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    MOFT: Episode 11 (McDonald's Filet-O-Fish commercial)

    Every Tuesday night after my weekly basketball game, I pick up some Mickey D's for me and Filet O Fish cartonMs. Deadman (or Deadwoman, if you prefer) to eat at home. It's a classy tradition in the Deadman household, one that we both totally look forward to, with the main source of our enjoyment being the Filet-O-Fish sandwich that always makes up the entree portion of our meals.

    Snicker if you must, but we are just huge fans of the Filet-O-Fish, so you can imagine my intense glee when I found out that McDonald's recently launched a promotion for the sandwich - the pricing apparently varies depending on the location, but two Filet-O-Fish sandwiches for $3 is the going rate at the establishment I frequent (compared to the regular price of $3+ for 1 sandwich).

    That steal of a deal would have been normally enough to make the Filet-O-Fish My One Favorite Thing of the week, but whoa, wait just one second ... because you see, in order to advertise this particular promotion, McDonald's created this friggin' awesome commercial that has this fish on a wall singing a catchy little theme song. It's a good thing it's catchy, too, because my best estimate is that the ad airs on average about two million times every day.

    In any case, just in case you haven't seen it, for your viewing enjoyment, here's the original commercial:

    Oh, how Ms. Deadman and I love this commercial. Every time it comes on, we can't help but join in the singing, and we even started doing our own little dance (well, basically, just a bunch of funky head moves). So we thought we'd demonstrate our appreciation of this marketing masterpiece by crafting our own little homage video and - because we have no shame - sharing it with all of you. (As you can tell from the outtake version below, this was a much more difficult task than I had first imagined).

    So congratulations to Mickey D's, to that little square of processed fish goodness, and of course to whatever creative, daring agency is responsible for this particular commercial - You are the winners of this week's prestigious My One Favorite Thing award.

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    You go, D. I'm sick of all the anti-McDonald's snobbery that passes for culture amongst the latte-sipping set. Sure it's fattening, filled with the chems, and made from low quality meat products that once belong to animals that spent their lives under tortured conditions (except for the fish) but dammit, it tastes good. With all that fat and salt, how could it not?

    PS After the third outtake of the D and Ms. D show, I had to stop. I shouldn't have started it, really, but morbid curiousity compelled me.

    actually, though much of their good behavior is due to the outcry of protestors, mcdonald's is a fairly decent corporate citizen (many i'm sure would still disagree with that, however).

    and, since you couldn't suffer thru the entire outtake video, i'd thought i'd be kind enough to present the short, error-free version.

    Why aren't we torturing the fish too, Genghis? Fair is fair.

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