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    Songs of Old Hawaii: A Vintage Music Playlist


    I guess it should be mentioned that this isn't anything like the songs of old Hawaii. It's the result of a couple of sets of cultural appropriation. The Hawaii natives culturally appropriated the styles of western music to create a mix of a western style with a Hawaii style that the west culturally appropriated back. But neither style was like the original Hawaii music before mixed with the west. Old Hawaiian music was more like this.

    In the late 80s i was introduced to traditional Bulgarian music which turned out to not be traditional Bulgarian music, but turned out to be amazing & a million times better than Don Ho playing "Tiny Bubbles", thanks to an enterprising composer/director in Communist times.


    Thanks for the article. I too listened to the Bulgarian folk choir thinking it was traditional Bulgarian folk music. I should have known better since I'm well aware of how mixed up all the different traditions of music are. It's pretty much constant cultural appropriation by everyone, both minority and majority groups. I'd love to hear some of the Bulgarian folk music before the modern classical influence of Debussy and Schoenberg.

    riffing off your point

    The vast majority of the claims of cultural appropriation are weird to me. We think of classical music as a form or style with changes over time but if our present ideas existed then the German composers would be accused of culturally appropriating from the French who were culturally appropriating from the Italians who were doing it to the English and vice versa in every possible combination.

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