The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age

    Good Press, Bad Press. The GOP Gets All the Press ... Even at HuffPo.

    There are bloggers right now going to say, "Duh!" The MSM is owned by multinational corporations and therefore it furthers their interests.  Yeah.  I know that.  But Huffington post, too!

    As I was looking at the pictures on the main page today seeking something to read, it was all about the Right.  Every picture up there was of someone in the GOP.  All of the pictures except Hilary Clinton, talking up Al-Jazeera, and John Edwards were from the Reich.  I was struck by the lack of any newsmakers from the Left.  Even when they are out of control, the GOP is in control.  If the Left does anything, the story is how the Right responds.  It the Right does something, that is the story.  Even at Huffington Post this is true.  Who controls the narrative?  Well, it's pretty clear.  When even Huffington Post spreads the photos of the Right all over their site, it's not hard to get the a clear pictures from the pictures. 

    For every Right wing whacko out there, can you name someone from the Left of any repute?  I can't.  There are no stories about anyone on the Left, positive of negative.  Even with 14 Wisconsin Senators evading a trap in their legislature and thousands of workers out in the public square and in the Capital Building, we spend all our time talking about the Governor.  The Governor is the problem and we need to be talking about solutions, so let's talk about those Senators, one at a time, and any of the one thousand five hundred people that may lose their jobs.  Let's talk about the fire fighters who stood up for their fellow workers, even though their jobs were secure for the time being.  Let's talk about the police, who, despite being led by the father of two of the lead henchmen of the Governor, still refused to arrest or expel the protestors.  There is something in their deeds from which we can take courage, and we need to fuel that brave spirit against the nastiness that is trickling down from these Conservatives, out to bust unions and dismantle the Middle Class.  This is either the turning point where organized labor resumes it's advocacy for wage workers, or it fades even further into a distant memory to be recounted by those victors who will write the history books, in Texas, where everyone had a big hat but hardly anyone has any cattle.


    This is your only option:


    The devil has all the good tunes.

    And the poor have the problems to which they are fairly accustomed

    Auden "In memory of W.B. Yeats"

    We still have the artists on our side.

    Good points, as always.

    Nobody of any influence or substance is running against President Obama. So the game for the ad seeking media is in the republican arena.

    The President delivers a speech somewhere every single day.

    He has his radio time and his web time and his press conferences and his public meetings with foreign dignitaries and leaders...

    I swear, I turn on MSNBC during the day in order to catch up and it is all about Sheen and Gaga (who the frick is Gaga?) and then I turn the channel.

    I would have Weiner or that brilliant lady from Florida or five or six other great debaters on every single day if I had a show.

    Instead we are forced to hear about Kenya and abortion and family values and all the other irrelevant crap from the repubs.

    Yes, there are a few good Prog pols that somehow don't get the press they deserve.  What if we had our own whackos, though, so they culd drop a scandal whenever the GOP appears to get traction with something.


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