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    You're dirty crying

    Letting the tears wash you like

    Sympathetic soap.


    I'm just standing by

    Like I have nothing to say

    While my knees wrinkle.


    What are we doing

    As we dance between ourselves

    Among the others.


    What are we doing

    As we find that the others

    Are our very selves.





    Wrestling with ourselves,
    Keeping our circle of care,
    Makes short work of work.

    Our circle of care

    Requires that we respond.

    How is up to us.


    Humpty Dumpty sat

    In the wrong stall, musical

    Chairs were not his thing

    In the musical

    The dump was not wrong at all.

    It was visual.

    Artistic license

    May be revoked for any

    Reason. It's Dada.

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