I Believe...For Now

    I believe in karma, and that what goes around
    comes around

    I believe that when I find a $20 bill on the ground
    I can take it
    as long as no one’s around

    I believe that there are good people doing hard jobs
    and I can trust in them
    to know more than I do

    I believe that there are some bad people doing easy work
    and I can trust them
    as far as I can throw them

    I believe that I can tell the difference between good people and bad
    and I know who to back
    and who to toss aside

    I believe that the more care and love we give to one another
    will make an inherent difference
    as I believe the opposite

    I believe that an open mind and open heart
    and plenty of good music
    can keep a downtrodden person sane

    I believe that no one should be downtrodden
    but I know that oppressors exist
    and towards them should be laid the blame

    But I believe that everyone has a lesson to learn
    and even oppressors have a learning curve
    so I will give them the benefit of a doubt
    for now

    But not for long


    Nice poem, Lisb. Suspicious, impatient optimism laced with a dose of karmic intuition.  Probably what's needed at this juncture.

    Thank you, Mr. Smith, for describing my 'poem' better than I could.  I would've replied sooner but missed this comment until now.  Been gone for a few days, but I'm thinking that maybe now I'm back for a while. 


    open mind + open heart + good music = sanity
    totally agree

    Thanks, Em.  Thanks for reading it, and seeing points to agree with.  I was in a bit of a mood when I wrote it the other night, hee.  But I stand by it days later, so that can't be all bad. 

    How nice, LisB. It clears the air and makes sense of so much nonsense. Thanks,



    Thank YOU, Dennie, for reading it. 


    LisaB, very nice indeed. I'd like to see more. Nice stanza arrangement. Sorry I missed this first time around.

    Thank you very much!  I thought this thread had died, LOL.  Please feel free to read some more of my stuff at my personal blog, if you'd like:


    I'm honored.  Oh, but, by the way, my name isn't Lisa.  It's Lis.  Short for Elisabeth.  Smile

    And, for clarification purposes, it's pronounced Liz.  Rhymes with is.  I just prefer to keep the S in there. 


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