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    William K. Wolfrum’s Morning: Put your back into it

    Ok, I'm back.


    Obama in India: The President wheels and deals in India, as Right-wing remains unsure if India is an enemy state or not. Oh, and while he's there, First Lady Michelle Obama is showcasing the awesome ...


    Iran: Sanctions keeping Iranians hungry and wanting nuclear power, Sen. Lindsay Graham still rattles sabers for more.

    Keith Olbermann is Back: He's free, free I tell you. Still, if you follow the guy's career path, you probably know the smart money is on him being done with MSNBC before 2012 rolls around.

    Myanmar Votes: Or something like it.


    Conan is Back: I'll bet his new show will have some funny bits.

    Cowboys Aren't Back: The Dallas Cowboys are just pathetic and need to start firing people. All NFL scores here.


    AmericaBlog Gay: DADT Repeal? Never mind.

    This Single Mom Survives: A brief look at a feisty Mommy Blogger.

    Orlando: DagBooks: Blowing Smoke.

    Paul Krugman: Some more bad news for the American worker ...



    Trust them. Billy Jack was awesome.


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    1. You've been gone for too long

    2. Keith Olbermann prediction.. spot on, the only question is will he return to sports or will he take over Democracy Today? OMG where will he go, Oprah's network? ENews? HBO?

    3. I did not pick the cowboys this week, because they suck as badly as the Seattle Seahawks... although the Seahawks sucking makes me sad, and the Cowboys sucking only makes me smile. I did make the mistake of picking the Seahawks this week... that hurt my record those fuckers... but guess what I"ll pick them again, b/c that is what irratioinal fans do.. we keep picking them.

    4. India Smindia, (self promotion opportunity, TAKEN) we all know it is costing 2 trillion, billion, quadrillion dollars for that trip, er or something.....

    5. It is sunny and 42 degrees outside, I am going for a bike ride.

    Great to see you, Wolfie. I was about to put in a call to the embassy looking for you.

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