Jimmy Carter = Captain America

    I noticed this meme went viral yesterday:

    Jimmy Carter was the closest thing we ever had to a Captain America. https://t.co/Sb2sXykHaQ

    — Cheryl Lynn Eaton (@cheryllynneaton) December 16, 2021


    If you were around for his presidency and the aftermath, like I was, the viral phenomenon from a new generation is especially interesting, because the memories of lots of liberals with enormous dislike of him and his presidency are still strong.

    Now here's a current liberal lefty:

    Jimmy Carter, hero worthy of an action movie. https://t.co/NQcTKrfMIS

    — Jeet Heer (@HeerJeet) December 16, 2021

    Jimmy Carter had radioactive urine for 6 months. Why is this not the first sentence of every history book? https://t.co/NQcTKrfMIS

    — Jeet Heer (@HeerJeet) December 16, 2021

    His Why is this not the first sentence of every history book? is a very good and revealing question!

    I would first answer: in the Carter era, northern liberal types hated the military, hated white southerners and their culture, hated Christianity of exactly the type Carter practiced, and hated nuclear energy, so a nuclear engineer would not be a great resume.

    And then there was a general dislike of exactly the kind of disciplined personality like Carter had. No fun, a ramrod spine type.

    Furthermore, NOBODY LIBERAL LIKED SUPERHEROS! They would be ashamed to admit they liked them in comics as a kid. This brings out that the adult superhero fan is a strikingly new thing! Back then if you were a cool adult, the only comics you liked were counterculture by Robert Crumb types!

    Many not present as adults then don't seem to realize that Jimmy Carter was picked as a presidential candidate because he attracted the swing voter of the day: southern, conservative, pro-military. It was actually a very shocking thing at the time to have such a southern type head the Democratic party, and he was certainly not considered "liberal".

    So in a way HE WAS the first sentence of the history books at the time, he was picked exactly because he had that appeal: a southern "down home" folks person, not liberal, and an American military superhero type.

    Jimmy Carter sort of set the pattern that Democrats would have to appeal to the folks if they wanted to win an election. That stayed on with Bill Clinton, until Barack Obama shook up the whole concept by appealing to transformative social change.

    The miserable elites of the Northeast and Northwest will never appeal to anyone, even themselves. That's why the suicide rates are so high in their cities.

    Cart before horse - Carter went gladhanding for over 2 years, foreseeing/taking advantage of the change in the voting system. He wore everyone down - no one else had ever spent more than half a year campaigning. Plus he grabbed some key party chair perches. Wily plucky guy.

    Glad he went with Biden in office - will get a worthy sendoff. (Oh wait, he didn't die? Thought the Capt America was a eulogy)

    Yeah he didn't die, far from it, as it points out here:

    The Capt. America thing is only because someone recently found that "saved Ottawa from nuclear disaster in 1952 and then had radioctive piss" story, one which Jimmy himself never mentioned. surprise

    Kinda like "pisses red white and blue" - except a glowing version 

    I've been known to piss like a race horse.

    Yeah, but in your case they meant the Steeplechase ...

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