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    Around the World in 80 Songs: 2009 Oscar Predictions Edition - Best Song


    I love all of the nominees in the Best Song category. There are common elements running through the songs that make them sound very similar to each other. All three have syncopated rhythms, a sort of metallic electric sound, and a mournful undercurrent. The two from Slumdog Millionaire (Jai Ho and O Saya) are more up tempo and have the benefit of the natural richness that occurs when modern rock styles are mixed with traditional cultural elements but Down to Earth, from Wall-E, is a top notch rock ballad that you'll be humming all day long.

    If I had any sort of prediction to make, it would be that one of the songs from Slumdog would win, because I think Slumdog is poised to clean up on Sunday night. But since there are two entries, Wall-E might just sneak in, taking advantage of a split vote. Whatever way it works out, even if the performances on Sunday night are schmultzy and overdone, the audience will get to hear three great songs before learning which one bested the others.


    Judge for yourself. In your opinion, which song is taking home the award?


    Down to Earth

    From Wall-E: Music by Peter Gabriel and Thomas Newman; Lyrics by Peter Gabriel



    Jai Ho

    From Slumdog Millionaire: Music by A.R. Rahman; Lyrics by Gulzar




    O Saya

    From Slumdog Millionaire: Music by A.R. Rahman; Lyrics by A.R. Rahman and Maya Arulpragasam





    Note: I mentioned in my predictions for Best Actor that I would be doing Best Actress next, but I'm having some computer issues this evening, so that will have to wait until tomorrow.


    I don't really find any of them that great. Down to Earth sounds like a lot of other Gabriel songs, Jai Ho sounds like they're saying "Tally Ho," and O Saya didn't do anything for me, either.

    Really? I could listen to them over and over. I like them a lot, which is unusual because, with the exception of It's Hard Out There for a Pimp, from Hustle and Flow, I find movie songs cheesy and standard. 

    I liked the music of Slumdog Millionaire from the start of the movie. To me it sounds fresh and original, although if I watched more Bollywood, I might not feel that way. I think it will probably win for Best Score.

    I didn't hate them, but I don't exactly see a 'Theme from Shaft' in here. I haven't seen Slumdog, but I saw Wall-E and didn't remember the score at all.

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