Other Lurkers

    Now that acanuck has been outed as Justin Bieber (see "Would You Vote for Ted Cruz..."), I wonder what other celebrities are lurking behind Dagblog monikers.  Suspected all along that "Ramona" was actually Kim Kardashian,  but who really is behind the "Michael Wolraich" tag?


    We're all Kim Kardashian. Welcome to our/my universe.

    Didn't want to reveal this, but since you asked. Here's a video with me and Paula. M C Kat actually stands for Mr. Sea-kat.




    I thought it was OC Kat, but some A&R guy wanted to rip off MC Hammer's popularity...

    Brad and the kids will only let me post anonymously.  Sorry.

    They both mention living in Minnesota, but I've never seen Garrison Keillor in the same room blog-site as Richard Day.  Just sayin' ...


    Only one thing bothers me about this blog.

    I just got through telling Peter we did not have any lurkers here, only lookers. ha

    Actually, I'm Pippi Longstocking Pollyanna and I live among the fauns fawns.

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