the whypipple except 2 (Biden & Macron) had to take the bus, BTW:

    Double Decker i hope?

    Or could try teaching kids an age appropriate version of this marvelous video so they grow up with the tools to understand how we process information, label things, understand what biology and society/culture are, and where our little selves fit into the mix.

    Giveaway - we start bracketing info very early to make info easier to handle. Different cultures do it different ways, such as where boundaries for the color "yellow" are (and if you're truly male you'll be laughed at for the arbitrariness of your color coordination your whole life - and if not, you may be an outlier/an exception, you may have different influences in your life that affect your labels (live by the sea or spend a lot of time in your oarents' laundry), or you may have more traits that make you a bit different - but still good, still human - in a number of other ways. Yet we all have hearts, lung(s), eye(s) that may or may not work the same, brains that are structurally very similar but may carry some surprises, some plumbing that handles our liquid and solid waste and later does double time for baby duties, and quite a bit else. Language gives an idea how surprisingly different we might be in some way - the languages of the US, China, Kenya, Tahiti and Hungary are mutually not understandable, have completely different sets of rules, use the throat and melodies in different ways, and so on. Yet these same people can usually learn each others' languages to communicate pretty effectively, saying much if not exactly the same thing (and still most of our skin and organs and hair are mostly the same with some fairly small differences. And since most of communication is physical - from expressions or sound of voice or the way we carry ourselves, even little kids who don't speak can play together and have fun. But language and communication is still inexact - different cultures may mean something different by types of smiles or the loudness they speak or how much they touch and hug. Even people speaking the same language may interpret things different due to their backgrounds, how good their hearing is, part of the country they grew up in, different things their parents or friends taught them, and so on. The more we grow, the more complicated it gets, but still there are similarities we use to provide order to things - sequence, color, length, weight, how energetic, how thought-oriented, how artistic or intuitive... More and more. Which like cleaning your room, you can't keep throwing stuff in - you have to get rid of or modify ideas that don't fit, put some order in to make it livable, let the brain and body and ideas and habits grow as we get older and usually bigger.

    (she's the real thing what she self-describes on her account - i,e., an Algerian Berber, not a Russian troll - I've interacted with her about a couple unrelated cultural things, very knowledgeable about the history of her tribe)

    He's just sayin'....

    Idunno, man - pick your battles

    see whole thread/article

    Imagine spending a decade plus professionally preparing professional credentials, language skills, onsite experience, time finding the right people to interview, and then all your work is dismissed because you're a white blonde. But hey, it'd be worse if it was discrimination 

    Kind of incredible that a writer of famous apolitical fantasy has become such an international target

    I could see her becoming a target for small Christian sects who believe stories about magic are detrimental to children, but other that that...

    A Pakistani can write 5 words & it's memorialized. There doesn't have to be any more thought than that. The guy may have no idea who she is, just saw her defend Rushdie. Things don't have to be deep or thought out.

    dupe replaced by:

    yes; and did you read what they were tweeting for 5 years before they published that? And you saw the big headers "How it started" and "How it's going"?

    You mean "returning to sanity" and "a sober summary of language issues and possible openings to introduce valid language shifts"? Maybe Salon should've been cancelled 5 years ago - i don't see this article supporting stupid unwanted linguistics rules. However there are valid changes - seems many women in film & theater prefer "actor" over "actress". I like the differentiation the latter provides, but they disagree for the same reason. No skin off my back. A "Latine" as a *sometimes* option to assist gender-laden discussions, while leaving traditionally declined nouns for normal speech seems hard to object to - especially since it's not my language, and not catering to a small group of overwoke Americans to the disgruntlement of most speakers of that language. 

    So yeah, bury Latinx if that's all you're pointing at. But the latter article seemed well thought out.

    Your supporters don’t seem happy with you Blake!

    — Ben Gross (@bengrossbg) September 26, 2022

    ^ Matthew Yglesias retweeted

    Not just social media:

    Ouch, now we can't leave Eddie alone?

    If he has a new pronoun it's "what the meaning of iz iz"

    I mean, Eddie w/o humor is what exactly?

    hah hah nah nah - how SNL addresses the casting thing - what's good for the goose is good for the gander - laugh

    ^ good to see the current writers honoring the show's tradition of skewering what used to be called "political correctness"; hope they continue!

    C'mon, appropriation at it's worst. I think he's from CT suburbs, not even the boroughs. They should have had a real white Bronx Bomber play Jay-Z. Wassup wid dat? (Tho Kanye be cool)

    I don't get your complaint - a CT-style white guy is PERFECT to make their point about incongruity and ridiculousness and the need to caste to type - a working class white guy with a Bronx accent would lose a lot of the contrast.

    Sorry was white guy 2.0 counter woke counter objection - supposed to have authentic players, no? If no one's protesting, you didn't do it right...

    Each morning i wake up...

    (deep or shallow fake, what thinks thee?)

    Herschel Walker's son has an "anti-woke" podcast named "Uncancellable" and boy is he ever.  Yglesias notes one of today's tweets:

    Seems like this is going well

    — Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) October 4, 2022

    but wait there's more:

    I know my mom and I would really appreciate if my father Herschel Walker stopped lying and making a mockery of us.

    You’re not a “family man” when you left us to bang a bunch of women, threatened to kill us, and had us move over 6 times in 6 months running from your violence.

    — Christian Walker (@ChristianWalk1r) October 4, 2022

    I don’t care about someone who has a bad past and takes accountability. But how DARE YOU LIE and act as though you’re some “moral, Christian, upright man.” You’ve lived a life of DESTROYING other peoples lives. How dare you.

    — Christian Walker (@ChristianWalk1r) October 4, 2022

    drip, drip, drip and Christian Walker looking better every day -

    NEW: The woman who has said Herschel Walker paid for her abortion in 2009 told NYT that he urged her to terminate a second pregnancy two years later, too.

    Walker has barely been involved in their 10-year-old's life.

    From @mayaaking @llerer @Jonesieman

    — Shane Goldmacher (@ShaneGoldmacher) October 7, 2022


    Headscarf games:

    see whole thread

    I can see use in being more aware of majority assumptions - right-handedness, being white in North America, male perspective & energy at work, white people in many public spaces, restaurants, etc. (others are "out of ordinary" or "noticable"), internet help guides, etc. - just being aware of the benefits & few drawbacks of "being the default choice".

    I'm reminded of the "Pauline Kael theory" or whatever, twisted to be "how could Nixon have won? no one I know voted for him", but actually an acknoweldgment of her liberal bubble, bubbles that exist for left, right, other categories. Your note on the musician who played with Chuck Berry talks about the same bubbles - "walk across the room" - which I remember doing freshman year, going to sit at the all-black table in the lunchroom, going to a black music party. I didn't keep it up, but it was educational.
    [interesting reading more about Kael, good & bad. Interesting:
    Woody Allen said of Kael, "She has everything that a great critic needs except judgment. And I don't mean that facetiously. She has great passion, terrific wit, wonderful writing style, huge knowledge of film history, but too often what she chooses to extol or fails to see is very surprising."[42]" - Pauline Kael - Wikipedia
    Which is also worth remembering - perhaps Kael's greatness was in providing uncommon reviews and perspectives, maybe without proper judgment, but maybe "judgment" gets tiring, hearing a fresh perspective can be more important than getting it right. And Network for one is both poorly acted and iconic. Watching 2001 with a foreign female a few years younger met with disbelief, "what is this crap?" while much of the world piled on praise. Was it the general acclaim that drew me in, my male testosterone & perhaps greater attraction to science fiction & other geeky stuff? (certainly the depiction of birth is rather stale and might I say sterily "non-female", perhaps from a male who never procreated - okay, he had 2 kids, but his wife Christiane once stated that "Stanley would be happy with eight tape recorders and one pair of pants" so I'm not too far off). 

    Thanks for spending time on sharing thought provocations.

    It really comes down to the issue of free speech doesn't it? I have always been extremely uncomfortable with the idea of prosecuting "hate speech." I think to enshrine it in our Constitution was a very wise decision. Where do you draw the line? Well, you draw it on acting on the speech, almost a no brainer?

    Your thoughts on Kael and 2001, well that kind of thing has always been part of the work I did for a living - that's what "fine art' is for, to open your mind to other tastes and ways of seeing (piercing those "bubbles") - so for someone as sophisticated as you to point it out as something to be noted is a warning reminder to me that it's not a doh!, that everyone doesn't get that.

    As to Daryl Davis, he's just awesome.

    Except hate speech can drive people out, drive them to suicide....

    We have slander laws, based on what can be proven false.

    Is there no way to codify some extreme limits on taking the piss out of people due to religion, gender, race, age, topography, profession...? Or can standing up for slightly nice speech be our new "woke"? Not just tilting the scale back to even, to "equity, but instead "raising all boats"?

    evidence of some with anti-woke tough-on-crime mindsets not obsessed with race:

    Serial "jogger rapist" to be released from Oregon prison

    — The Hill (@thehill) October 10, 2022

    As long as he identifies as Trans lgbqpedo he will hailed a national hero

    — M0ZART (@TmcintoshTony) October 10, 2022

    It's Portland. They will probably throw a release party for him led by their crackpot Mayor.

    — Gladys Kravitz (@Lady4Links) October 10, 2022

    Democrat pro-criminal policies again on display.

    — Scott Gwynn (@ScottGwynn6) October 10, 2022

    CC: @ChristineDrazan get on it!

    — Wisconsin Neanderthal - Vote Michels/Johnson (@wiz_political) October 10, 2022

    some tips from Frank on how not to turn people off with woke lingo:

    The Portland 'Woke' - dividers, not uniters:

    Absolutely related, mho: Obama of the 90's believed that too many liberals didn't believe in democracy. Democracy requires a majority consensus; bellowing that the majority is stupid or low-info. uneducated or whatever is undemocratic, little different from those in the past who required poll testing or allowed only an elite to vote.


    D.O.D under Austin wants you to know they are Woke -


     Here's a History Prof's suggested way to handle the problem wink 

    see whole thread:

    Some see Democrats as extremists trying to cancel them:


    Rich that Tulsi Gabbard is certainly milking The Woke phenomenon (even tho to many, 'The Woke' include people exactly like her)

    I can no longer remain in today’s Democratic Party that is now under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by racializing every issue & stoke anti-white racism, actively work to undermine our God-given freedoms, are…

    — Tulsi Gabbard (@TulsiGabbard) October 11, 2022

    …in leaving the Democratic Party. If you can no longer stomach the direction that so-called woke Democratic Party ideologues are taking our country, I invite you to join me.

    — Tulsi Gabbard (@TulsiGabbard) October 11, 2022

    Click the link to watch my full statement on why I'm leaving the Democratic Party:

    — Tulsi Gabbard (@TulsiGabbard) October 11, 2022

    There certainly is confusion over whether the term "The Woke' includes traditional isolationist peaceniks, given widespread support for Ukraine over Putin. And you have long had the intersection of the beliefs of conservative libertarians like Rand Paul coincide with lefty anti-imperialists.

    Still, it's hard to think of like Glenn Greenwald or Aaron Mate or Nikole Hannah-Jones as "unwoke". Especially since a major signifier and hallmark of Wokedom has long been anti-colonialism (or in olden days anti-imperialism) and anti-globalism. If that's not a major part of it, then the label now means nothing. Anti-colonialism goes hand and hand with favorite Woke arguments like 'cultural appropriation"...

    And let's get real: claiming you're not 'Woke' doesn't change a thing as far as ideology and behavior is concerned.

    Her "woke" schtick hit high water when resigning over Democratic primary debates technicalities, tossing a stick in the spokes for non-Democrat Bernie. She was the wronged leftist then, the wronged leftist now, pls pay no attention to her actual allegiances. Not that the DNC didn't have lots of problems (thanks, Obama!), but gutting their legitimacy during a presidential campaign & 4-year election with a dull news day resignation was a master stroke - Putin couldn't have been more pleased.

    I still think one day people will look closer at Tad Devine as well - i have no proof, just his Bio, but when you wallow with the pigs, one might doubt your immaculate recleaning.

    whatever she wants to call it -


    Yeah, a good Trojan Horse. Woke cred with military cred (ignoring it was only med team) then use to bash the Democratic structure. Lots of that "rising star of the party" stuff.

    Tulsi, Dan, Zuck - up-and-coming beacons

    Holy crap, Zuck, only fans?

    I have fun imagining what the Loony Tunes characters would do with this meme

    just a reminder -

    Advice for The Woke who work in politics:

    Improve handling the problem. Things that are human nature or natural points of conflicts won't be "solved". The 7 deadly sins will likely still be sins in 1000 years, whatever AI does. New kids, new weirdnesses and antisocial behavior.

    I Iiked this talk on education - where we think we're teaching "stuff, we're as much *just* tuning the social environment. The role if the teacher/schools is... We might "attack" this more directly, but half the population is against solutions as well.

    lol; no shit sherlocks surprise

    meanwhile, where's the 59-yr.old white former basketball player doing this?

    Don't get me wrong, I do love me some Charles, he's funny, charming and talented. Bonus point > he makes anti-tribal points like this

    ....Speaking on "The Pat McAfee Show" about the massive checks people have taken to join the controversial Saudi-backed golf league, Charles made the following pronouncement:

    "I don't judge other people. Listen, if someone gave me $200 million, I'd kill a relative. I'm serious. They said Phil Mickelson got $200 million and Dustin Johnson got $150 million. For $150 million, I'd kill a relative, even one I liked!"....

    'Physics Geek' and friends thinking along the same lines:

    here's a tip for their friends at the art museums:

    not going to quit with the super-glue and assorted foodstuff like tomato soup and mashed potatoes--obviously they think it's working


    now too 'qanon' for Newsmax, kinda crazy she was previously hiding in plain sight on major networks -

    on that thing The Woke Elite do:

    Idunno, scanning her feed she doesn't seem that bad.


    Here at PSU with my friend @alexstein99. Needless to say, here’s received a rather warm reception, including being spit on by protestors.

    — Christian Watson (@OfficialCWATSON) October 24, 2022


    This is how wokeness plays out: hipster with 385K+ followers flippantly suggests Hitler got all his ideas from how the U.S. treated its 'Indians and Blacks":

    Many people don't know how the Holocaust happened. Adolf Hitler believed any country had the right to do with their people as they wish. He looked at America & what it did to the Indians and Blacks. Now Trump is looking at Adolf Hitler. This is how it starts #TrumpRally #Salute

    — M LeMont (@MisterSalesman) October 25, 2022

    and he retweeted this reply

    ^re, Evan Bear's comment: I don't know that I'd qualify as a "normie", but a lot of lefty shtick real does offend me!  And like he says, I believe it is meant to. It's why I agreed with every single word Bill Maher said here. The right wing nuts are not the same thing, eh, they were and will always be with us, doesn't at all apply in the same way.

    this is good too:

    — Daniel Frank (@cptjtspaulding) October 24, 2022



    and yes 'they' are talking about it

    sure like this

    but also like this

    and also like this:

    while others are thinking the money angle:

    but they could indeed be as wrong as like, NFT investors - it's not always that simple, things change,  markets change, tastes change - there is no guarantee people will care about collecting sneakers in two years...

    but wait, there's more, here's a list

    and here's the ex-wife:

    I find the reply here by @plummmmet especially interesting


    also very interesting (found retweeted by @stevesilberman)

    Woke messaging result: politically, left side of the aisle is anti-cis-male-

    Both Carl and I would like very much to see this kind of stuff cancelled:

    Guess Goethe is old school now

    (I actually did a comparison of Faust and Don Quixote, silly me,

    left out race & gender issues completely,

    though migration aloeats in a way

    yeah it just sucks that Peracles would make a better professor these days than the people being hired cheeky

    Resident genius-in-exile slot open to Dagblog denizen

    Advanced studies in victimology,

    Must sweep up deleted tweets, clean up the loo,

    Occasionally function as bouncer

    Prefer: good with ledes

    Sometimes I get a hopeful inkling, though, that many of the Gen Z humanities students won't be buying the woke spiel of their millennial professors whole hog. For example, check out all the teen angst over some activists supposedly forcing teen actor heartthrob Kit Connor to come out (As a cynic, I see it may all be fake to drum up interest; still, the interest is in the nuance of individual human life)

    If you go back to the late 90s and early 2000s, religious liberty was far more tenuous than it is now. After more than a decade of religious liberty victories, securing key goals of the religious liberty movement, do Christians feel more secure? Why not?

    — David French (@DavidAFrench) October 31, 2022


    sigh, it's just sooo clear to me that the Dem party needs to do some Sister Souljah numbers on the worst 'woke' excesses. why so many are silent about this kind of shit is beyond me, it's like "here, GOP, take all the suburban swing voters, so that we don't upset a tiny handful of radical transgender activists' votes"( that's if they vote at all!)


    Since the party and president did all they could to pursue the maximal version of this agenda, pediatric gender transition is now a partisan issue that 79 percent of the public (and a bare majority of Democrats) opposes

    — Wesley Yang (@wesyang) November 3, 2022


    It really wouldn't be that hard! Why do radical activist social views cow Dems so much? Say something and move on to the real issues. What's the problem, always on the defense on this crazy stuff, like they're afraid, a day late and a dollar short and the GOP plays that big time, my whole life it works that way.

    Clear it all out

    I saw that, must have been like Armageddon for a few moments, hah!

    just a reminder that Kendi's still out there proselytizing -

    Anti-"woke" weirdness

    More jumping the shark

    AOC being goofy, tacky and acting like a teenager. I am glad I did not get stuck in her district and once again I am glad I am not registered with her party but as an Independent.

    LOL — @AOC thinks @ElonMusk is messing with her Twitter app

    — Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) November 3, 2022

    Not only that she is presenting a clueless elite story like a teenager who has never dealt with internet problems herself but has a paid minion do it. More Paris Hilton than member of Congress.

    kinda related, from The Onion:

    Leave Paris Hilton alone!


    she's been branded a racist -

    Next time I find someone sleeping in my stairwell, I'll check their ethnic group first. Doesn't matter if they shit by the elevator and pissed over by the window - have to be careful not to discriminate.

    good serious discussion thread on topic with reply tweets by Conor Friedersdorf, Thomas Chatterton Williams, Cathy Young, 'Mansa Keita' and others

    Has @TheFIREorg weighed in on this yet? The Harpers letter folks? This is happening at Chicago, the place everyone is supposed to emulate on academic freedom and free expression. But if conservatives don’t like or even distort your course offering, it must be snuffed out.

    — @ijbailey (@ijbailey) November 5, 2022

    I think he's right as far as the Humanities are concerned:

    It used to be scorn & humiliation did the trick.
    2022 those are just cherished badges of dishonor - the description of Posobiec building his new career on top of the completely shameful & dishonest Pizzagate being just 1 example.

    what a superb last sentence:

    Uh, what's the purpose of info if you don't act on it or take it into reasonable consideration among other data? Is college campus activism often a bit unhinged? Sure. But how did our info & understanding improve the last 2, 5, 10, 20 years?

    Marcy consistently complains about journalists unfamiliar with partial areas of the law covering areas of their ignorance. I imagine with gutting media everywhere that many areas are handled by newbies making bad mistakes along with corrupt asshats like Greenwald and Turley deliberately distorting info.

    He's not referring to student activists (who have been noted activists like, forever), nor even professor activists outside their job, but the academic research/papers themselves!  A lot of this stuff, like The 1619 Project, now verges on polemic and propanda! So much blatant pushing of political agendas rather than earnestly and honestly seeking truth. It's right there in the ads for a lot of the frigging jobs, administrators don't even care about hiding that anymore.I.E. everything that happened in history is not about "colonialism" (nor about communists trying to take over the world, for that matter); used to be, starting out with a frame like that, you weren't an academic, you were a political propagandist.

    p.s. It's gotten really bad. I meant it when I said I agree with Colin Wright. I see the ads for jobs all the time, virtually the only ones are for "woke" framing. This already has lots of reverberations in the wider world. Heck, politically, is the main reason worldwide people are dividing into for or against, with the middle afraid to speak.

    I'll be dead. Am grateful I was able to live most of my life in a golden age. It's hard, tho, not to see an Orwellian future coming and I pity the generations that follow.

    I agree - i mean, scholarship was once based on evidence and presentation of convincing arguments, no matter who you knew/who you blew. Not completely true - I think the Chomsky school of linguistics or Physics string theory are areas where magical idealism overrode critical evaluation - but in general the system was based on "sooner or later flaws will be found, so better be thorough and withstand critique". Now critique is bad, will get the critiquer fired. It's not tenable. A question such as using data from Nazi medical trials on Jewish prisoners to try to help the new generations is horrific, but should be asked, evaluated, run by the different contingents - a bit of a "Sophie's Choice" seriousness. But now, all microaggression has turned into utmost consideration (even as telling whites to suck it and die is seemingly ok), overriding progress and expansion of human consciousness.
    Oddly enough, 5 or so years ago Elon Musk's latching onto the Neuralink project (started by someone else, so an acquisition like Twitter, but an intelligent synergistic acquisition, unlike Twitter) - and it seemed like this new kind of Renaisance effort - acknowledging the dangers of AI, but taming it, the mind, all these other unknowns for a positive future into humankind. And now he's scrambling for $8/mo per head for a logo and fnding ways to justify or excuse bashing an old man's head with a hammer. And this whole swath of lemmings are following these fools off a cliff (and stand a good chance of taking us with. Quo vadis?

    Scholarship has nothing to do with advocacy. Period. I repeat: NOTHING.

    It's harder to strive for objectivity when it's not a hard science, but if a person is a scholar they should be striving for it as best they can.

    An advocate can utilize scholarship, that they can do, but they are not the scholar who produced the scholarship.

    Funding of scholarship (i.e. Neuralink, but to clarify use another example, like Army Mathematics Research Center at UW) always presents problems. That's why we are supposed to have universities with independent funding.

    Journalism is not scholarship and journalists are not scholars. It is a skill taught in college that used to be learned via apprenticeship. Politically-biased journalism is actually historically more the norm (i.e. "Fleet Street', or say, Ben Franklin's Pennsylvania Gazette) than the short 20th-century experiment in some kind of "objective" journalism more like a detective uncovering facts.

    trying but Wisconsinites are not buying

    he's been far from shy about using the term to define the enemy:

    His results, from Politico -

    ...DeSantis defeated Crist by a nearly 20 percent margin — 59 to 40 — a stunning margin that was the widest margin in a Florida gubernatorial race since Jeb Bush won by nearly 13 points in 2002. DeSantis also won the Democratic stronghold of Miami-Dade County, another first for Republicans since Bush did it that same year...

    So many are so lucky his opponent is also Black, or they couldn't make fun of him like this

    If his opponent were white, we'd be hearing all about southern Black stereotypes like pickaninnes eatng watermelon and sambo

    Looks it might be "social work", the REAL THING -

    It never fails, no matter what the news, she's gotta twist it so it fits into her narrative! NHJ's story of the world uber alles:

    Watching life pass behind shit-colored glasses.

    Head of Microsoft is Indian.

    Meanwhile... pretty straight on messaging:


    and this one follows. oy. the mind boggles. capitalism is communism or something like that -

    guess kidz these days have to square their woke edjumcation with their natural instinct to gamble on risk, somehow?

    How does this help anything? Why do people who identify as Democrats do this? Don't they realize the effect it has on independents and swings, i.e., a pox on both your houses

    ^ they are equally disgusting, I don't want to have anything to do with a party with members like this, just can't do it

    laughing all the way to the bank?

    Optimization for Revenue = Optimization for Discontent

    — Hank Green (@hankgreen) November 20, 2022


    so politicizing a crime before you know all the facts can backfire, who knew?

    what a surprise (NOT)

    I agree -

    Wokeness has not peaked

    It is not going into remission

    It is establishing unchallenged hegemony in the core institutions that certify truth

    — Wesley Yang (@wesyang) November 25, 2022


    Academia is totally infitrated and it utterly dominates. At minimum, the majority of a couple of generations of college students will be indoctrnated that this frame is the only way to look at the world.

    That's why I started this thread in early 2021: Humanities Academia in Crisis. In 2020, it was actually shocking to realize what had been going on in the humanities.

    Just one effect among many > depending on what people are taught in high schools, it will mean that those that don't go to college will not be able to even communicate with them.

    It is what it is. It will continue until the majority of a generation really gets behind challenging such a frame of reference and it becomes a new trend to hire those in academia that don't pander to it. (BTW, many are not believers - they just cynically go through the motions in order to get jobs, students, and 'publish or perish. Only the brave challenge it on social media. Example: Yglesias waited to get out of Vox with independent work secured before he spoke out against wokedom.)



    Kendi still doing his thing > fit the news, whatever it is, into his narrative:

    good gotcha on the hypocrisy of those advocating for transition before adulthood -

    So i get my Hannibal Lectern Barbie & teletubby sets back? (I swear I didn't gender neuter them, honest...)

    The don't do 'culture war' they "lead cultural change"

    — Christopher Howarth (@CJCHowarth) November 28, 2022

    Great new interview with Morrissey:
    'Diversity is the new word for conformity.' @Angel_Devil982

    — Dr Philip Kiszely (@KiszelyPhilip) November 28, 2022


    Which is it, naughty 'cultural appropriation' or winning the retributional game of 'colonization'?

    In one case, you're the victim, in the other case, you're a winner.

    Fortunately women had achieved equal rights for a sustainable 4 minutes 30 before the whole edifice came tumbling down in a pile of dildos and hormone infusers. I'm starting to think the desire to eateogenate is as dangerous as testosterone itself.

    "Fuck Art! Let's mutilate!"

    Children with a shaky glimpse of world resources and the multidecade transition to renewables go all Veruca Salt in "Rage Against the Museum 3.0" - the empire strikes black/cut me til it hurts.

    Of course Warhol and Rembrandt are to blame, glad they figgered it out.

    even tho it's also illegal property damage, this alternative protest at least makes sense!

    She's not my problem as I'll be gone from the planet soon and won't have to deal with people like here. But I admit I do wonder: do wokees like what they have wrought?

    Ppl often love themselves - the more asinine cocksure beliefs they have, the more likely to love themselves and everything their brains concoct. You'll dislike me bringing it up, but I remember that aha moment in 2016 when I realized the "third wave (or 4th, waves are fungible as long as they grow more uncontrolled) feminist movement" was going to dump all over Hillary - partly to justify support for Bernie, part to simply move on to new targets before old ones have been handled.

    It’s not enough to just be a woman who gets there—I want her to push for policies that actually help women and help genderqueer people and women of color." - that's 2016 forming.

    "When I was younger, I thought feminism was solely and exclusively about ‘women’s rights’ and breaking the glass ceiling," said Kim Tran, a feminist writer and doctoral candidate at UC Berkeley. "And while both of those things remain important, the person I am now knows feminism to be so much more than the ascension of a white woman to the highest position of power in the world."

    Tran is an intersectional feminist, someone who takes into account all the different ways that factors like class, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, and physical or mental ability intersect with gender to produce unique challenges for different groups of people — challenges that often get overlooked by politicians and members of the public who don’t share them.

    This kind of feminism considers the institutional access model of liberal "white feminism" to be sorely lacking.

    Tayarisha Poe, a 25-year-old African-American photographer and filmmaker from Philadelphia, says voting “gender first,” is “asking people to separate themselves from their other identities.”

    “If you’re asking me to put my gender first, you’re asking me to ignore my sexuality. If you’re asking me to put my gender first, you’re asking to ignore my race,” Poe, a former classmate of mine, says. “How can you ask me to separate them from each other when all of those things work together to create one person?”

    Hillary Clinton, whose “superpredator” rhetoric in regards to black youth led to the passing of the 1994 crime bill that trigged massive incarceration rates.... 

    yep, that's the first half of the coin, followed by:

    White women and men are to blame for the outcome of this election. They chose to band together, united by their shared racial identity, and the result has instilled fear in the hearts of millions of underrepresented groups. 

    "But the Clinton brand of feminism — the pantsuit-wearer who leans in for a raise or for whom boardroom gender parity is of paramount importance — is alienating to large swaths of the population for whom those issues aren’t even on the table."

    Jezebel founder Maureen Tkacik argues that Clinton and other mainstream feminists prioritized the fight for abortion rights (a fight they’re barely winning) without considering the resources, such as fair pay and child care, that women need when deciding whether or not to have a child. Without these, she argues in a chapter titled “Abortion and the Politics of Failure,” reproductive choice isn’t really a choice for the economically disadvantaged; abortion becomes the only option. “Depriving people of the opportunity to have kids is like depriving them of the opportunity to fall in love,” Tkacik writes. “But without welfare, single-payer health care, a minimum wage of at least $15 — all policies [Clinton] staunchly opposes — many people have to forgo babies they’d really love to have. That’s not really choice.”

    Academic and activist Yasmin Nair offers an anti-feminist interpretation to the 1995 Violence Against Women bill, which toughened prison sentences for people convicted of assault and rape. Clinton is, Nair writes, a “carceral feminist,” someone willing “to get tough on criminals in order to protect girls and women.” But when you criminalize everything, you don’t just get the bad guys. Clinton’s tough-on-crime stance, Nair argues, has led to the imprisonment of undocumented immigrants, the arrest of significant numbers of women who are mentally ill and the overcriminalization of sex work. Ultimately, Nair argues, these policies serve middle- and upper-class white women. “But vast numbers of other women, mostly poor, often women of color, are left to struggle under a combination of poverty and vulnerability created by the very system that claims to protect them.”

    Some of the comments go into the cost of Hillary's pantsuits as an affront to the sensibilities of... (black? queer? some other niche? I figured they weren't that expensive but what do I know), but basically this wing of "feminism" decided to take on all the elite woke corners of "equity" as they like to call it, without any priorities, recognition of bridges too far or current playing field, any numerics in ranking frequencies of which categories, any recognition of how strong the Republicans were in opposing all ths....
    For Seneca Falls there was something of a valid argument that the plight of slaves was more abhorrent and critical than that for a harder battle to get women's rights (voting in particular) at that juncture - objectively reasonable even if you disagreed. Skipping over the toehold of women's representation even if (horrors) "white" - which kind of took 150 years to start to gel, to instead go to diluted focus for women (almost used 'female') + Latinx + queer or trans + .....  One not very convinced lesbian blogger had a field day calmly coldcocking (oops, sorry) trans bloggers for the absurdities of many of their arguments (incl why a lesbian who by definition likes women should accept that she should give a chance to "women" with dicks. But while she possibly won her corner of the internetz, the mad flood of these unstoppable ideas kept the zone flooded anyway. Yes, someone said JK Rowling wasn't a "terf" or anti-trans this week, but that was 1 columnist after 1-2 years - ok, the rest beat on boats against the current enemy, now including Helena Bonham Carter, but the twittershpere and whoever else immediately focus on Carter for breaking up Emma Thompson's marriage (one of the worst kept secrets, and apparently no help that Thompson & Carter have come to terms with it - see, there is no finalty on the internet - I guess we know this, but it keeps becoming more apparent - it's like Hal or rmrd coming back again and again, except there are many more outside the confines of the Dag-o-sphere - and with many just being bots, there's no lack of energy in throwing themselves against the ramparts again and again and again and again....
    So we're going to fight for everything and nothing - and at least get half that victory.


    That's pretty cool, he must have his teleprompter in some kind of hard to see Virtual/Augmented Reality display that you can't see. Also nice she steps in to answer for him when the text runs out. I like these supportive relationships - in the same way that I like tapeworms.

    Australia obviously trying to deter protesters from blocking traffic

    Wokeness has reached its peak? NOT


    — Dr. Henry Rose (@thehankrose) December 6, 2022

    And do note how WaPo is helping out by publishing on it. (I'm willing to bet Ron DeSantis' political advisors will take note! Sharks as the good guy victims...)

    (^ that's an A.I. answer)

    this last, a retweet, is no longer available by the time I got there-


    They're not trying to "win the future" - they're trying to demean and ridicule their political enemies, "own the libs", win the present.

    They used the gay marriage alarm to win the 2004 election, but after it was over they didn't care - it wasn't alarming to most to win 2 elections over, so they found a better more gripping issue.

    Christian cancel fails

    Humored she had to pay court fees cuz some Xtian group was funding her

    Here's the promo for the Dr. Phil show airing Dec. 15 (CBS and many other networks if you have smart TV).

    It's easy to see why certain white folks don't believe it when they are told (by those who insulate themselves on social media) that 'The Woke' aren't a problem that infects liberalism and the Democratic party.

    This is woman is a top 5 [TRUE] racist in 2022. She’s taking the grift to another level.

    — Barrington Martin II (@_BarringtonII) December 15, 2022

    People have long puzzled about "those voting against their own interests." I think the real answer lies here (and the animosity towards whites existed long before "woke' - it used to be called political correctness.)

    And they're not voting against their own interests as they see it.To me it makes total sense not to vote for those if you think they think this way about you. And boy did Trump ever speak to these concerns when he ran the first time.

    I don't get it - why not have tastes great/less filling fights, "i know what you ar but what am i"? Yes, it's easy to find people who think they're the center of the universe, winning the pity Olympics, and other not very pretty emotions. I always found the Karen thing too misogynistic, even when someone was obviously over the top. The #metoo/believe all women thing jumped the shark pretty quick. We had tons or probs with certain dag community who couldn't seem to accept partial responsibility for shit that was happening in their community, it was always whitey, external repression, no agency. So Dr Phil or some other dumb TV show that trades outrage for ratings is supposed to make me look or gasp or what? What's Jerry Springer doing now? Sorry i can remember the 70s when people didn't act so dumb and limited.

    A reminder: Bill Clinton weathered culture wars just fine, maintaining a high approval rating all during his second term and an impeachment by Gingrich culture warring Tea Partiers (would even sit down and do real biz with Gingrich away from the kabuki.) But then he Sister Souljah'd early on, even before Sister Souljah as head of DLC, Arkanas gov., rising star of Dem party, anti "red v. blue" speeches.

    Bush hated the religious right, hated having to pander to them, while Gore unfairly got tarred as a prim moralizer/preacher type because of his manner. Quite a few Trump voters in 2016 voted for Obama both times, but chose to tryout Trump because, mho Hillary also got branded unfairly as a prim moralizer plus as a friend of lefty politically correct social working activists like Marian Wright Edelman who want to butt into your personal family business and tell you what to do. (From way back in her 'not gonna bake cookie days, never shook off the lefty schoolmarm thing. And Trump could turn out to be Ronnie reincarnated.) Some, enough ot them, decided to try out the famously louche non-religious businessman from NYC who spoke libertarian and promoted making stuff instead. (The latter were sorry they did that, boy what a nightmare he turned out to be, luckily Jim Clyburn made sure they had Joe Biden to vote for instead of some Woke lefty candidate who wanted to butt into their personal family business with more social workers, and call them racists and sexists, introduce more pronouns, defund police, make excuses for rioters and looters etc....)

    (Comes to mind: where's Hillary on pronouns? I haven't seen her address it.Unlike feminist JK Rowling)

    Bill had that Southern coalition, southern religion thing going as a big part of his base.
    Forgiveness and all that. He came across nice and human. It's like the one about
    the southern lady visiting her new neighbor who's showing off all her belongings, 
    and the lady walks around saying "that's nice" to everything. Finally the new neighbor
    stops and asks her what she does. "Oh, I do a lot with cotillion lessons". "Oh really?
    what do they teach you in cotillion?" "oh lots of arranging and home decorating and
    stuff like instead of saying 'fuck you' you say "that's nice".
    Bill was a master at that.

    p.s. mho, you make too many excuses for lefties in the Dem party like AOC. They need to be told to sit down and shut up like Jim Clyburne and Carville types do.. (Elon Musk's preferences are just another example - he cleary loathes Wokeness more than anything else, sees them as the main problem. He doesn't watch Dr. Phil or Jerry Springer and went to college and it wasn't Falwell university. He even likes wierdo Grimes. See what they did to him?  It is what it is. The Dems have to disavow the left to get the middle. Right now GOP is experiencing distress because too many are not disavowing the religious right moralizers as regards abortion - what's the matter with Kansas?, indeed.)

    America is a libertarian country when it comes to their personal business. It's deep in the culture, the main thing, the only real thing. Immigrants come here for precisely that, they've done so since before it was the U.S.A.

    Imho you seem to think it matters what i say about AOC, and seem to dream that I'm "making excuses" for whoever. Or that i should embrace your thought that there's an easy Sista Souljah moment that'll fix the Dems' probs like social workers will stop crime. Do i give a jolly fuck what Elmo likes or thinks? He's become a major asshat, lied about his own college no, he didn't get a goddamn degree and didnt go to the schools he said he did, prolly worked illegally, and he thinks he's Dr Phil giving out smarmy advice on Twitter, plus his Tesla company looks headed for a fall since e he's built it on hype since early 2010 and the competitors are catching up while he fakes improvements. The GOP is feeling stress because they built their shitty edifice around Donald Trump who's now making Marvel cards of himself and is suffering one public humiliation after another if not headed towards criminal charges, but remains the most enduring image of that grotesque party.

    Meanwhile did I publish stuff about BLM org's corruption and ineffectiveness, or protesters harassing diners during COVID plus destroying s& ransacking shops that were built by or catered to the minorities they claimed to be speaking for,  how AOC likely hurt herself by not helping on Amazon or that her biggest stellar moments were when she worked with Nancy or proved effective & prepared when handling Congressional witnesses? Or that i thought the 1619 project was nutty and reductionist and the woman's arguments were weak and lame? An activist group drove a black woman out of Georgia before she even started based on lies that she'd come there to "indoctrinate CRT". They're running the same play on everyone. If Biden denounces a CRT proponent, you think Fox (oops, demonizing) is going to praise him? Clinton didn't have Tucker Carlson's fanclub to deal with, he didn't have a well-funded broadcast media propaganda machine to contend with, just some effective smear oppo journalists to go after him, Scaife and whoever, Facebook & Twitter hadn't been born. The mayor of Atlanta tried some Sista Soulhljahing, and it didn't seem to help. Portland and Seattle seem obvious targets, with their occupied quarters and socialist movements, but then you either pull an over-the-top Frank Rizzo or look lame denouncing a bunch of hippies who just razz you back. Sista Souljah was basically advocating killing whites or cops or whoever - lots of bang for shutting her down. CRT is more akin to the GOP wanting creationism taught in schools. Sure, denounce it, but it's proponents won't give a fuck, and only a handful of Republicans will take notice unless there's a real marketing savvy setup. But how's reaction to school shootings going - is "stop the spread of guns" taking hold in the GOP? Is there some sign that a big wing of the GOP is waiting for a saner voice, or is it all Hunter's laptop and the southern border and blame Biden for inflation? On the one hand we've got "focus on bread n butter issues", yet being adult about the economy, backing Ukraine, taking steps on healthcare, etc. all bring screams and lies or pushback. Maybe there's a limit to antisemitiam and MTG's "Jewish Space Lasers", but I'm not sure a PR push to take some lefty wing of the Dems to the shed is going to win over some hidden sane bubble of abandoned GOP/independent voters looking for a new home. I *do* think it'd be good to push back against cancel culture and the absurdities of the microagression-obsessed and our own little cultural revolution, but i don't know what the effective way to do that is, and in general Bidens just letting good governance speak for itself, however he's hurt by the lack of fanfare and the disinfo oush from the other side (and MSM continues to accept GOP bothsidesdoit framing)

    Didn't see a response re the BLM protest statistics, but this review:
    Erica Chenoweth and Jeremy Pressman: Black Lives Matter protesters were overwhelmingly peaceful, our research finds | The Spokesman-Review
    seems to assign far less violence to the protests than commonly believed.
    Just like the Dr. Phil segment has gone viral, the crowd harassing outside diners went viral,
    the crowd harassing homeowners were seen, and more the damage to stores like CVS & others we've seen.
    But how closely does it reflect reality, % of such sentiment, etc?

    And 1) how much damage is marginally acceptable for an issue that inspires 20 million to march?
    (football games will leave trash, sometimes fistfights - but now shootings are more common.
    Come to think of it, how much of the BLM response was more violent due to Covid-era changes
    in public or subset of public behavior, vs what response might have happened pre-Covid in 2019)
    2) how much actual damage took place in comparison to similar First Amendment actions?
    3) were the goals of the protests in line with the Constitution (standing up for rights, vs. overthrowing legally elected representatives and structures)?

    3b) did the group overthrowing whatever institution constitute a reasonable expression for a significant subset of public's interests, or was it a fringe action?
    3c) does evaluating the results of the protest actions assess a full scope of reasonably expected side-effects and repercussions? (i.e. how close were they to a different - worse or somehow possibly better - outcome)

    4) is there a better assessment of outside groups that spurred on greater violence and destruction? (be it supposed mystical Antifa, sock puppet pretend protesters, more professional anarchists vs ad hoc gatherings of a cross-section of the population, etc.)
    5) how does BLM protest looting relate to other virally-seen looting (gangs that go into stores for snatch-and-run but much more extensive and professional than years gone by) - was this BLM initiated, was it a change due to Covvid, was it coming anyway (kinda like ATM attacks and abductions spiked some years back; ugly attacks on Asians seemed to spike during Covid but largely unrelated to protests), were gangs taking advantage of cover from protests, etc. 

    some good thoughts but THIS is the main point, can't you see gangs taking advantage of cover from protests, etc. 

    it was any old protest against anything, it was against policing and during a pandemic yet

    so gangs are next, without police DOH!  protests were basically messaging to police: go away, fuck you, we want to be like Haiti!

    security is # 1 priority for civilization, comes before democracy or anything else. without security, people gonna steal your food and your kids!

    Most protesters weren't anarchists but defacto they were supporting anarchy! Why the fuck were people like Kyle Rittehouse there? Why did everyone go out and buy guns? BECAUSE THERE WERE HUGE PROTESTS AGAINST POLICE/POLICING, peaceful or not, either way. Across the entire country, heck around the world.

    Protesing against police during a pandemic > can't think of anything more pro-anarchy! It's llike advertising to criminal gangs: come on down, we prefer you to police!

    Edit to add: and certainly also sent the message: if you are a decent person, it's really stupid to have a job as a cop because we hate cops and disavow their authority, last job you want. Result - shortage of police, only bad apples stay, situation gets worse, spiral downward to anarchy. Without force to try to keep rule of law you got nothing.

    Except i said from the beginning most ppl were supporting BLM the concept, not BLM the corrupt & dysfunctional org. I'd guess maybe the noisy 5% supported "defund the police", no more (but may be a poll to prove me wrong).

    And Trump loved stoking the flames, using it to first do nothing about police reform (supposed law&order criminal) while painting all protestors as "antifa".

    With a different Prez there might've been some reform attempted. Not that Atlanta's mayor was successful in her efforts. (And the Wendy's drunk driver/shooting case was hijacked by an opportunistic black candidate, before the winner shut it down as the stupid lynching of 2 cops trying to do their job calmly and conscientiously - big arguments as usual with Mrs on that one). Chicago's abuse of PoCs was a different issue - disappear suspects or just kids off the street into an unmarked building for interrogations and detention? Heinous. Not much to defend there - didn't clean up shootings nor střet crime, just authority cruelty. Other locations varied.

    It doesn't matter what most protesters were supporting, it matters what police and non-protesters were seeing.

    did anyone loudly disavow the chant "fuck Joe Biden"? nope. might as well be chant "we want to be like Haiti! criminal gangs, come on down, there's pandemic going on, it's the perfect time!" a perfect storm : emotional hysterical reaction to one viral video of one horrendous case, might as well be virus, let's go!

    also too: hey let's storm the Capitol while verification of the vote is going on, our gang is taking over. they would have never tried that without the anarchic examples of the last year. I said that the week after and I recall oceankat agreeing strongly with me that that was obvious. Security is # 1, without that you got nothing but gangs.

    Oh come on, you're falling in love with your own theory.

    Stop The Steal started in 2016 with Roger Stone,

    nd really it had its roots in stopping the Florida vote count in Florida 2000 with the Brooks Brothers Revolt, just by storming the counting area.

    Where do the Bundy anti-Federales militia actions blocking federal land fit into your theory, or the far right march in Charlottesville that Trump was praising as "good people"? Trump was encouraging his base to punch protesters at his campaign rallies back in 2016.

    Sure they may have used "Antifa" as their excuse from Nov 2020 (actually th y were planning for a "stolen" election already in August or September), but if there wasn't those protests, Trump would've found another excuse - he always does. He gave 10 reasons at different times for why he had to remove classified docs to Mar A Lago and other locales, why they belonged to home or were executive privilege (conflicting), and whatever else he can throw against the wall. The fact that the MSM half the time isn't doing its job, has been in awe of Trump for years, and as Marcy notes often repeats Trump's framing verbatim, thinking his word laid bare and their explanations that come after will be noticed and convincing, rather than solidifying his effect, is not really the protesters' fault, though if they want to be effective they should pay attention.

    Are BLM protesters (not the org) responsible for the rise in gun murders, or not wearing masks on beaches, or other Covid-era abnormalities? Are they responsible for Trump pulling out the Guard and firing teargas at protesters? Actually Trump calling out different guard and local police units, and having them wander the streets with no identification was likely one of the reasons Pelosi et al were cool to Trump's supposed plans for the Guard on the 6th - it was begging for some kind of armed takeover.

    As I've said before, i understood the rage for a couple days, the street anger that's hard to control, but after a couple day it all got hijacked by immature idiot kids trying to gain attention and thinking the were right about everything, like harassing some street preacher that a friend in the NW thought so cute & clever, and i found retarded and overbearing. 

    There's other stuff with Occupy Wall Street that I'm sure inspired BLM (but was much less destructive, tho not very effective overall - alienated the public as well).

    and to me it seems like you are falling in love with your own theory, and that you didn't didn't watch the videos of how the attack on the Capitol happened, how it turned from the "Stop the Steal" RALLY with many participants, at least 10,000, according to the A.P., into a mostly bloodthirsty MOB of 2,000 who broke off from the larger rally to go to the Capitol, where like 1,000 of them became violent when police tried to block them from getting inside.

    Ok, right, i see you're dreaming - pls wake up

    Trump calling fraud in Feb 2016 - just part of his toolkit

    Now spreading to local elections:

    Pretty horrid - the more successful we are, the more problems we solve, the worse we feel. I bet we were plenty happy wallowing in the muck as barbarians.

    Some Huff post article discussing Qatar, and some guy from UK i think makes a comment about the US being a hugely racist place", ma have been the lede, but the article never indicates why the US is proven to be "hugely racist". It's partly a meme that just builds on itself. 

    oy, paranoid dumpkopfs, beware the shallow state too?

    See Shullenberger's whole thread

    and also I like this reply:

    When you get really serious about cancelling:


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