NFT Art crash already?


    This meta part at the top was very interesting news to me This article was originally published by The Art Newspaper, an editorial partner of CNN Style.

    They actually set up an NFT section once the flood of writing of "now wassup with that" started becoming necessary, so it did not overwhelm "the other art market" news. This is a major "developing", the maniacs are not going to let it go at that, it's not over til it's over.

    Aside. They are a real savvy journalistic outlet, seem more so every day. Except for one thing: if you access their articles anonymously, you get a paywall at 3 free per month; but if you register as a user, you get a constant message that you have 5 free articles left but you can access all the articles you want in eternity, though the message never disappears.

    NFTease: Emily's art play (beat or be beaten

    yeah, is true, pretty clear that the nft boyz haven't given much thought to the copyright problem, ironically EVEN THOUGH their pals the blockchain sales reps have been driving many of us crazy for several years trying to convince everyone that blockchain would be the ideal answer to copyright issues, among other things...

    And then she was bashed for NFT being unenvironmental (funny, didn't see fuckall worry last week when praising Nas for ho much he's made. And, it's mining etherum that's a pig - go to Proof of Stake or other metric and the Chinese Bitcoin farms go cold). We live in weird times. But still, dudez wanna see tits, at least the one with the tits should get paid, not some flat-chested pecker-head go-between. This *is* the world being set right, bit by bit.

    thought-provoker I just ran across that goes with that (while it may be a generalization that's not 100% true; i.e., Soviet women)

    I'd guess Soviet women are much much more proscribed in these freedoms, much narrower choices. It's a man's world for the most part.

    Virtual fashion replaces real

    (fast fashion? tired. Wardrobes are meant to be seen, not worn, at least not in meat space)

    NFT art is taking over! Cryptocurrency is going to allow artists and creators and really take over their own work! Promote NFT Art Here.  [congratulations, our 1st NFT spam post - PP]

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