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    We Are the Ones Project

    In these dark days of negative politics and collapsing markets, I just want to call out a feel-good art project to warm our chilly hearts. A few of us associated with DagBlog organized a nationwide Obama fundraiser over the summer with fundraising parties in multiple cities across the country and around the world. I worked on the NYC event which took place at a loft in Brooklyn. Before the event, I was contacted by artist Rachel Casparian, who had partnered with photographer Rob Gullixson to produce a portrait series highlighting the diversity of Obama supporters across the country. She wanted to photograph Obama supporters at the event, and I was happy to oblige. Unfortunately, zealous building security guards kiboshed the operation which we'd set up on the roof, but Rachel and Rob continued their project on a cross-country tour and are now back in Brooklyn putting together a gallery show which they hope to have in November. You can see a sample of their excellent work on their website, We Are the Ones Project. I look forward to the show and will announce details when it comes together.



    Awesome!  Some great shots there.  Not to beat the diversity cliche, but I was struck by the juxtaposition.

    Do you know if they used any of the ones they did manage to snap?

    You had a great group baking in that loft


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