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    A few Random Acts of Culcha...

    There is a rather new - in the last few years - phenomena taking place in various places around the country, and even in Europe. Where singers and musicians and artists appear out of no where and start performing what is called Random Acts of Culture.  Usually, but not necessarily, classical works. Here are a few examples.

    An Arts Conferance is San Jose.

    At Dadeland Mall in Maimi

    Chapple Hill Mall - NC

    And Central Station of Antwerp Belgium

    And the best one of all. Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's "Messiah" in the Phillidelphia Macy's featuring 650 singers and the Wanamaker's Pipe Organ.

    All very, very cool. Here is more info.


    These are usually spontaneous and unannounced. With the performers dressed like everyone else. So it comes as a complete surprise to those who are present.

    Everyone loves this sort of spontaneous event, but then they go out and vote to eliminate the Arts in public schools.  They'll applaud and soak up the joy and good feelings that such performances inspire, but then quickly forget that artists and musicians need to be taught, and that Arts education has very positive effects beyond simply learning to play an instrument.  

    Cultcha isn't spontaneous, although performances of Cultcha can be... 

    P.S. When I was an actor, we called this sort of thing Guerilla Theater. I remember an actor friend in the U.K. doing a bit where actors dressed in pajamas would get on a commuter train one or two at a time at various stations along the route and without saying a word, would either sit and fall asleep or stand and read the newspaper.  Then when they got to the end of the line, they all got off and went their separate ways.

    Well maybe if more of the public is exposed to it on a more regular basis, their attitudes will change. I know this sounds optimistic and I am no optimist by any stretch, but it is more likely than if there were no exposure. But this country has never really supported the arts except to co-opt them for some personal financial gain. But then it does this with everything.

    You are right. This is very very cool! What beautiful voices, dancing, and such incredible musicians. I've often thought society would be more interesting if we could break out in song when needed. Sure would stop a lot of unpleasantness. Imagine a session of congress.

    Just think if someone were at that one mall on their way to apply to work in the shoe store. They would be thinking, "I am so not qualified for this job."

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