2022 Booklist?

    Nice to have a big batch of unknown books to consider reading, eh?

    New Years Resolution, "read more (non-politics)"?

    We shall see. But picking at least 1 book out of the list is probably useful.


    More better booklist?

    Laurie Anderson retread above the fold (ok, not a book, sue me)


    All six parts of Laurie Anderson's Norton LecturesSpending the War Without You: Virtual Backgrounds, are now available to watch again indefinitely. ...You can watch the introduction and all six lectures below via the Center's YouTube channel.

    Reminder when we were young
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    Hat-tip - Rootie Har Har Har

    My Body Keeps Your Secrets by Lucia Osborne-Crowley review – on women’s health and trauma | Books | The Guardian

    from a reporter on the Maxwell trial who had the quandary breaking the story post-verdict that 1 of the jurors may have withheld childhood sexual abuse on his pre-selection survey.

    Noting it's her followup book to "I Choose Elena" I also have a weird juxtaposition just having seen the not completely satisfying Polanski/Seigneur movie "Based on a True Story" on a successful writer who successfully delves into personal struggles but is now dealing with writer's block & depression & a clingy admirer as she takes on her next book.

    Though that's not fair, as this *is* based on Osborne-Crowley's own traumatic experience. But the lines of people awaiting autographs who were deeply touched by the movie character's writing, and just reviewing a bunch of self-help habit-changing apps and days of isolating flu I'm touched by all the new social insights and madness and delirious attempts to make sense of our socio-psychological maelstroms on Facebook and in our Covid-mangled real lives.

    The Guardian review lays out the quandary for us all - how to take the obviously valuable and defensible new insights, whether these are really "woke" topics or just dialing into age-old personal calamities, tragedies, and difficult struggles - but find a structure for them that actually works, provides a satisfying setting to describe & understand and perhaps find some closure rather than lots of disturbed emotion with little resolution.

    Lots of companies did search engines before Google - but Google's results in 1999 suddenly felt right, useful, satisfying, actionable. Perhaps that's the kind of aha/sea change we're waiting for in these current issues - I struggle to find a proper name for them even (and the one comment below on the lack of non-binaryness in a book that name checks non-binary tips off 1 complication of many), but say one worthy of or eliciting a new Simone de Beauvoir.

    More positive reviews at Goodreads

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