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    WISCONSIN: Pranked by the Governor!

    Much is made of the report of a discussion about sending thugs into the crowd in Wisconsin.  I don't think it is worthwhile to explore that further.  We would not be able to prove anything,  It would easily be said by the Governor that "others" brought it up and it was dismissed.  It is not logical given the explanation they achieved regarding this proposition.  I think it a probability that they would be weighing the proposition for more then a couple exchanges to decide it was not a worthy risk.  But let's put that aside. It is still conjecture.  The disturbing part of this is simply in what we know the Governor said, what is on the tape.  The Governor said that "The ONLY thing wrong" with thugs is that the disturbance might be a cause that would encourage people to support the Left.  That is a disgusting declaration on its very face. 

    We need look no further then this statement to condemn this imposter of a human being. 

    The worst aspect of the Governor's conjecture that, "the ONLY thing wrong" with sending in the Pinkertons is that it could lead public opinion toward the Left, is that by noting "ONLY", he shows no regard for the injuries and possible deaths such actions could cause.  It seems typical that when violence breaks out in crowds, it is not the violent who get injured or killed, it is not the aggresive individuals who get injured or killed, it is the innocent, the bystanders.  For a Governor, it should be his concern that citizens of his state could be injured or killed, irrespective of any affiliation related to the issues at hand.  This statement, on tape, shows a lack of consciousness, or a lack consideration for the welfare of all the people in is state.  There is no conjecture that this is what he said.  It doesn't even matter in what context he said it.  It stands alone.  It is his truth. There is a term for people who behave like this. The term is sociopath.  Wisconsin, I am so sorry this man managed to convince people he was something else.  Straight-faced, soft-spoken liars really are hard to detect. 


    I thought that whole conversation was pretty damning.  Entirely too cozy.   I agree that Walker's comment about public perception being "the only thing" standing in the way of bringing in the thugs was remarkably telling.  But the last exchange--where the phony Koch invited Walker to Cali after the "crushing" so they could celebrate in style. . .that is where Walker did himself in.  If there is any justice, that is.

    Of course he has no conscience, he's a Republican. As if George W. sending thousands of Americans to their deaths for his lies shouldn't have proved that aspect of the GOP mentality to everyone on the planet, but then again, the GOP Base is special, they have no conscience, memory or moral integrity.

    I haven't found anyone much disturbed by Walker's comments about the Democrat Walker mentioned, who Walker says became 'open minded' after making 'real money' (??what the hell does that mean?), and Walker saying the man is 'just a pragmatist' not 'political', a guy who wants to 'get something done' and therefore, is not 'one of them' or a 'conservative' , meaning a GOP Koch sucker.

    Transcript, 3 minute mark, from the recording:

    Caller: You're not talking to any of these Democrat bastards are you?
    Walker : Ah, there's one guy that's actually voted with me on a bunch of things I called on Saturday for about 45 minutes, mainly to tell him while I appreciated his friendship and he's worked with us on other things, tell 'em I wasn't going to budge. Mainly because I thought...
    Caller : Damn right.
    Walker: ...he's about the only reasonable one over there. I figured if I talked to him he'd go back to the rest of them and say you know, I've known Walker for over 20 years and he's not budging..
    Caller: What's his name again?
    Walker: His name is Tim Collin.
    FakeKoch: Alright, I'll have to give that man a call.
    Walker: Actually, in his case, I wouldn't call him and I'll tell you why, he's pretty reasonable but he's not ah, he's not one of us..
    Caller: Oh..
    Walker: So, I would let him be, I think he is in a position where he can maybe motivate that caucus,  he's not ahh, not an ally, he is just a guy, he was in the Senate years ago, he was actually the Senate Democrat leader, back in the 80's, and Tommy Thompson hired him to be head of Health and Human Services, he went into the private sector and made real money and became a little more open minded, and last fall he got elected to the Senate seat he was in 25 years ago and he's kinda one of these guys who really doesn't care, he's not there for political reasons, he just trying to get something done, so he's good to reach out to for me, but he's not a conservative, he's just a pragmatist.

    I agree.  That was a very revealing part of his pontificating to Mr. Koch ,while remaining humble before his Moneyness, of couse.  And what does "So, I would let him be," really mean?  Are there other intrigues happening in the Byzantine world of the Governor? 

    " of these guys who really doesn't care, he's not there for political reasons, he just trying to get something done,"  What does that mean, also?  If you are politcal, you do NOT want to get things done?  Well, I suppose in the realm of the GOP and their intention to dismantle government, I guess that is accurate.  Walker does not want to get anything done.  He wants only to undo things!

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