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    Tiger Woods to do photo shoot for Playgirl

    SIMI VALLEY - Celebrated golfer Tiger Woods - in the midst of his biggest personal crisis - has announced that he will do a full photo shoot for Playgirl Magazine’s Christmas issue.

    “Tiger’s aware that he’s let down many of his fans recently,” said a spokeman for Woods. “We believe this photo shoot will remind people of just how impressive Tiger really is.”

    The spokeman went on to say that, having seen the positive response to Levi Johnston’s Playgirl shoot, the decision was a no-brainer, “And you’ll be getting the full Tiger,” said the spokesman.

    As part of his mission to rectify his once-perfect image, which was tarnished by reports of multiple “trangressions” (the new word for “adultery”), Woods announced that all proceeds from the magazine will go to help people hurt by the current economic crisis.

    “This photo shoot will not just help rectify Tiger’s image, but it will lay bare the truth of Earl Woods`wise words that Tiger would be a great leader of men,” said the spokesman.

    All profits from the Playgirl photoshoot will go to the “Save Tiger Woods Golf Resort in Dubai Foundation”.

    “The people of Dubai have had it rough,” said Woods. “I believe by pulling out my driver, we can put Dubai back on top and have the elite of the elite playing my originally designed, Tiger Woods Signature Golf Course.”


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