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    Raised Undersea - South Pacific, Philippine Islands 1970's

    I spent a good part of my young life in the water. When we moved to the Philippines in 1971 we weren't moving to Manila, we were moving to one of the 7000+ islands. I read a good deal as a kid and figured it sounded like a cool Robinson Crusoe adventure. It really was quite amazing to be there, then, much of the natural beauty of the jungle and the waters were in tact, big storms and development have changed the seas.

    We did eventually move into Manila after 4 years on Marinduque.

    I've been going through slides from my parents and converting them to a digital form, and I am working on organizing the slides or at least grouping them as best I can. I decided to first concentrate on the underwater pictures. Some of these pictures are incredible.

    We would go on diving trips at least once a month it seemed, certainly when we lived on the island we spent every weekend at the beach, sometimes exploring, taking our large banka our exploring the other islands and the beaches that surrounded Marinduque.  My dad was and is adventurous and we were the beneficiaries of his adventurous spirit. Our favorite beach was on the island of Maniwaya, not far from Marinduque. It really was one of those pristine white sandy beaches, we spent hours there and hours exploring under-the-sea.

    My dad was always looking for creatures to catch to bring back to our salt water tanks. But then he got his first underwater camera, and it really documented what we saw while exploring the floors of the pacific ocean.















    Secret's out - Teresa was The Little Mermaid. Then she got her legs and started cycling. The rest is herstory.

    Donal... heheheheheh, the rest is herstory, well played sir, well played! Those pictures are cool aren't they, I have been having a blast looking at all the old slides and digitizing them.

    This is just terrific!

    There are things beyond the starry horizon and underneath the seas that were not dreamt of in your philosophy!

    I scan National Geography every week, sometimes every day!

    Half of the aliens on the movie channel are taken from the seas. hahahahah

    Thanks Dick.

    I am having a blast looking at all these old photos, I keep wondering what else I will find.

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