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Moses was considered Mississippi's MLK. He was an organizer for SNCC. He helped organize the 1964 voter registration project the Freedom Riders in 1964. In addition, he received a MacArthur genius award and founded the Algebra Project to help poor students with learning math skills.

Moses was not as well known as John Lewis or Fannie Lou Hamer, but he was an icon in his own right. Rest in power

Phylicia Rashad Under Fire For Defending Bill Cosby

Rashad was recently appointed the new Dean of the Boseman College of Fine Arts at Howard University. She has a distinguished acting career. She is most remembered as Clair Huxtable on the Cosby Show. When Cosby was released on a legal technically after being convicted of raping women, Rashad suggested that a great wrong had been corrected. As a result, several students and alumni want her out. The university itself denounced her defense of Cosby.

Backlash to defense of Cosby

Nikole Hannah-Jones Awarded Tenure at UNC

(CNN)The board of trustees at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill voted Wednesday to grant tenure to award-winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones after facing backlash from Black students and faculty who said the board's initial failure to do so reflected a history of systemic racism at the school. 

Barack and Michelle Obama Are Bringing a ‘Civics Remix’ in New Kids Series for Netflix

Per a press release sent to The RootWe the People is set to teach kids all about American civics as well as empower and “educate a new generation of young Americans about the power of the people.” Spanning across ten animated music videos, the former president and first lady also tapped a handful of creatives and musicians to help bring the sometimes tedious tidbits of U.S. civics from somber to showstopping.

[Race History] NAMIBIAN GENOCIDE OF 1904

It has been called the first genocide of the 20th century, the “forgotten genocide’’ and the genocide that was the precursor of the Holocaust. Tens of thousands of Africans were killed between 1904 and 1908 by German soldiers in what is now Namibia, a vast, arid country northwest of South Africa.

Culturally Appropriated Piece Returned To A More Proper Place

A 2,000-year-old artifact that had ended up in the home of a Manhattan antiquities dealer is now in an Italian museum.

NEMI, Italy — If stones could speak, the mosaic unveiled recently at an archaeological museum just south of Rome would have quite the tale to tell.

Amy Sherald Directs Her Breonna Taylor Painting Toward Justice

From NYT


Typically, Amy Sherald’s gallery would handle the sale of her artwork to a collector or an institution. But when it came to her portrait of Breonna Taylor — the 26-year-old medical worker who was shot and killed by police officers in Louisville, Ky. — Sherald herself wanted to see that particular painting all the way home.

“I felt like it should live out in the world,” Sherald said. “I started to think about her hometown and how maybe this painting could be a Balm in Gilead for Louisville.”

The Campaign to Cancel Wokeness: Critical Race Theory Version

How the right is trying to censor critical race theory.

Kimberlé Crenshaw, a pioneering legal scholar who teaches at both U.C.L.A. and Columbia, has watched with alarm the attempts to suppress an entire intellectual movement. It was Crenshaw who came up with the name “critical race theory” when organizing a workshop in 1989. (She also coined the term “intersectionality.”) “The commitment to free speech seems to dissipate when the people who are being gagged are folks who are demanding racial justice,” she told me.


Vernon Jordan, the civil rights activist and Washington power broker whose private counsel was sought both by the powerful at the top levels of government and those in the corporate world, died on Monday at his home in Washington. He was 85.

His death was confirmed in a statement from Vickee Jordan, his daughter.

Mr. Jordan began his civil rights career after graduating from Howard University School of Law, and was selected to head the Urban League in 1971 while still in his 30s.



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