City Lights gone out - Ferlinghetti dead at 101

    City Lights gone out - Ferlinghetti dead at 101

    But the Beat goes on


    I thought the NYTimes obit was well done, stressed who he himself was, how he himself was not a Beat

    Breaking News: Lawrence Ferlinghetti, the poet and publisher who nurtured the Beat movement from his famed San Francisco bookstore, City Lights, has died. He was 101.

    — The New York Times (@nytimes) February 23, 2021

    Here is Paris Review putting up an old interview (they'd be like his real homies wink ; like the NYTimes explains, he thought of himself as a bohemian, not a Beat, came to SF wearing a beret and with one bag full of belongings, after all)

    “This whole idea of process is alien to me. I always disliked it. No, my poems were born full-blown, full-grown out of the air. That was the process.”

    Rest in peace, Lawrence Ferlinghetti (1919–2021). Read more from the Art of Poetry No. 104:

    — The Paris Review (@parisreview) February 23, 2021

    Yeah, he was more in the Paul Bowles/William Burroughs vein - born in the teens, post-Lost Generation, father figures & mentors somewhat for the Beats.

    Ferlinghetti's New York (when he wasn't bouncing around Europe et al) for want of a better place to throw this

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