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    The list of atrocities and abuse - but the bitch asked for it.

    All's hell that enda hell.


    this sort of encapsulates why I have never been attracted to what is called comic culture as interpreted by GenX and following. It always struck me as sort of like proto-incel culture growing out of video games All testosterone all the time, manichean characters with no nuance, estrogenic type things not appreciated at all, no feelings except rage, anger, the glory of victory, the agony of defeat, where all there is is winning or losing with nothing inbetween.Wham bam thank you maam. Any female hero characters have little estrogen, they are Amazonians or amped up with adrenaline mammas like Sigourney Weaver in Alien.

    While to me comics (of pre-video game world) meant, besides Superman and Batman, also included Veronica and Betty, Blondie Bumstead, Lucy van Pelt, Peppermint Patty, Little Lulu and Nancy, the girls of Apt. 3G, who manipulated hapless men with wiles and smarts, not sabers. And were not empty princesses nor warrior goddesses. They had human interest, worked narratives out of ordinary life and complexities, they were not shallow figures in fantasy sci fi.

    Mainly, these days, they are all a real boring guy thing. Look, it has nothing to do with violence against women per se, it's boring simplistic incel type violence, else someone like Martin Scorcese would find it interesting, he has nothing against finding violence interesting per se. Compare Scorcese world to Tarantino. I mostly loathe Tarantino's taste, it's very much this, basically immature male.

    Yeah, those well-developed female characters in MeanStreets and Goodfellas are compelling. Guess now we can add The Irishman - shame we didn't find out what a CGI/deep fake matron looks like yet. Perhaps Taxi Driver II reboot?

    Oddly enough the famed adrenaline-syringe-through-the-chest device was lifted by Tarantino from an obscure but engaging Scorsese interview with a junkie who was Neil Diamond's road manager (besides having to revive his DOA girlfriend at the shooting gallery, noted sitting on a junkie midget on the sofa in line before noticing his mistake). At least Tarantino managed a female lead in Kill Bill 1 & 2, testosteroned as she was (including ultraorgasmic vixen samurai fight out in the trailer in the desert with Darryl Hannah - Ross Myers would *almost* be proud.)

    Now, on to important stuff - Tank Girl - the comic, not the awful movie. An ultrapunk crossover success, or yet another estrogen-lacking mess of things?

    This gender discrimination goes back a long time.

    Parking Jayne here.
    Are you man enough to be a woman? Precious.

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