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Wabby's Marine

When I was five years old I had my own Marine. His name was George but I called him Zorro. I am, after all, a child of the television age and he seemed like a Zorro to me.

He was my brother-in-law's brother (did I ever mention I was born 15 years after my eldest sister?) and he was a frequent visitor at my parent's house. He was there as often as my sister and b-i-l were and sometimes even when they weren't. George liked us. George liked me. No, he wasn't a child molester. It's one of the few bad things he wasn't.

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How I Ruined A Saturday Afternoon

I went to a garden party.
Rick Nelson wasn’t there.

There was no music of any kind.
Just mounds of Tupperware.

My hostess was a woman,
A stranger to me I’m afraid.
I was dragged to this thing by my cousin’s wife
To benefit her Lady’s Aid

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A Memory For Memorial Day

He sits quietly
with a small flag in his hands
haunted by foxholes.

                 ~Mr. Smith

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O, Christmas Tree!

I love trees in general. Yeah. I've hugged 'em. So, my affection for Christmas trees should come as no surprise. Even though I do not follow the Christian faith, I have come to understand not being Christian does not necessarily stop anyone from putting up a Christmas tree. It has become, I think, a kind of generic symbol of gift-giving, good tidings and joy.

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Dems Are Dogs, Repubs Are Cats: An Allegory?

So, I'm in the kitchen. All four dogs are in the kitchen with me. It's morning and that means it's time for cookies. The dogs all know this and they do not let it slip my mind. Ever.

All four furry dog butts are planted on the tiled floor in a row, all four tails going back and forth like they are competing in a synchronized tail wagging contest. Their expectant looks always make me smile and this scene is always the perfect way to start my day.

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Long Walk To Freedom

Early in the morning
It was early on a Friday morning
It was 99 degrees
When two men
All the way from South Africa
Congratulations South Africa
At last
You arranged democratic elections
Long way
Long way
Long walk to freedom

             - Joseph Shabalala




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