The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age

    Maddow and Michael: The Charge of the Light Brigade

    Into the valley rode the 14, or at least, if Michael Steele had his way, the game should have ended like this. Instead it got ugly, and it got drawn out, and it still ain't over!

    Tonight I listened to Rachel Maddow and Michael Steele debate, and he called the Wisonsin 14 wimps!  Really?  He was calling them out for not standing in the aisles of their legislature and arguing their case and drawing the Republicans to their cause.  He declared compromise could be had if they just showed up!  He was calling them to action.  He portrayed a wonderful debate with eloquent oratory and impassioned please.

    But it would not have been a glorious end and there would have been no poetry about it.  It would have been the end of unions with hardly a whisper.  It would have made a day's news and, maybe after the unions learned of how their cheese had been stolen, there would have been a protest or two, but it would have been over in a couple of days, a week max. 

    Hoorah to the Dems of Wisconsin!  They made a bold statement and the repurcussions are still being heard.  Compromise?!?  Those have already been made.  The financial impacts have all been addressed.  The intention of the Governerd is to dismantle the unions and he wants nothing less.  No matter how many ways he tries to get lipstick on this pig, there's no other explanation.  He's a soft spoken, bold-faced liar, and it's hard to see how evil these people truly are, but he is evil.  I wrote elsewhere here that it is disturbing the Govern-hater refrained from sending in the rabble rousers because public opinion might favor the protestors.  That this consideration was the "only problem" just bothers me so deeply.  The probability that people could be hurt should be a problem, but his remarks suggest he has no problem with this.  He, like so many, is really not pro-life.  He would resort to violence to tear apart his own people.  Oh, wait, those are not his people.  His people are the Koch brothers, and to those 33% who still support him, according to the pols, lemme tell ya.  You're not his people either. 

    So, Mr. Steele, in the Crimean War it was learned and displayed for the world to know, artillery beats cavalry to pieces.  you just don't charge the artillery. There are other tactics and we can win with them.  great speech.  Fine oratory.  Impassioned plea.  But we're not biting.  It's bad leadership to suggest the Dems make a frontal assault and even the GOP knows that. It's why they are seeking other leadership.


    Well, at least there is something to see here.  Laughing

    Odd they expected a cavalry charge, isn't it? In the face of Tyranny of the Majority, the Wisconsin Democrats made a subtle retreat. Just think, if Napoleon had thought about the disadvantage of the terrain he held at Waterloo and decided to withdraw to an area where he had the advantage over Wellington, the outcome would have been different. The Wisconsin Democrats know full well they're out numbered and out gunned so it's to their advantage to retreat and find ground that's easier to defend and makes the opposition work harder. I believe the game is called politics.

    Well, it was just Michael Steele romantically reminiscing about fighting and nobly dying for principles. It is especially comical because he's a spectator about principles, having sold out to the GOP, been in the heart of that beast for two full years, tossed out on his ear from that inner sanctum of the corporate class, and there he is, on national TV, still dancing to their tune.  He's the Alan Combs of the Right, thinking he somehow represents these people for which he has little more then a passing resemblance, rather then anything really in common.

    But I agree, this is politics, hardcore politics, and the stakes are very high for the 90% [SWAG] of the people in this country who seek their wages from an organization not their own.  I'm looking forward to the recalls.

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