Billy Crystal bombs/kills it

    Billy steps in comedy "minefield"

    Billy kills it with Tiffany Haddish in Alzheimer's/real life Ethiopian Jewish romcom (opened today)

    How perfect is the juxtaposition of extreme multiculturalism slamming into intolerant judgmental "woke" expectations.

    Elsewhere Whoopi Goldberg has her "2 dear friends" on, congratulating them on the movie and Tiffany being the first black woman to win the comedy Grammy since... Whoopi.

    What's next? Can't we just get along?


    SNL now reduced to making fun of Icelanders, white Pennsylvanians, cartoon Italians and Zoomers. The ethnic schtick is pretty dead. What do we make fun of once Covid lockdown jokes are tired? (Elon Musk pretty funny, by the way - rumors of his impending TV death were greatly exaggerated)

    Oh, SNL slammed for black guy Michael Che's African American Vernacular English which he didn't even realize he was appropriating cuz a) he's black and b) he doesn't know what it is, and c) they gave it a weird acronym, and d) he thought he was making fun of Gen Z instead, but guess that's a twofer. Totally kray-kray, if I can say that...

    Interesting that The Hill finds the Che thing worth covering, as if to keep beltway people informed about what everyone is angry about in Woke-militant-incitement of culture wars in the outside world (they don't have time, they have their own stupid dramas by many primadonnas to keep up with)

    I looked his age up, he's 37, not old enough to fit into GenX, most of whom would also roll their eyes at those taking offense. I find that encouraging, here's hoping more older millennials become like him. Because I am starting to get sick to death of this sensitivity, then outrage, to everything shit.

    It was a lousy sketch that most didn't find funny. THAT IS ALL, NOTHING MORE.

    How about Woke activists becoming more aware of how deadly humorless they sound to the rest of society, how much like harridans and hell-and-brimstone preachers and pills and full of themselves? A little self-deprecation can do wonders, can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

    High Octane: oxygenated octagenarian Tom Jones pays talking TV dues, retrospects reality blues

    Reminds, i was standing in a hotel lobby in Vegas watching the first man walk on the moon - purportedly faked by OJ Simpson - can't remember with his flashy suits whether Jones was circling up there as Major Tom or playing Pussycat down at the Pink Flamingo burning down the house, but he's certainly had 8 or 9 lives. Fighting fire with fire.

    More Michael Che doing good ole fashioned down-to-earthness, not buying into that new Woke thing, ain't getting cancelled, yet that is


    Dog the Michael Che show on HBO MAX is crazy

    — Ahmed/J Cole dropped a good album (@big_business_) May 17, 2021
    playing with stereotypes to make people think, like novels do...

    Karen check, aisle 3

    Fox News still provides plenty o inspiration:

    Uhhh… wow.

    — Titus (@TitusNation) May 23, 2021

    Big sister needs a bigger sifter

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