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    A Decently December Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon




    Here's this week's heap of haikus:


    And so it begins;
    the cold month that ends each year.
    Be mild, December.



    Silhouetted sunsets;
    barren trees plead for fruit on
    snowy coastal dunes.


    (Photo courtesy of Kristina Rebelo.)






    What do small boys think
    when they play at being men?
    "Hope mom made my lunch ..."







    The snow on the fence,
    looks like the mashed potatoes
    on my dinner plate.







    Triptych Access-a-Ride #1 - Brooklyn Bridge


    The world passes by.
    I look out my window and
    imagine stories.







    Triptych Access-a-Ride #2 - Lower West Side Manhattan


    I so look forward
    to viewing each sunset from
    the West Side Highway






    Almost unnoticed
    amidst the tangled branches;
    a limp 'Old Glory'.





    What we wouldn't give
    to know what lies ahead; To
    see the big picture.






    A rainy eve'ning
    riding up First Avenue;
    the U.N. floats by.







    Shadows of the trees
    play upon the outer walls
    pretending they're fierce.


    ( Corfu Lights and Shadows (1909)  by John Singer Sargent )




    Here's my guess as to
    what poor Sandy's thinking; "Help!
    I'm in 'Groundhog Day!'"




     I dream of sane things,
    Wake and deal with illusions.
    Something is mixed up.






    Little matchstick doll
    kept in a child's pocket
    may yet light things up.






    Boy Scouts camping out,
    Lovers caught in passion's throes,
    Neither needs matches.




    Brick through my window,
    a cat on a hot tin roof,
    Life in Tennessee.




    No one at the door,
    alone for the holidays
    lots of left-overs.






    Do not turn that knob,
    or fiddle with the settings,
    I LIKE it this way!






    Though I meander
    through lush fields and forests, I
    will find my way home.




    A dagger as sharp
    as a lover's rebuke has
    not, as yet, been made.





    Wishing for Santa.
    Feeling disappointed ... again.
    Wishing for Santa.





    On a cold, clear morn,
    a church in the distance is
    framed by the bare trees.







    Happiness is not
    a station you arrive at,
    it's the train you're on.






    Winter reminder-ku:


    Though snow has fallen,
    remember, it has fallen
    but it can't get up.








    The two legged things
    sit on the four legged things
    then run in circles?!


    (Photo courtesy of Kristina Rebelo)







    Quietly, she drifts
    wasting Summer afternoons
    waiting and hoping


    "Ostende" by British landscape painter J.M.W. Turner (1844)






    Finishing the hat, 
    George spent Sunday in the park
    making out with Dot.


    Happy would-have-been Birthday to artist George Seurat, born today in 1859.








    Xmas Swing - One of my musical faves ... Duke Ellington's version of The Nutcracker Suite.  This is just the overture ... You can find each cut of this album posted separately on Youtube ... it's well worth the listen.







    And finally ... Of all the lines I have ever written, it seems to me that the one that is the most often repeated is one that I came up with many years ago for the SAA: "AS is more common than Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS) combined ... " I've seen that line used in videos and in publicity material and all over social media when people try to explain AS and how it's not really a rare disease at all.   Here's a new video that the SAA just released that includes the line.  








    I just love this.   For you. 

    Thanks, trking!    I used to be annoyed that this film stole so much from the earlier Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire movie "Holiday Inn", as that was always one of my favorite holiday movies, but over the years, this movie has grown on me, and I came to appreciate all of its many charms, including this one   It's great stuff!

    Hi Mr. Smith.

    I just got back on line.

    My computer crashed and burned and my Son and Daughter sent me a new one (two years old) and I am back on line.

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    I am back on line

    Habits are so hard to break

    It's time for a cig


    Great poetry for me 

    Everything is so white

    In the Great White North




    Good to see you back online, DD!!

    Something is mixed up.
    Or maybe it is just me
    sleeping for too long.

    Jung reported dreams
    that revealed more than he did
    about what happened.

    She passes through me.
    A captain of an old ship
    learning the water.

    Excellent, moat!



    A captain of an old ship.

    That is all I got Moat.

    The captain of the old ship has sailed away.


    The sea salt tells us:
    Keep rowing your boat forward.
    Be like me, old fools.

    And so it does end

    A last Haiku for a friend

    Hearts broken again.


    How can this humor
    overcome such pain - haiku
    short-circuit despair?

    Anonymous poet
    playing for keeps while we were
    just having some fun

    Who reads poetry
    these days? an anachronism
    come to life, or death...

    Gallows humor, man! 
    our Penelope weaving
    and unweaving verse

    Putting off his end
    with charm, and grace and knowing,
    (and damn prolific).

    I never met you,
    dear Mr. Smith, but God speed -  
    do write when you can.

    - xxo, PP

    The gate is ajar.
    The garden left unwatered.
    Leaves form drifts like snow.

    More like a castle

    whose drawbridge across the moat's

    raised for the last time.

    Goodbye, Mr. Smith.

    I will remember your words;

    pieces of beauty            

      given as shreds of your heart

      cutting through a senseless world.

    We pass each other
    bearing incredible loads
    like two wheelbarrows.

    Like two wheelbarrows ...

    each created to lessen

    the burden of love.

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