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    Dieu et Mon Droit

    Yesterday the queen read her message at the opening of the new Parliament.  Understandably she was pre-occupied with the royal fears surrounding the apparent disappearance of much of the crown’s most treasured jewel encrusted and artfully wrought precious metal diadems and brooches and other symbols of stature and privilege.  With the pluck characteristic of her nation’s personality, she waved aside any fears that the dignity and status of her noble peerage had disappeared along with the diamonds and emeralds.  On the contrary as she encouragingly pointed out, they sat quietly in their manors and castles patiently waiting for the inevitable “recovery” of their glorious raiment.  Had not generations of royal subjects, she reminded her audience, mined the gold and precious stones from a harsh earth and had not others laid their talented hands upon these raw materials and produced adornments to be worn by those worthy of their magnificence.  “Nothing has changed,” she gently pleaded.  All that is needed is that the simple souls who tread the sacred lands of her domain bend to the task and restore the exceptional bejeweled collection that is their collective, divinely guided destiny.  Every generation, she spiritedly asserted, is called to labor in this endeavor and this current generation is called to this duty once again.  In a tone of encouragement and confidence, she concluded her message by pointing out that the return of the gleaming magnificence of the past awaits only the single-minded service and sacrifice of her beloved peoples.  “In war and in peace, we will ‘Win The Future.” 

    The response to this call from the throne was universally enthusiastic.  Commentator after commentator took up the call “Win The Future.  Win The Future. Win The Future.”  Among her rude and unruly subjects the call was shortened.  “WTF” they chanted.


    WTF? hahaha

    The rite.

    We used to have Feast Days. I first became aware of Feast Days in Mass of course but I found them beautifully enumerated in Malory as Arthur was forced to draw the sacred sword on all the major feast days to prove his 'blood'.

    We have shop days; Washington's shop day and Lincolns shop day and Valentines shop day and...

    The Queen reads her script written by others; much like George W and Reagan.

    No one gets mad at the Queen; everyone knows she did not write anything. The same goes for W and Ronnie.

    But there are a lot of folks mad at Barry, evidently.

    I just feel that there is something different about the State of the Union; shopping is not involved and three times in the last two years, our President actually had a hand in writing it. hahaha

    the end

    Let me join the chorus Win the future;  WTF 

    Am I being impetuous if I ask;   Win the future for whom?  

    If winning the future means, ignoring the need to be an advocate for the poor?  That’s not the future I seek. ..........If winning the future, means winning the class warfare for the elite, that’s not the future I seek either.......if you’re suggesting winning the future, for predators to prey upon the lowliest, I’m not for that future. 

    If by helping the lowliest amongst us, DOES raise all boats, I’m for that future. 

    The President is a great orator, I don’t see that great of future ahead from his lip service.   

    I am reminded “Where’s the beef”?

    Resistance, we are now in a new era of civility.

    We shall continue to imprison more and more of our citizens into forced labor camps run by outsourced corporate structures, we shall continue to aide the rich in their search for more money and power, we call continue to 'round up' ten million folks who do not deserve to be here, we shall continue to gut all programs providing safety nets for those who struggle...

    We shall just do it more civilly, that's all. ahhaha

    If we do it more civilly, does that mean "God" is on ourside?  

    God promised Noe that He would never again destroy the earth, but He did not promise to never take His Son's name in vain again.  It is reliably reported on numerous Sunday morning TV programs that God the Father is all "Jesus Christ" this and "Jesus Christ" that.  After reading the news I often find myself unable to say anything beyond "Jesus Christ."  I leave it to you to judge whether I am being uncivil or a good Christian.

    A Good Christian would know better, than to listen to the Charlatans.   

    Maybe you could help me; my father won this large lottery, a small fortune and if you could ..........Wink

    Our queen doesn't write the speech either but what is truly regrettable is that our queen doesn't even know it.

    oooooooh, right in the gut!!! hahahaah

    Oh well, I gotta clean up and go look for some emeralds.

    OK but just remember that in our system you may do all the work it takes to find the emeralds but they still belong to someone else, which is why we call them "our betters." 

    Outstanding as always, Larry H.  But for different take: The rabble have been rabbling, as they will, and too many can't afford cake.  So the Queen made her case last night why she should be er...well...let's say fired, instead of that uncivil thigie with the guillotine and gore...

    I reacted to this SOTU as being very much like watching Elizabeth read her message to a new Parliament.  It set me to musing that the best I could look forward to was six more years of this guy.  So I’m doubly in agreement with Wendy.  It was of course exactly what she said it was, the first campaign speech of 2012, and I received it, in my case subliminally, that way.  

    Frankly, I don’t think I can tolerate it.  I was educated by Renaissance legalists (Jesuits) that left me with an addiction to the use (and misuse) of words.  What is coming is more likely to resemble a food fight than a battle between great chefs.  I think I may take a vow of silence and tend my newly acquired neighborhood garden plot.  I wonder if I can convince my cat to let me raise a few chickens in the apartment?

    There are a few things in life I can advise upon. A very few. Near the top of the list - no, AT the top of the list, is this: Avoid chickens. Do not ask me why. Noah was told to throw the filthy, dawn-croaking, eye-pecking, liquid-shitting vermin off the Ark, and he disobeyed, and look where we are now. In the name of all that the Jesuits held Holy, AVOID POULTRY LARRY! We shall speak no further on this, but fish is the thing. Fresh fish. Mmm.

    First, there is precious little that Jesuits of my acquaintance hold “Holy” save for good whiskey or a theological symposium at a Christian Brothers winery.  (We used to have a saying “Wherever you find four Jesuits you will find a fifth.”)

    Second, I have already approached my cat regarding the chickens.  I fear that if I change my request to building an aquarium my cat may need counseling and “Obamacare” will not cover that sort of thing until his third term in 2018.

    Last, Aristotle in his Biology defines mankind as a “featherless biped.”  I think you can see how closely he would regard chickens and men.  Are you saying that both Noe and Aristotle were wrong in their attitudes?

    I would rather your cat approached the chickens.

    As in "Where's the Feast!"       heeheehee

    Noah was mislead

    I’ve heard a story about what happened.

    Noah was hungry, after about a year on the ark, he was tired of grits and such.

    Noah started to look around the ark when he spotted a fattened Bull.

    The bull sensing a different attitude in Noah, he spoke up and said “Eat More Chickun”

    The rest is history, passed down from generation to generation  “Don’t listen to the Bull”

    (Damn - Noah. I was thinking of Noe street in San Francisco where I once lived.  I've been in solitary too long.  Hey did I tell you guys I have more tapes?)

    Oh but damn, I get them all defeathered and refridged and cut up and I just get a glad bag and throw in some corn meal and flour and exotic herbs and spices and bake them and then...

    I mean would you have rather that noah had saved the unicorn?


    I find baking them in the Glad bag makes the skin too chewy. Unicorn is in the garden.


    ... and then she bought a shaggy Portuguese dog. Very good, Larry.

    That’s the sad part isn’t it? We all know that in the queen’s heart is a love of shaggy Portuguese puppies, but reality dictates that the royal household cultivate alligators and pythons. Such are the demands of great office.

    Win the future? We Canadians are just trying to hold the present to a draw. And right now, we're down 8-2, late in the 3rd.

    Time to pull the goalie.

    I have to learn more about the Canadian government.  So the "goalie" is the guy who sits in the big chair in the middle of the Parliament hall right?  And I get the 8 to 2 reference, those are provinces?  But what is the "3rd?" Is that like a trimester or some other British-ism like roger or shag?

    Oh and aren't you guys supposed to submit your comments in English and French?

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