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Maddow and Michael: The Charge of the Light Brigade

Into the valley rode the 14, or at least, if Michael Steele had his way, the game should have ended like this. Instead it got ugly, and it got drawn out, and it still ain't over!

Nothing to See Here

Seriously.  Nothing to see here.  I posted the Maddow and Michael article twice.  This was the duplicate and I removed it.  oops.

Good Press, Bad Press. The GOP Gets All the Press ... Even at HuffPo.

There are bloggers right now going to say, "Duh!" The MSM is owned by multinational corporations and therefore it furthers their interests.  Yeah.  I know that.  But Huffington post, too!

WISCONSIN: Pranked by the Governor!

Much is made of the report of a discussion about sending thugs into the crowd in Wisconsin.  I don't think it is worthwhile to explore that further.  We would not be able to prove anything,  It would easily be said by the Governor that "others" brought it up and it was dismissed.  It is not logical given the explanation they achieved regarding this proposition.  I think it a probability that they would be weighing the proposition for more then a couple exchanges to decide it was not a worthy risk.  But let's put that aside.

Where is the Tea Party on this one?

This is an article from related to the detention of the reporter in Alaska at the behest of the GOP senatorial candidate, Joe Miller.  I thought the Tea Party was against fascism?  I thought they were against communists?  Well, okay, handcuffing someone to a chair is not part of communist ideals, but it comports very well with the practices of the former Soviet Union, an allegedly communist regime.  Personally, it was more of what you get when you only have one party in control. 


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