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    The Amish Las Vegas and Quilting

    I like to treat myself a short 15 min. ride to Alma Sue's Quilt shop from my house a couple of times a year.  It is a joy to walk into her new shop and watch the Amish and Menonnites quilt.  They quilt from frames hung from the ceiling and speak a form a German that is known a Pa. Dutch when they don't want you to hear what they are saying.  In the winter time this part of Sarasota side walks are covered with elderly "Plain People" riding adult tricycles.  Yoder's restaurant serves it's famous peanut butter cream pie all year.  They have a beautiful church that the Sarasota's quilt guild holds their monthly meetings in the hall.  Please enjoy this article and clip from the Today's Show.     I would like to add their blog that is just full of pictures.  This link is the page that was done about spending a day with the Today Show.      Here are some wonderful old post cards that was posted on their blog that looks like from the 1950's of Pinecraft Village.



         This clip is a little long but the quilts are at the end and they are beautiful from Pinecraft quilters in Sarasota.



    Slection of traditional Amish quilts.  The style and colors was usually picked by the church elders for that community.  Today they quilt for the English market taste and it is a source of income for many of the ladies. 


    You know how I translate this?

    This is community!

    This is cooperation!

    This is cultural consciousness!

    I bet that these quilts are not just treasured by the 'tribe' but by the purchasers.

    Thank you for this!

    A wonderful example of community and the members working together!


    Here is one of the quilts I have made.  I machine quilted it.  The blocks came from friends all over the world in a block swap on the internet.  It is done in reproduction prints from the 19th century. 


    This is a close up of the back of the quilt.  I make all mine reversible. These are pre Civil War prints in reproduction fabrics. 


    This is one of my Christmas quilts.  You can see the back, front, boarder and binding.  I quilt these in strips on my sewing machine and then put them together from the back and make the binding part of the pattern so you can use either side for show. 

    These quilts are just AMAZING!

    One has to understand the complexities of this art form.

    I catch some of this art on PBS from time to time.

    I mean, anthropologically speaking, this patchwork is not just difficult but involves creative thinking, planning.

    That is all I got!

    The art is like cooking!

    You use what you have at hand.

    the end

    Thanks.  It keeps me off the streets and out of trouble.

    Momoe, this is a wonderful article.  I apologize for getting to it late.  My internet service went nuts yesterday and even with a new DSL modem it's still freaky so I don't know if this will get on or not.

    I love quilts and have tried my hand at quilting enough to know it's a whole lot of work.  These are beautiful.  Your Christmas quilt is amazing!

    When things calm down on this here machine I'll get back to reading the articles.  Looking forward to it.  Thanks.

    Oh, and the American flag quilt is even more amazing.  I'm amazed.  Really.

    Thank you.  I couldn't develop the story more because I can not paste or make paragraph spaceings with my enter key.  So I use links, embed and pictures to tell the story the best I could.  It has been like this for a while.  Downloading foxfire is out of the question because this is not my computer. Maybe Mike will fix it soon.  I have several quilts that need finished but I quilt in spurts.  It is an expensive art but I have enough fabric to last me the rest of my life because I have been doing this for a long time. 

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