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    Just looking at the menu ... or ordering the rump??? (Obama and Mayara Tavares)

    (IMPORTANT UPDATE: Full video - embedded below in the comments section - seems to exonerate the POTUS of his 'checking the goods' gaffe, tho not Sarkozy.)

    So the media is all abuzz of this picture of Barack and French President Nicolas Sarkozy apparently checking out the rear end of a 16-year-old girl from Rio de Janeiro.

    Gotta love the New York Post writer, headlining this important, hard-hitting story - 'Tail to the Chief' and leading the story with 'Baby got Barack!' Damn, they're good.

    Now we know Sarkozy is a total horndog (and the legal age in France is 15 I believe) so no surprise or problem there, but I kind of expected better from Obama.

    Oh, who am I kidding?? Men were born to look, and it's not like this girl had her age tattooed on her forehead (or her backside for that matter). Oh sure, it's juvenile-looking, kind of fratboyish and probably unbefitting of a President, but I just can't throw stones here.

    Checking out women is one of the things I do best, and I'm not secretive about it - I usually point out the hotter ones to my Beyonce. My dad always said you can still look at the menu even if you can no longer order. I don't see it as disrespect - I just admire beauty in all its forms. I would love it if girls checked me and my fabulous tushy out on a regular basis.

    And maybe Barack was just comparing this girl's rear to his own wife's impressive backside. Clearly, the guy favors a healthy rump.

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    Ordering the rump? This kind of copywriting will never get you a job at the Post.

    In any case, check out the video:

    Obama does not seem to be checking out the "rump." Sarkozy, on the other hand...

    Hilarious. Poor Angela Merkel. She lives in the country next door to that creep.

    Indeed. She must live in fear that Sarkozy could rear his head at any moment.

    Seriously? That's the double entendre you're going with? Are you hungover or something?

    Dagblog has issued a general amnesty for low humor if it references Sarah Palin quotes.

    I must have missed that meeting.


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