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Go Cardinals!



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"We ought to hold Obama to his promise to be different & bold & to make change"


 Though we lost this genuine American hero in January 2010, his words on Obama are right on the money even now.  This video is short, but certainly worthwhile.

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Will the Obamabots now finally admit he's not worth re-electing? If not, are they really okay with cutting Medicare to fund endless, illegal wars?

Here's what our fake Democratic President had to say when pressed to disassociate himself from comments Leon Panetta made about cutting Social Security and Medicare in order to fund the fucking Pentagon:


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Peace With Honor: Vietnamization in Afghanistan or Obama Channels Nixon

There is much to be said of the deceptive and dishonest speech the President delivered to the country tonight regarding the withdrawal of a small portion of the massive American army permanently stationed in Afghanistan.  But one point is pivotal and it is this: in order to assuage soft minds, in order to mollify those who fervently wish to believe in their leader and that he intends to end the war in Afghanistan he knowingly and deliberately decieved the public and he did so with the full and enthusiastic assistance of the corporate media.  The President tonight led people to believe that

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Some Observations On Today's Osama Overkill Coverage

The media paroxysms began last night just before the late local news programs were to begin. Since that time we have gotten very little substantive information that one could say really sheds any light on how the US finally was able to locate and kill Osama Bin Laden.

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Gov. Mussolini Has Made His Big Move In The Belief Our Side Will Have to Give In: Will We?

The pathological power grab that Governor Mussolini in Wisconsin and his fellow travelers have so desired has been carried out.  They could not wait any longer to strike at the unions.  They saw that their original strategy was working inexorably against them and they had little time.  The Wisonsin Duce didn't want to take the heat for all the layoffs he promised if his union busting provisions weren't approved so, like any bully who is about to lose the game he kicked the board across the room and demanded a do over.  They rammed the unions busting provisions through the Senate and hope to

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Why No Call For Demonstrations Nationwide In Support Of Wisconsin?

I watch in amazement as the Republican right seizes more power by the day which is what neo fascists do in preparation for the full blown fascist abuses of power they inevitably will attempt.  With each passing day we watch as our brother and sister workers in Wisconsin fight valiantly to preserve the right to collective bargaining as though this was their fight alone when that clearly is not the case.

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Here We Go Again: Roll 1970's Tape From Iran

I find it really interesting watching the range of reaction both by officials in America and by various voices in the media.  It's as though history has no lessons and there are no reasons why the kinds of uprising we see in Egypt might happen and if there are such reasons they certainly don't involve the United States. 


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