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    Top Ten Albums of '08 - Number 8

    8.  Little Joy - Little Joy

    You see, what's going on right now is a whole bunch of music critics are currently going through all the '08 releases to try and find the one or two great albums that they might have missed during the year.  And, they're probably trying to figure out whether or not the Deerhunter double album, the surface of which they barely scratched, will in a few years from now become revered as a classic album.  Quite frankly, I'm open to the possibility that it might be.  It's just that I have no real interest spending the last two weeks of the year trying to find out.

    Therefore, because Fabrizio Moretti (the Strokes drummer) put out an album that we actually wanted to listen to during the tail end of '08, his little group, Little Joy make it into the top ten.

    Teaming up with Brazilian singer Rodrigo Amarante (Fab was born in Brazil before moving to NYC when he was 4) and Moretti's girlfriend Binki Shapiro (great name), Little Joy is the perfect album to put on while sitting in a cabana, sipping a Mai Tai, and watching the sunset on Maui.  It's easy, it's lazy, and it is catchy as hell.

    During the last two months of this year, when such images and feelings couldn't be more foreign - a reporter threw two shoes at the President and it surprised no one - Little Joy was able to take us there if only for a fleeting moment.

    And, for that, and because it was Mrs. Prophet's fav album of the year, Fab's little collaboration rests at number 8 on this list.

    Notable Songs: Don't Watch Me Dancing, Brand New Start

    No One's Better Sake (you'll get the idea very quickly from this video)

    The Next Time Around




    I didn't care for the first song too much. Something about the rhythm--they were just a tiny bit behind the beat for the song maybe? But the singer has a really smooth sound. 

    I liked the second much better. I noticed the Brazilian musical influence right away and was feeling pretty proud of myself when they sang a little bit in Portugese! 

    Completely agree.

    These guys are really laid back. Binki in particular looks like she hasn't had her coffee yet. They sound good, though.

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