This Topia: Writers vs Tech

    Wading upstream thru modern times, plus the importance of forgiveness

    mezmerizingly beautiful body in motion

    Malcolm Gladwell: Sandra Bland & Talking to Strangers

    An extremely timely book taking a widesoread Analysis of different factors going into Sandra Bland's death, here's a decent extensive review.

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    You're dirty crying

    Letting the tears wash you like

    Sympathetic soap.


    I'm just standing by

    Like I have nothing to say

    While my knees wrinkle.


    What are we doing

    As we dance between ourselves

    Among the others.


    What are we doing

    As we find that the others

    Are our very selves.




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    You Make Us Proud To Be Daggers, Mr. Day (Corrected)

    Dick's last blog was about Tiger Woods, in October.  There was one before that, and this one before that:

    I can only think we've lost him ... but I'm sure he knew how much we always loved him.  Here, there and everywhere in between.  Wonder how they count reads and comments wherever he is now?

    I know this is probably silly.  But I had to say goodbye somehow.

    Bonnie Pointer - yes we can can

    Liked those Charleston/Harlem outfits
    What better than Soul Train to display her skills

    The King: Big Boy Choices

    Jarecki & (not just) Elvis - Podcast

    [relevant for today's disturbances]

    Britt Ekland: more interesting than you'd expect

    or at least for me, expecting something ditzy and finding her retrospective a bit more engaging.

    The Aristocrats? No, Louie Louie

    "Wipe that dirty thought out of your mind, young man/lady!"
    "Uh, easier said than done...."
    And thus the FBI tried & failed unmasking one of the greatest rock 'n roll standards ever.
    So let's spend thesome mmmmmm together..... cuz we gotta go.

    East meets West; online critique

    Virtual galleries and competitions are born - 

    Maybe will usher in more Virtual Reality viewing stations

    Michael Moore Punches Down

    Is he becoming Kid Rock?

    I remember him saying he refused to recycle because he saw a truck mixing bins. But I live in a country where we successfully separate and recycle. Yes, in Europe - America should try it (with his encouragement for a change?)

    And even for population, our only problem region is Sub-Saharan Africa. Does he know this?

    Is this Michael Moore's big F U?

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    Hi there, Zoom on in

    No, I haven't done Zoom.  Well, that's not entirely true; the other day Alan was doing his first one with a friend of ours and I popped in for a moment over his shoulder.  Trust me when I say that was more than enough for me.  I don't like to have my picture taken, for heaven's sake, so why would I want to see myself while I'm talking to someone else?  I've spent many terrified years imagining video phone calls ... please don't ask me to be camera ready at your disposal.

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    I'm afraid to ask ...

    ... for news about Dick.  But I must.

    Stay safe and well, everyone.

    Once We Were Queens

    The heyday of female directs, gone, er, with the wind.

    Did they really need a League of their Own? Was it a rude Awakenings to find it all burned down? We *are* more woke about all this stuff these days, right?

    [The Blondie quote, "women are slaves"... For how long?]


    So, we have these tulips that were given to us over 20 years ago. And they are in full blossom today.

    I don't know how to connect that observation with anything else but that is my Easter celebration this time around.

    e pluribus unum

    In Honor: Pussy No More

    A rather sly career, including her later man-eating boytoy period. Seems she didn't get the memo about actresses' sell-by date.

    Ain't No Sunshine Today

    Bill Withers gone away.



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