On Nietszche and Groundhogs


    Good article.

    The element of the eternal recurrence that is most interesting to me is how our attempts have been tried many times before. But we don't get to experience it that way.

    One would have to resort to clues to see things that way.

    Eternal Recurrence breadcrumbs? How we quit the forest? (w/o a Faustian bargain, I presume)

    Peracles,   I really enjoyed the article, and I read it just because you usually post stuff I don't see anywhere else.  Also, since I know zero about Nietzsche I might learn something.  

    I loved the connection to Groundhog Day, and I thought he made the segue effectively.  I really wanted him to find the edifice he was searching for, and I was also jealous that he was there and I'm not. (Even though I got the worst case of food poisoning EVER in a setting just like that).

    Bottom line:  I really enjoyed it but I have no desire to read Nietzsche



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