New Year's Eve Party

    Planning on sitting home next Friday?  Want to party but don't want to drive? 

    Look no further....come to the Once Upon chat room and ring in the New Year from the safety of your own living room, while having a virual party complete with music and laughter and friendship galore.

    Instructions for joining the chat room are in the link above.  If anyone needs help with it, please hit the Contact button on my Dag Blog avatar and I'll get your message and try to provide you with help to get to Mibbit's chat.

    Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and....Happy New Year, next week!


    Comments That's the direct link to the Chat Room. Please remember to use your usual Dag/TPM/Paradigm name when you log in, so we know who you are.

    Question. What is this TPM that everyone keeps mentioning?

    Oh, this long-ago and far-away place where we used to hang out once.....gone now.


    I see. Sometimes I feel like I came to the party late. Everyone seems to know each other and have a history. Oh well, I will just be the new "kid".  :)

    Nothing wrong at all with being the new kid, Em.  Usually, it's them that teaches us old folks new tricks.  Hope to see you at our New Year's Eve party next week, then.


    Thanks Lis!

    Would you like me to bring some cookies? LOL 

    Momoe, I'd like nothing better!  Your recipes prove that you know baking, hee.  So yes, please bring some of your cookies.  And your soups. 

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