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    A Ubiquitous Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon



    Here's this week's heap of haikus:




    In the morning light,
    a sailboat on the Hudson,
    moves as in a dream.







    I sometimes wonder,
    is it still flying a kite,
    if I let it go?








    Fridays after work,
    She'd really let her hair down,
    And would dance till dawn.






    "Few half-way measures,
    Get as much coverage as
    A partial eclipse."






    And then, tempers flared!
    punches thrown, faces bruised, then ...
    cooler heads prevailed.








    Eating blackberries
    on a Summer's afternoon
    makes me feel care-free.







    Immortal souls that
    live in mortal bodies ... God
    being ironic.












    His heart was left in
    San Francisco,  his wallet
    was left in Madrid.


    (Happy 90th birthday this week to Tony Bennett.)








    A drizz'ly morning's
    walk through a nearby woods, cleared
    my mind of its gloom.









    Though she pined for him,
    she could not find a way to
    gracefully forgive.









    As the dusk draws nigh
    chickens roost and dogs bark at
    approaching shadows.











    Do you still explore?
    Search for meaning in things? Solve
    a jigsaw puzzle?








    A moonlit whisper,
    two lovers in silhouette,
    embracing passion.









    Hazarding a guess,
    he offered an opinion,
    which was met with snark.











    Underdone egg with
    no emotional center ...
    it's simply, no yolk.








    I once poached an egg
    that should have been scrambled ... But
    now that egg is toast.









    Silent flutterings,
    and pirouettes in mid-air ...
    butterfly's ballet.








    Lonely Avenues
    driving up Riverside, I
    Feel those West End blues

    (Happy-would-have-been 115th birthday this week to Louis Armstrong.)








    I'd Venture to say,
    at some point, all guitarists
    try playing "Wipeout."





    I stood on the path
    behind the Master's house and
    waited for the maid.

    A shy young lass with
    rosy cheeks will come my way
    after serving tea.


    (The House of Piette à Montfoucault by Camille Pissarro - 1874)






    In Life, two choices;
    remain bewildered, or seek







    The dark before dawn;
    lonely hearts beat quicker in







    tanka haiku:

    Where is that diner?
    The one that serves those pancakes
    with ice cream on top ...
       Near the junction of Route Three
       and the cardiac bypass.







    Sometimes the world so
    overwhelms us with beauty,
    our hearts nearly burst.










    Grabbing his drumsticks,
    he played a paradiddle
    that would beat the band.







    Live near a garden,
    for spirits of the Earth are
    flattered by flowers.










    A warm Summer's night;
    he whistles as he strolls through
    the woods near his home.










    A careful dipping
    of the brush, will ensure a
    steady flow of ink.






    Not ev'ry almond
    will taste of perfection, but
    all hold the promise.








    It's been said that in
    the wasted pursuits of youth
    live our old-age dreams.







    Weary troubadour,
    guitar slung across his back,
    thumb out to hitch-hike.



    Fear is a fabric
    that folds under stress, and when
    in hot water, shrinks ...





    Bonus poem:


    Eggs over easy,
    Time after time,
    Water under bridges,
    Pearls before swine,

    Age before beauty,
    in sickness and health
    life is a blessing
    without or with wealth














































    He's cooking dinner

    while she reads the latest news.

    They'll discuss later ...

      perhaps over ice cream scoops

      or the brownies that she made.

    Good one. Missy!!


    Ah, Domestic bliss!
    She relaxes while he cooks,
    they discuss the news.

    And later, after dessert ...
    they will sleep contentedly.

    This has nothing to do with anything; but T. Boone Pickens got to me.


    And T. Boone Pickens

    Supports T-Rump nowadays

    For no good reason

    I'm 87

    No green bananas for me

    It is all over

    Mom died finally

    And she was 87

    FDR her hero


    And I always had

    Another 24 years

    Well that is now gone

    And three years later

    I do not have this cushion

    And the end is nigh

    Seasons come and go

    Reason comes and goes for some

    And the end is nigh

    T. Boone should help me

    Senility lies in wait

    And the end is nigh

    As death approaches

    Will I give it up like this?

    Fuck the world, good luck!


    I do not know what this means except my cushion is gone and T-Boone is in gaga land.

    I do not wish to die in hate.


    Replace a cushion

    by carefully removing

    all the old worries ...

      and filling it with pleasure

      found along the path you've walked.



    Wonderful, Missy!!

    All the old worries
    have been resurrected by
    my return to earth.

    while souls in heaven's hammocks
    enjoy eternal slumber.

     No green bananas DD!! 

    Here is my advice ....
    Stop reading Breitbart's site and
    do NOT watch Fox News.

    T. Boone Pickens is
    NOT a role model for you,
    nor anyone else.

    My mom often said
    that she knew the end was near
    she was, of course, wrong.

    Each year was her last,
    from 50 to 93 ...
    Her parents died young

    She thought she would too
    but she had 30 more years.
    So, do not worry.

    Our ends should come as
    a complete surprise or as
    an interruption.

    They should NOT just be
    a cessation of effort.
    Keep playing, don't quit.

    THE END ... (not really...)



    A complete surprise. hahahaha

    That is correct.


    I cannot stop laughing.

    This place and you and Missy keep me laughing.

    I thought about T. Boone and how he really changed America.

    There is dispute here of course, but he went into Natural Gas (no fracking per se) but then he went into wind energy.

    Then, in the last couple years he sold out the wind project. For money? He had all the money in the world.

    But the wind energy survives. Somewhat because of him.

    And now he says he is for T-Rump. What the hell I aint gonna be alive to see it anyway?

    Again, I do not wish to die in hate.

    Thank you again, for reading my trite.


    Oh and some gnat got through the screens again and is attacking me.

    The story of my life. hahaha



    Remember, DD ...

    No new gnat knows naught
    Nifty Northern gnats gnaw nuts.
    neither numbs knightly gnus ...




    Behold!  A new day.

    What gibbering glop

    Plops from politics?


    My cat demands

    Attention!  Just like

    Pols; but prettier.

    Excellent first attempt, Janicket!    Welcome to the Creative Corner of Dagblog!

    My theory about haiku writing is that it is more fun and more of a challenge if we use the traditional haiku form of 17 syllables, laid out in three lines consisting of 5 syllables, 7 syllables and 5 syllables ... or a tanka in the 5-7-5-7-7 format. 

    Original haikus are always welcome, and we also play a game of taking one line from someone else's haiku and building a whole new haiku around it. 

    Again, nicely done.  I hope you'll continue to play with us.  I post new heaps of haikus every Friday afternoon.




    Drat!  I screwed up the second one, didn't I?  Let's try that again:


    My wee cat demands

    Attention!  Just like all those

    Pols, but prettier.


    See, I knew it was

    Five, seven, five for classic

    Form; didn't count right.


    Gah.  Also, facepalm.

    A useful gesture, forsooth

    When dumb shit ensues.


    But then, my most favorite style

    Of rhyming is limericks; while

    It's silly and often

    Beneath starchy boffins

    It's good for a laugh and a smile.


    It's also a much-misused form

    Whose meter scheme oft is deformed

    By failure to follow

    Its strict scansion; hollow

    The limericks out of that born.


    Okay; so my rhymes here are bad

    I know it; as Trump would say:  "Sad!"

    But gimme a break!

    One sometimes must take

    Some liberties if one would find just the right word to finish a fiendishly convoluted yet dashingly clever and cheekily smart inspiration one had.




    Nice work, no matter how you poeticize it!  ;-)

    Excellent.  As for limericks, feel free to toss in limericks whenever you feel inspired.  I love a good limerick and composing original ones isn't as easy as it looks.    And by all means continue to strive to be fiendishly convoluted yet dashingly clever.  We like that here.  

    Several years ago I started a linking limericks thread at the Straight Dope (I'm EddyTeddyFreddy there); got some marvelous posts from other Dopers in it -- and some sadly, embarrassingly bad ones, too.  Some people just can't seem to grasp how strict the basic scansion is for a limerick.  Yes, you can use both long and short syllables, and mix them at will, but the underlying rhythm is crucial to correctness of form.


    ba-DUM ba-DUM ba-DUM

    bada-DUM bada-DUM bada-DUM

    ba-DUM-dum ba-DUM

    bada-DUM ba-DUM

    ba-DUM bada-DUM bada-DUM


    and so on -- how hard is that?  Impossibly hard, so it would seem, for some earnest folks who got the rhyme scheme okay but were clueless on rhythm.  And without that, a limerick limps and lurches and falls flat on its face.

    sometimes I hunker
    in the bunker under me.
    then I walk the streets.

    what is shown is what I see:
    many lives are not like me.

    Good one, moat!!


    While the daylight shines,
    many lives are not like me,
    darkness unites us.




    No time is distant

    Whole worlds change in an instant

    Baby genius drools

    HA!  Good one, A Guy called LULU!

    Baby genius drools
    stupid parents wipe her mouth
    Evolution! HA!


    Baby genius drools

    exasperated spittle

    when asked to tell time.

    Ha! Wonderful, Missy!!

    You can not tell Time.
    Time and space are know-it-alls;
    "They 'know' ev'rything."

    Golly!  It's Friday.

    Haikulodeon time now?

    New thread for more posts?


    Perhaps I could put up my own,

    But I'm new here, and not as well known.

    So, MrSmith1,

    Are you willing to run

    A new Haikulodeon zone?

    Janiket, welcome!

    We are glad to hear from you.

    My real name is Jan...

    Great to see you here!

    Sorry Janicket, I did not see this comment until just now.  The Haikulodeon uses Friday afternoon in its titles because that is when the blog is posted each week.  Depending on my day on Friday, usually in the late afternoon.   I do cross-post on my own blog-site,, but the most fun  and best interactions are here among my friends at Dagblog.  I'm not sure what exactly you are suggesting.  The Haikulodeon is a word I invented, and don't intend to lend it out to anyone for their use.   Feel free to comment on my postings here or on my blog-site, but I would suggest that the most visibility and the quickest responses will come when you comment on the most current week's offerings.

    Ah, I see.  I was thinking perhaps you posted a new entry every Friday offering and inviting haiku.  That's all.

    I do.  What is it that you don't understand about that? 

    Each Friday afternoon, I post a bunch of haikus.  Anyone is free to post their haikus as comments.  People have been doing that for over 4 years on this site. 

    We also sometimes play a haiku game where we take one line from someone else's haiku and write an entirely different haiku using that one line in common as a jumping off point.  

    Usually, as my last post of each year I feature all of the wonderful haikus written by other dag-bloggers.  This past January, there were so many great haikus, I had to post two blogs.  You can read them HERE and HERE.

    If you check back through the archives of this site, you can see the vast numbers of haikus that have been written by others and posted by them in the comments section of my blog.  

    Ah.  So if I click on your name, rather than just into dagblog, I will find the latest Friday haiku post.  I did not know that, being a stupid and ignorant newbie.  Sorry to have been so stupidly ignorant.  I will not further annoy you.

    Oh stop with the victim routine.  I don't believe you're stupid or ignorant and I'm not calling you stupid or ignorant.   I'm trying to help, but you seem determined to misunderstand.  If I'm mistaken in that assessment, my apologies.

    All you need to do is scroll down the Dagblog main page and look on the left side for The Creative Corner.   The left side of the page starts with From the Readers, then comes The Creative Corner, then From the Dagbloggers, then Hits of the Day.  



    My apologies if you weren't annoyed with me, but your responses came across that way.  This advice to seek out the Creative Corner is what I needed to find what I sought.It's unfortunate you didn't mention that in your first response to me; much misunderstanding could have been avoided.  I'm not trying to misunderstand you; I just needed a quick guide to how this place works, since it's not necessarily transparent to someone who hasn't spent however many years here.

    It's Dick's fault - it'd be the Haiku Korner by now, but Dick keeps inserting his missives on the human condition, and these run a lot longer than 5 lines so we forget what we were doing and then we get all weepy and suicidal. Which lets Haikus lighten the weight a bit, and we start the Wheel of Compassion all over again, except minus the.. ehm, compassion.

    As usual, PP, you have lightened the air in the room ...

    Look at me! I can

    Fly! Oh wait, you said lightened,

    not lighter. Boom, splat!

    I guess I'm succinct.
    which. at times, may come across
    as being annoyed.

    Sorry. Let's move on, shall we?
    I look forward to reading.


    And I, having been

    unjustly slighted for not

    "Getting it" elsewhere

    Am somewhat prone to

    Mistaking terseness for what

    Was not, in fact, meant.

    So:  Reset!  And so

    Find a memory hole, and

    Stuff this stuff inside.

    There is no get to

    Get it, no just - adjusts us.

    My path: indifference.


    How words on paper

    Draw emotion puzzles me.

    Jerk or tear jerker?

    Ha!!   Good one, PP!!


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