If money were speech

    I was thinking some about the equivalence that has been made in the Supreme Court between money and speech. What if money actually were speech? What would that mean?

    • Trying to bribe a police officer would be the same as trying to talk him/her out of a ticket.
    • Taxation would be taking away our speech.
    • A bonus from your employer would be the same as them giving you a good talking to.
    • Prostitution would be the same as talking someone into sleeping with you.
    • Convincing someone to vote for a particular candidate would be the same as buying their vote.

    Please, contribute your own!


    Another view on the meaningless of money=speech.

    Well I do not understand it.

    Speaking or writing or singing is different from publication.

    Free speech as involving money seems like an oxymoron, does it not?

    How free speech became an advertising budget is beyond me.

    Being in debt would become a vow of silence.

    Listening could get you cash back awards.

    If you are poor, your mouth will be taped shut until you can afford to say something. Too bad you have to be able to talk to get money.



    I like it!


    If money were speech, long distance phone calls would be ... umm ... never mind.

    In the words of DickDay: hahahahah!

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